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Spy Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne Comedy HD

tell me where the bomb is 10 seconds or you’re dead interesting I’m the only one who knows where that nuke is well then in that case I’d say you’d better start I didn’t do it on purpose that’s like a ton of pollen in here but I quit teaching enjoying the CIA I thought it was gonna be this amazing spy and I’m still just the same boring person I was you play it too safe I just hear my mom’s voice just blend in let somebody else win making a wave isn’t always pray for them give up on your dream Susan just to write that in my lunchbox we’ve intercepted chatter that rayna boyanov knows where that nuke is she knows the identity of all our agents we need someone to find a bomb without being detected but it can’t be any of you need someone invisible I’ll do it okay thanks lunch lady I’m serious don’t let me down Cooper I will not I will let you up stop talking I will let you up we’re giving you a new identity will no longer be Susan Cooper your honey Morgan divorced housewife from Iowa it’s a confidence builder you really think you’re ready for the field

100 thoughts on “Spy Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne Comedy HD

  1. Hm, that's funny, I thought this trailer would get a bunch of dislikes and hate because this is the same guy who directed the new ghostbusters movie. I'm seeing all these comments for this trailer, and everyone says it's one of the greatest comedies ever and it's good. Now everyone thinks he's the worst director of all time just because of the new ghostbusters movie. God, people can be such haters!

  2. Really enjoyed this movie , not a huge huge fan of some of the American comedies can be to OTT, but this was great would watch again 8/10 (The Arbuckle Review)

  3. The scene where she had a dinner with her friend made me laugh so hard, funniest thing I've ever watched. I can't stop laughing when I think about it. Miranda Hart was suited for that role, she absolutely killed it.

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  6. thes comments are all fake, to advertise the movies as "good" let me tell some truth, melissa mcarthy isnt funny. the only reason she made it in the movie making bis is because shes acknowlages herfatness, the only joke behind this movie is…."|HAHAH SHES FAT DOING JAMES BOND STUFF" and its not funny at all

  7. Ești faina si filmul original este fain mai ales cu elicopterul când prietena ta a tras in domnul acela prust bravo

  8. this movie is sooooooo good! so hard to find a good comedy that isn't cheap with its jokes and humour and actually makes you laugh aloud cough  baywatch 😒

  9. came back to this trailer after watching the movie, just gotta say that IT'S HILARIOUS ASF. for some reason when i first watched the trailer it didn't interest me much but i gave it a chance and never regret the decision.

    the autotuned mic part cracked me up so bad i actually cRIED

  10. So, he's a serious agent but a bit clumsy. She's goofy, fat and female, but breaks all the patriarchal stereotypes and comes through in the end. Great. Thanks.

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  12. This movie was so awsome! I saw it my 18th brithday with my mom 6 times in one week! No one makes me laugh cry harder then Melissa McCarthy.

  13. Melissa Mcarthy is a legendary actress. Her comedic timing is impeccable. Very Very underrated. She is one of my favourite actresses I watch her movie with such joy. Shes such a diverse actress.

  14. Rose Byrne is funny as my favorite character Rayna Boyanov.
    My favorite part from her will always be the plane crash scene. She made me laugh during that scene.

  15. I want a sequel so bad I watched the movie 3 times today and CANT STOP LAUGHING, I really need a sequel soon.

  16. This woman really makes me happy and laugh so hard!! 😂😂😂 She is great and terrible at the same time hahaha

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