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*SQUEEZE*Hand and Arm crack Compilation  - Dr. Rahim Chiropractic

squeeze my hands this is something I do to check the elbows and wrists okay so as we're squeezing I can feel that the elbow is out there set it right back in SCAF wait what is that front why would that be I mean the way I the way I explain it think of this like a pulley system hmm these are the pulleys these are the cables if the pulley is out of alignment the cables don't work right so what I'm feeling for is the more of the alignment issue it's like Oh sweetheart squeeze squeeze again just on this elbow squeeze good squeeze posterior although I've reliable digital – yeah gorgeous gapping the joints you do handstands also nice too squeeze squeeze let's set the elbows wrists what's with the red white and blue you're all set squeeze my hand squeeze hard squeeze hard squeeze squeeze okay let me set the elbow relaxed and the fun well never set the elbow thumb and the wrist that's cool man this is the one that's been doing really well except the elbow first man let's follow this okay so he's got the distal posterior distal radius posterior lunate posterior lateral scaphoid so that sets up a lot of instability in the wrist could also lead to carpal tunnel likes issues or just a lot of crackling in the wrist okay so there's an order we need to do the distal radius first okay Lunik there scoffs wait eris and squeeze to see the joint to go like that five times sweetheart now feels nice and firm there to me that things really you feel that yeah was painful when I do that anything no squeeze squeeze it looks like a cool handshake what's that click a cool handshake what's that all this yeah squeeze there you go just put everything back in place you're in for a treat right go like that five times squeeze her squeeze you'll see a huge difference next time around the computer space how's the wrist from what we just did why not straighten out the elbow so I have to be careful what I do is Sonia my elbow is always on guard cause she reflexively lines the Sun when I adjust her elbows she almost did a few times in her life she starts to flinch patients will do that do the rest now we're gonna do the posterior distal radius there we go nice posterior illuminate posterior lateral scaphoid yeah and then see the joint distal radioulnar joint just squeeze but like that's fine that's so good nice squeeze so this was just she came back for some follow-ups you know because the carpal tunnel symptoms started to come back we fixed this ten years ago no surgery it was about four or five weeks and they've acted up because her neck went out and carpal tunnel will start at the neck thirteen entrapment sites from the neck to the wrist start here please work your way down squeeze no surgery required straight squeeze it all set Lee stand up to my place squeeze my hands squeeze hard squeeze hard let's check let's up the elbow post your distal Ramos to your radius their posterior distal squeeze now different space squeeze and resist your strong here your strong through here this is off this is weak in there and that's probably from the mouse yeah track down the mouse I'll squeeze hard now again now it's firm Swiss right there squeeze sweet bonus race experience grace sweetheart so less power on this straighten the elbow there squeeze yeah they're like that five times my squeeze hard squeeze good squeeze a little bit going on in your wrist distal radius lunate SCAF way squeeze now stand up let's check the hands squeeze squeeze yeah last one and that hurts what is that why is that hurting it's a resinous mm-hmm can you go on the floor and put your hand on the table please we're gonna use the extremity door just to get faster and it won't hurt her as much come up come up so your forearm is parallel Aries and I'm doing the posterior distal radius first posterior loonie oh so I'm gonna posterior lateral scaphoid there that was it and see the joint okay squeeze squeeze tiny bit left on the scaphoid got it squeeze squeeze relax there we're going to do the elbow relax them just a ladies thumb trapezium squeeze radial head distal radius I get it come on dude there there you go squeeze good firm grip I'm looking for the firmness I'm looking that everything is seeding properly not that one is stronger than the other squeeze solid so communications huh kind of communications organizational we're dealing with we're dealing with right now is communicating the brain with the rest of your body okay and squeeze my hand squeeze hard squeeze hard squeeze we have a posterior humerus here relax the elbow Bend we have a posterior distal radius posterior loonie posterior SCAP plus your lateral scaphoid Adam sit please thank you there squeeze squeeze and we have a posterior radial head poster distal radius posterior lunate and post your lateral scaphoid go like that five times fast squeeze my hand hard good squeeze squeeze nope still more almost almost bus okay squeeze squeeze squeeze hard squeeze she's got a grip Oh mess with her I know we got back hand I'm sure go squeeze a little bit on the radial head that's it squeeze squeeze squeeze my hand squeeze squeeze squeeze deep breath in lunayt no no watch the hand Oh scaphoid one more God got it gosh go like that five times like that five times fast squeeze our back squeeze radial head oh you're good as defense I did not know that I get it I get it breathe breathe oh yeah squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze I'm just don't just like react thing before squeeze stop okay please like going squeeze squeeze hard good scaffold squeeze okay so we got to do scaphoid lunate bilaterally these two bones part of the wrist I'm putting it back in place I feel one market there don't miss my piece was supposed to happen to squeeze Baxter bit on the Ola lunate and scaphoid there go like that five times sweetheart there you go you do feel that right yeah nice and firm right so the way I look at this I'm looking to make sure all the carpal bones or everything is seated properly so the muscles work the way they're supposed to okay squeeze squeeze okay what else squeeze squeeze Radiohead squeeze squeeze hard squeeze relax I'm loving so much as I'm seeing like my mom squeeze elbow Radiohead posterior Allnut squeeze my hand posterior distal radius poster Looney squeeze squeeze go like this five times fast please squeeze yeah well that was really bad Oh

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  1. What's funny is you can see them all trying their hardest to squeeze his hands because they all know what's about to happen lol.

  2. God bless you and your family rich!
    I am thankful not only for your work, but for your attitude and kindness.

  3. I get my wrist and elbow adjusted not like that though. I need to have your adjustment done, maybe it will help my carpal tunnel and nueropathy

  4. These are so great 😁. Maybe your on holiday and these are covering your time away , I hope so you work so hard , you must work hard rest harder and play all ways. More more more . Take care everyone 😉

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