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SSB Interview Tips – 10 Tips to Crack the SSB

Hello, this is Kumar from
and in this video I am going to give you 10 tips to clear the SSB Interview. 1. Have the right Attitude – Will be tested during
your Psychology Tests, Personal Interview and Obstacles Task 2. Have Good Leadership Qualities – Will be tested
during Group Discussion, Snake race, Command Task, Group
Planning Exercises, PPDT, Lecture 3. Positive Thinking – Will be tested during
Psychology tests. 4. Knowing about Armed Forces and the job profile
and what is expected out of yo u- Will be tested during your personal
Interview 5. Above Average IQ – Will be tested in both
verbal and non-verbal tests. 6. Knowledge on your graduation subjects and
General Knowledge – Will help us know as to how much you grasp and
retain in your mind.Will be tested during your Personal Interview 7. Dressing Etiquttes and Mannerisms – As an
Officer you will be part of an elite community in the country. This quality will be tested
during the Interview and almost every day during every task. 8. Have Good Self Confidence – Will be tested
in Group Discussion, Lectures,Group Tasks and Personal Interview 9. Ability to Adapt and Adjust with in a group
– Will be tested during snake race, group task, command task 10. Being in the right time in the right place
in the right dress throughout the duration of the SSB. I hope you found these tips useful. If you have any questions, please leave them
in the comments below. For more tips on SSB Interviews visit my blog

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