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Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion | Episode 1 (Line A)

Uhh… is it just me or does that alleyway a seem a little fishy? Probably best to ignore it? Nintendo, you would be the first to tell me to ignore something I paid for! You jer- What?! Okay. Alright, welcome back Jeez, oh my god. Oh my god ohmygod ohmygod oh my god Oh my god ohmygod ohmygod Spyke! Spyke, dude. Dude. Look. Look, check it out, man. We're going in Yeah Pale summer moonlight shimmers on the seafloor.
An octopus, unaware that dawn will bring capture,
Rests within a trap, dreaming fleeting dreams… The hell's that supposed to mean? Uh, you want to sit down? You look like you're
You really need to, I was battling Agent 3?
I don't like the way your eyes like, our soul Okay, a temporary truce, like dude, I don't even know who you are I don't know what you're spitting at me right now, but you really need to sit down. Yeah, that'd be great, mister question marks Yeah gramps, yeah Cap'n Cuttlefish Lovely. Yeah, I don't know.
All I can see is your hand shaking Whoa demonetization. Who am I? When someone asks you your name and you're just like "well first off what gender am I?" I'm calling you Bridget That's your new name. Do you like your name Bridget? – Not really Good, good. I'm assuming you like it Most interesting… My god, Cap'n Monetization.
I noticed you were humming the Calamari Inkantation right before you came to That's creepy Is he about to faint? He okay? No, he's good Okay, right
In any case, sorry for siccing Agent 3 on you back there
Any fan of the Squid Sisters is a friend of mine So wait, hold on
You went from like "who are you" to temporary truce to "here I am, this is who I am" to "you know what you, you kind of hummed to my ringtone just a second ago so then You and I, we could be good squids or Octoling Whatever
We're in a new world now. Oh, oh just like that Um I mean, forget the weapon like, you need to get a seat. Do you, do you want, you, you want me get you a drink? You okay? Do you wanna sit down? All right, it looks like the vending machine's broken Look, dude, I'm concerned for you Like I see that hand shaking? Kind of worried. Are you sure you're good? Not much going on here. Sure. All right, then You had to put yourself down like that dude Um Okay, I'll just walk in. All right, don't need to pay
This place is great Sounds good. Oh, hey. Well, that's much better. Oh What's that What's that noise?
Alright, this is creepy What the devilfish is this place Proceed with-
How are you talking to me? Old man Where are you? That's a vault you need a key to open it Being a- oh there. I got you Uh-huh, uh-huh. Sure. Oh Well, that was useful Ahh Sounds good. Oh Oh, I see. Am I just renting it? All right, I'll bring it back That contraption back there gave you a weapon
Thanks Find that key Huh What are you, what do you do? I found it! Kinda wanna go this way. This one looks kind of fun. Hold on. Hold on. I'll have some FUN! Ahh, fun.
Buncha hooey? Like I'm old and that sounds old Oh Totally looked at this like "ooh more DLC" Um… Is that for you? Hey you
You're staring at me like it's my job to, okay fine Honestly the creepiest thing about this whole place is not that ringing phone It's you, sir
You You're the creepiest thing here
I'm coming I'm coming. Hold on, okay User one thousand and eight Confirmed. No, that was that was ten thousand eight. What is his face? It's nice to meet you, too Ohh You okay? Crack-a-lacking home skillet Bounce
Guys, if I ever sound this old, please kill me. I will take you to the promised land now
NOT! Well, that's not very nice.
There's been Great. I see
Here's your CQ-80 and CQ card
Thanks. Great. Perfect. Oh Ohh Dealie-dos?
Oh gramps, not you too, please Why. Why are you? When you talk, it really whoa Oh Well, be careful My god Gotta rest my cuttlebones. Thank God, don't ever stand up again. I'm being serious What is that? Oh it's, you're a slug? Ohh Yuck, ew, no That's fine. You can communicate over there A few, later Great. Four thangs. Ohh I just realized they're underground. That's why they have such old slang This is a deep-sea metro map go ahead and select a destination Hmm Look at all those choices. All right move out of the way pickle head. Let me show you how this done Nothing out of the ordinary. That is creepy. Try talking to them That would be your suggestion
Des- *laughter* All right Might wanna talk a litte louder.
Yeah, no kidding. Seems like they'll be friendly to you Fine, they're just not very cultured I can't get over how creepy that is Ew Aw Got a little spacesuit Seek and de-
Hmm, I get it already. You don't have to you don't have to threaten me every time you see me Oh God
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Jeez That was a, that was a shocker Somehow
Well, thanks for having. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for having some like, faith in me Don't just stare at it Good job Now grab it – I knew that Agent 3
Hey, it's Pearl! Mic check one two, who the heck-
Hey Pearl Excuse Oh Hey Marina *slurp* Ahh Nice to see you too State their names
I think I asked you first, dude I'm Pearl, you can call me MC.Princess Okay
Short and sweet!
I spit that fire make poses perspire. Step to my game? I'll bring you the pain. I'm never shook because I'm OFF THE HOOK! WOW Check it, kid. Are you stepping to me with a rap battle? No! No, Cap'n Cuttle, no! MC Craig in the house! Call me Cap'n Cuttlefish, but not because I cuddle fish. I didn't, I don't even get to sit. I suddenly have a wildly increased amount of respect for Cap'n Oh check it out, we can actually, whoa You look out the window, weird creature you Blaster Alright, let's go Cucumber More like cute dumber Get to the goal Whoa
Dead, dead
Whoa Oh shoot! There's a timer I just realized, oh my god Ahh hurry up. We gotta go. Okay, up up up Well that gave me more time, thank God.
