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SpongeBob Jokes That Went Too Far

to up your style game check out hype lit to find some of the latest trendy designs with the space galaxy hoodie Wario joggers or vintage Rick t-shirt among many others once again at height blitzed or calm 10 addled jokes he missed in Sponge Bob Squarepants if you are a fan of Sponge Bob please leave a like on this video and be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already now let's hop right into the video if I'm lucky from the episode artists unknown Squidward is teaching our class at the Adult Learning Center and makini bottom and Sponge Bob turns up as his only student spongebob is a natural and Squidward crushes his spirit with all his criticism Sponge Bob leaves the class convinced he has no talent when an art collector arrives moments later and commissioned Squidward to make a statue for the park Squidward realizes he needs SpongeBob's help and begs him to come back and try again but spongebob can no longer perform like he did and his art now comes out as bad as Squidward's frustrated with spongebob square destroyed all the supplies and the land in a heap behind him when the art collector arrives he asks if the heap is his statue and Squidward denies he has anything to do with it we reveal the heap and it is an amazing statue that gets directed in the park with the plaque underneath reading artist unknown Squidward has never recognized as an artist at all so that is the plot summary of the episode but at one point with spongebob is in the art class he says this if I'm lucky mr. talent will rub his tentacles on my art whatever this is a line I don't think needs to be explained I personally never caught this until making this very video this is definitely one of the more suggestive lines in the series I didn't say one of the most suggestive lines reef-blower from the episode squid Ville Squidward is so sick and tired of living between SpongeBob and Patrick that he decides to leave bikini bottom and go someplace where everyone is just like him Squidward arrives and he loves it at first but he soon discovers how boring everything is and how uninteresting his life is without the constant mayhem that spongebob and patrick provide crazed by the monotony Squidward starts to act out becoming the Spongebob of this new community it's part of going crazy in a sense is the Squidward in the episode decides to play with a reef-blower out in public the other residents of squid Ville who watch Squidward think it's ridiculous and childish there is one moment in particular that to some comes off as a little grown-up I guess miss Donna what I'm referencing yeah probably that's in order to get to the supposed to Jo clip it needs to be positive this frame where it portrays a pretty crude thing to be doing let alone in public see horse ride from the episode my pretty sea horse spongebob finds a stray seahorse and adopts it when it comes to time to go to work spongebob can't bear to leave him alone at home so he takes him to work and hides him in the kitchen when mr. Krabs gets wind of it he orders spongebob to take the horse home but spongebob hides him instead the seahorse keeps escaping from his hiding place and eating all of the Krabby Patties eventually spongebob is forced to come clean when spongebob has to start the workday he leaves the seahorse outside of the Krusty Krab initially a customer joyously exclaims hey look mr. Krabs put in a kiddy ride why don't you try it out I can't find the coin spot that is not a kiddie ride it's a live seahorse as the guy thought it was arrived though he tempted to put a coin inside of the slot to get it going but once again it's a real seahorse a female seahorse tad as well the coin did not go into a welcome spot best day ever spongebob is going to have the best day ever first he gets to work at the Krusty Krab then he is going to meet sandy for a little karate followed by jellyfishing with Patrick and Squidward's clarinet recital but the day does not go exactly as planned each of his friends is having a problem which spongebob naturally sets out to solve but this costs him every item on his perfect agenda when a disappointed spongebob realizes that his entire day has been sacrificed his friends rally around him to give their thanks and make sure his day is really the best ever finally for this one there isn't any jokes for looking at from the episode itself however this is episode 20 from season four think about it episode 20 from season four we're talking about 420 April 20th the day many fans of marijuana celebrate their lifestyle and culture this episode is called best day ever so from the episode Gary takes a bath it's time to give Gary a bath but he doesn't want to take one spongebob tries to lure Gary into the tub but he refuses to go in the end Gary outsmart spongebob by luring him outside spongebob falls into the mud and ends up even dirtier than Gary ever was Gary meows and goes back inside one of SpongeBob's plans to get Gary to have a bath is to make everything more fun by saying that there's a secret treasure in the bathroom spongebob dresses up as a pirate has the bathroom door marked with an X where the treasure is and even the bathtub is paying the like a treasure chest what a comment spongebob makes is questionable though Wow why no Gary this isn't the bathtub look balloons don't drop em doubloons spongebob says when this Joe clicked for me I was honestly surprised that this was