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Sravana maasam kastalu | My Village Show comedy

Vemulawada Rajanna Swami! (God) My brother-in-law is 40 years old No girl is ready to marry him His hair and beard also turned white We both do circlings around your temple and pray you We won’t eat Non-veg for this month God! Forgive our mistakes. Hey Anil! This time in our Mallial, Rajanna will be the winner Okay! My word is the truth Why do you always take others’ newspaper? Can’t you buy your own newspaper? You… Don’t even ask before taking Anil! Being my bestie you didn’t even utter a word while he was taking away the newspaper, why? Besides you are laughing Instead of laughing should I cry? You have the whole world in your hand and you still behave like a beggar You want to read the newspaper right? Yes! It’s not a big deal, uncle. There is an app named ‘Public Vibe’ in this mobile In this app, even local news whatever you read daily are also available Is it? Yes, uncle! In the newspaper, you get yesterday’s news But in this… Fresh news is uploaded time to time Does local news is really uploaded? Of course yes! It’s so simple If you open this app, you find a vibe option If you select that, you get location In this location option… Our District, our Mandal, our Village… Whatever you select… The news related to that place is shown serially Some members like me prepare for jobs For them, current affairs are also provided They can read them and get updated easily Does it need money? Why would it need money? It’s for free Really? Free, uncle! If you send this to 10 members… You get some money I’ll send you and you download it I will send this to my friends Okay, send it Wait! I sent you Okay! You are getting irritated easily… Are you fasting in this Sravanam (Telugu month)? Fasting? Yes! Me? Non-veg is like a mother! This Sravanam month is actually meant for people like us only Chicken’s cost will be less We can eat as much as we want Listen! This month, we have to eat Quintal (100 Kg) of chicken Okay? Okay, uncle! Uncle! Gangavva is calling. Come! Yeah! I’m coming. I’m leaving. See you! Quintal! Say Elugandula Mahesh to arrange 2 pots of toddy Also, order for chicken and mutton Wait there! Does your roaming complete? Since morning you were roaming in the village and is it complete now? Aren’t you tired of roaming? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? What do you get by roaming outside? Scold me! Other than you who else would scold me As I don’t have my parents… You are scolding me as if I’m a kid Scold! You think still you are a kid You are now 40 years old still you didn’t get married Don’t talk about marriage, sister-in-law! After brother’s arrival, I will go to Mumbai I will work in a wine shop there It’s not like that dear You are crossing the age of marriage But still, you don’t have a life partner Until the Sravanam month completes do fasting along with me Please do this for me Fasting?? Not only fasting you should do head bath daily… You shouldn’t eat chicken and mutton Shouldn’t drink the toddy Until the Sravanam month completes we shouldn’t touch those things You will get married I can’t even stay a single day without eating non-veg How can I stay these many days? I can’t! Why would you listen to my words? If your brother says, you will listen If your parents were alive, you would have listened to their words You won’t listen to my words I’m praying every God that you have to get married I’m doing it for you still you don’t care my words Whatever I do is for your sake only It’s okay, sister-in-law! You are like a mother to me Why are you crying? I should cry for the things you do Okay I will do fasting this month Okay then Do the head bath and come Wait Add this Ganga river water into your bucket and do the bath Song: What a sacrifice you are doing… Anjaiah (name)… You don’t even eat a single spoon of food without a piece of non-veg What a sacrifice you are doing… Anjaiah… You don’t even eat a single spoon of food without a piece of non-veg In the stomach… Even if ulcers are present… You used to eat while having Eno The bone of Non-veg… Is kept in between the jaws… And chewed it… And swallowed it What a sacrifice you are doing… Anjaiah… You don’t even eat a single spoon of food without a piece of non-veg Non-veg is like a mother to you… Anjaiah… You get beatitude with meat only… Normally the chicken cost is 270… But in Sravanam month it is only 70 Uncle! Want a peg? I stopped drinking What kind of a man you are if you stop drinking! He stopped drinking… Song: You did a promise which can’t be fulfilled But if you break the promise you lose your respect What a sacrifice you are doing… Anjaiah… You don’t even eat a single spoon of food without a piece of non-veg Oh shit! Uncle! I gave order for the toddy and Boti curry is cooked Let’s go! Let’s drink, dance and enjoy the party today Come! You go and drink I don’t drink Why? Leave me this time You people enjoy! But why? Don’t irritate me I shouldn’t drink Why??? What why? Until this Sravanam completes I don’t eat meat and
don’t drink wine What are you saying? We are bachelors We shouldn’t care about all these things Sravanam is at home… But once if we go outside we can cook and eat chicken Come! Let’s go! Don’t irritate me. I shouldn’t drink. You just go! Okay, you don’t come now but my birthday party is in the evening… You should definitely come No, I won’t Don’t say anything to me You are coming that’s all! At least eat the snacks and go! Why won’t you come? Come! Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to… Happy birthday! Uncle! Cake I won’t eat! This is an eggless cake, uncle. Is it really eggless? Yes, uncle! It’s eggless Can I eat? You can eat, uncle. Uncle! Eat, uncle. For all of them, I gave broiler chicken leg pieces… But for you, I brought the country chicken leg piece Have it! Why are you trying to tempt me? You know that I don’t eat Then why are you asking me to eat? Tempting?? Just now why did you eat the cake which contains egg? It contains egg? Non-veg is like a mother to us, uncle! If you love your wife, will you leave your mother? Eat! Already you have committed a mistake so this doesn’t make any difference Eat, uncle. No, I don’t eat! No problem eat Eat! No! It’s fine, uncle. Eat for today and start doing fasting from tomorrow Eat! Is it so? I’ll manage you just eat Eat! That’s it! You didn’t even stay for at least a week without eating Non-veg How will you get married? How does a girl like you? Before Sravanam completes if you come to my home I’ll smash you Go away and don’t show your face to me Don’t stay here I shouldn’t see you anywhere around me I shouldn’t see you anywhere around me Song: Your promise has been disrupted… Your sister-in-law has sent you out Oh, Milkuri Anjaiah… Where will you stay? What will you fry to eat? Your promise has been disrupted… Your sister-in-law has sent you out Oh, Milkuri Anjaiah… Where will you stay? What will you fry to eat? Where will you sleep? What do you eat? Okay friends, thanks for watching this video This video is sponsored by ‘Public Vibe’ app By using this we can know the news from a village to district And job notifications can be also seen Not only that It also contains National and International news Live news is seen as e-papers And also for those who prepare for jobs can see current affairs… And Quizzes are also present It’s a number one app which is being used by 6 million people So Download ‘Public Vibe’ app And also subscribe to “MY VILLAGE SHOW” And thanks for watching this video Anji Mam! How many likes do you want? 60K likes… He worked hard so please like the video Anji Mam worked hard for eating It was hard for us watching him eating Anji Mam ate a lot of chicken leg pieces My mouth watered a lot You will get stomach pain tomorrow morning

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  5. Excellent video👌👌Nice singing by SHIVA ANNA. Video match for song could have been better . Please improve on that in the way that one gets goosebumps

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