Alright jeez, we gotta hurry. What happens when the time runs out? I get it's a test, but I'd like to like, know if there's a canon answer to that Ow, you jerk platform! Okay, stop shouting at me, Jesus Let's go. We'll do it. Calm down.
Key spotted I see it. I see it. Let's get this one, too Or not Oh, ugh, okay.
Did we get more time? Yes, we did
Go through the onion rings. I don't care what they're called, just do it Stop. Stop shooting me. Stop it. I don't know who you are I mean people that know who I am doesn't give them the right to shoot, yeah they're Yeah, ow! Turn!
Leave me alone Stop it. You only got one life left Be careful
You gotta shoot the propeller Don't get hit by the thing Cool
No no no no, propeller
No no no, what am I doing?! Shooting the wrong way
You die Come on, come on Oh-oh Ow, ow ow Okay, fine. I just want to give us a hug
Watch behind you and in front of you and above All right, we got this this time, hopefully Hope- fully Nice, good job Bridget Dudes screen name is just the first and last name, you gotta Wait, do I have a special in this one? Is that what it just said? Inkjet. Ooh Maverick Station. Alright, let's go. Why you, why you're so blue all the time?
Cheer up, dude. This is gonna be easy Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, alright Uh, ugh Oh no, that was dumb Why would you do that? Ahh much better
I don't think we're gonna make that How the hell? Oh, duh
I just shoot this, right? No! The onion ring
Yeah, oh shoot I'm running out of time Oh God, ow ow ow ow Shoot stuff, too Ah
Jesus Just grab it grab it grab it. Oh my god Test 1 @.m. Cuttlefish Wait did
Oh, did he bring up symbols or something? What is he doing? You recommend, hi, wow
Splattershot with a Burst Bomb? I like your thinking
Don't even worry about me, man. Blue da ba dee won't die Oh my god I first though that Ugh This is, this is beautiful
Come here
Please don't squish me, whoa Oh no no no!
Oh, oh Heh
Oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa, stop stop stop
Okay, hold on Oh, oh oh oh oh oh,
What?! Yeah, no kidding
Okay. Alright. Yeah, be careful Come here
Stop stop stop stop
Please, I can't Okay Go away, don't even touch it
Go away No Go home. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. No. Alright fine, you go. Leave it alone. Don't touch it. No Oh no no no no Ah, hah hah hah
Oh, oh NO, no noo It was sticking to the wall Can you just, can you just, can you just stay? You can't just
Oh okay this is a sponge, it'll stick
No, get again No
*gasp* No no no, go back The coast is clear Oh no! Oh my God
Gotta be careful You have to be careful, I'm telling you That is
No, it's not, Marina. I definitely disagree with you. We have very different opinions, I might add Make you a little path, there you go Nice path. Let me check it out. Please don't Okay. We should be good. Proceed, mr. 8-ball
Come with me. We're going on a little journey, okay? Easy…
Oh oh oh No, no no. Hit me. Okay What is that? What's that particle? Well, I don't get an extra life? Whoa, hold on, don't touch it don't touch it! Don't touch it! Oh Keep on, hold on, wait stop Can you, can you go that way? No stop it! Stop touching my ball That's right Okay, I just gotta get my ball in there Ah, yes I'm stressed out This is scary man! That's creepy You're hand's up, but your hands are crossed multiple times You should have one in between those two. Mm that bothers me. Oh, that bothers me Ah baller? Ah, whatever. I'll roll with it. The clock will start once you pass through the turncycle
I know that, all right? Blue's Clues You don't have a clue Whoa whoa, my onion rings! Sorry, fine Bouncy ball
Oh, that's a big gap. Can we make that?
Oh wow we can, jeez Oh, there goes my
Oh hey can do one The scanners
Marina, I don't need your two cents, look I'm looking at her. I'm looking at her twerk. Nothing you can do about it All right enough twerking
Oh the time! Oh Jesus, I totally forgot about that
Too busy twerking earlier Oh God, whoa whoa whoa whoa
Okay Okay Whoa, whoa, no! Go go go go go Jeez Okay Very important, get all the candy Except that one That's the one you shouldn't get And he will spend the rest of his life wondering why I didn't kill him Doesn't seem like a bad chap, though
But you don't trust him, I guess? Hmm I mean this, this
This dude I don't trust Look at his eyes You can tell you can't trust them His suitcase is on the ground. Never trust someone that puts their suitcase on the ground Splash-o-matic now, we're talking Yeah, you better stay over there Before I slug it to you Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa Whoa calm down! Whoa stop! Stop stop stop.
Where you going without me? Our lives are connected, ball Now let's hug Whoaa I just realized eight ball and you know, octoling, eight, whatever *gasp* Terrifying Talk about uphill battle
Ah, hardy har First try getting onto that rail in the middle Oh oh oh Well you tell me this now? Lady! OW I know! Shh quiet Okay. Why, why was that necessary? Whatever Whoa
Oh oh oh, ohh my god No problem at all I hate this ball
I hate you. You're, you're so Ugly Oh, that's right. Okay, good
In you go Where do we go?
Ohh Wait Oh, to send it flying? Okay, gotcha Uh-huh, uh-huh Nailed it, first try
Zero deaths Get in there and stay in there Good job! Got more candy, but I supplied father Well whatever Okay Okay Where are your headphones going? You know what, it's fine. I don't need to know

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  1. I’m now going to draw the eight ball as a rich guy and it’s just Bridgett and Vian gettin* this guy to a party or whatever

  2. Im watching this after completing every level and not knowing what to do because i cant beat the secret boss-

  3. The dislikes are from the people who can’t compete this dlc, Listen dislikes people…. don’t be a sore loser, take your time, CUZ THIS DLC GETS HARDER!

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