allowed by Nickelodeon to be put into a show but hey I guess as it took years until I was older to understand they hid it well in prison it can be a scary place and in the shower when left exposed and vulnerable you may need to be on alert at all times if you drop the soap in the shower I think you get what I'm saying sorry from the episode overbooked SpongeBob's got a full day and he's determined to do everything he can scheduled to do help fix mr. Krabs telescope go to Patrick's birthday and help with Sandy's science presentation too bad everything's scheduled for the exact same time spongebob at this point in the episode has realized how busy his night is due to not being able to say no to any of his friends he rushes to a bakery to get Patrick a last-minute birthday cake but the only option available is not quite for a birthday you want it or not yeah scabies is a type of skin infestation mites burrow and lay eggs inside of the skin leading to a lot of itching accompanied by a rash the joke here is that someone gave someone else scabies this is a reference to STI s which are transmitted during certain adult activities the cake is apologising for giving their partner an infection time of the month from the episode spy buddy's determined to uncover Plankton's next devious plot mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob and Patrick to spy on him when plankton sends a blimp everything goes into panic mode Squidward makes a comment that seems to be reference to women's health my cataract surgery to blow Oh mr. Krabs is that time of the month the joke here is about women's menstrual cycles for once a month they bleed from below as Squidward says it's that time of a month talking about plankton when he tries to steal the krabby patty formula but as a big red blimp comes over it certainly represents women and how they often feel bloated also another layer is Squidward's diving a way to hide in the bathroom as it's a stereotype that during that time of the month things can get very emotional so to say rained from the episode midlife crustacean mr. Krabs realizes that he is getting old he's not so hip anymore he overhears Patrick and SpongeBob hyping up a big night out that they're planning and figures that would be a good way to get hip again he asks to the guys if he can come along on their wild night on the town they show mr. Krabs a great time they hit the laundromat pick up trash under the highway and stop at kids amusement park restaurants mr. Krabs realizes that younger or not they are not any hipper than he is he tries to leave but Patrick convinces him to go on the last big event of the night a panty raid finally they're doing something cool until mr. Krabs realizes they braided his own mother's house he sent to bed without supper at least that makes him feel young again with this one there isn't much explaining to do I'll show you a clip with audio but just the whole concept of breaking into someone's home to steal their pennies is truly immature what are you doing with my bloomers the way I use them from the episode chocolate with nuts SpongeBob and Patrick want to make some extra cash so they decide to sell chocolate bars door-to-door they have no luck at first in fact they end up buying more stuff than selling stuff that is until they start lying to sell the chocolate what inspires them to start lying is the billboard that they see that claims for some ships to be good when spongebob has in fact taste of them himself and completely disagrees with them being good Patrick makes a comment that is kind of strange understand what we understand anything selling game that was just not getting other people do it I mean II barnacle chips they're delicious no YouTube honestly this one is much more so open to interpretation than some of the others but the delivery of Patrick's comments makes it seem like it's something inappropriate as to what he does with these chips I don't even want to know what Patrick means to be honest watching TV from the episode your shoes untied Pat gets a new pair of shoes but doesn't know how to tie his laces when SpongeBob offers to demonstrate late sign to Patrick he forgets how to do spongebob suffers various calamities trying to make it through his day with his laces untied and him tripping over everything in the end it's Gary who reminds spongebob how to tie his laces by teaching him a groovy song to help him remember in the intro of this episode right before Patrick comes over a spongebob for help spongebob is seem very relaxed and quite inquisitive as to what he's watching on the TV [Applause] very uh-huh I was just looking for the sports channel Gabby as Sponge Bob is a sea creature watching other sea creatures with his expressions followed by the embarrass Gary shout Sponge Bob was watching some explicit material puppy Keeney bottom standards thank you all for watching have yourself a wonderful rest of your day goodbye

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  1. It was even hard to follow you when you made suggestions. I suggest visiting a psychotherapist because you seem to have serious intrusive thoughts.

  2. 7:33 it is night time then in 7:38 it is day. that is a goof. also you see the straw that patrick has in 7:33 then in 7:37 patricks straw is magiclly gone. (also patrick has no pockets in his shorts)

  3. 9:33 patrick uses the chips as condoms as it says chocolate with NUTS do you see where i am going

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