Laughter is the Best Medicine

Stand Up Comedy Classes Q&A: Unifying an Audience into a Laughing Force – Greg Dean

So this is the reason that I’m always saying, the most important thing about stand-up comedy is your relationship with the audience. The first thing you want to do is be connected to this group of the people that’s in front of you, and get a read on them. How to get into a rhythm. How to what…uhh…unify them into a laughing force. Is what you really want. That’s the job of an opener or an emcee. How do you take a bunch of people all separated, and still have all this information, you know, the babysitter might be beating my child. You know, the guy I hope he didn’t dented my car outside. You know, my boss is on my ass about the reports. You know, you know, my woman, my husband we’re…ummm… we’re not getting along…blah, blah, blah… and all that stuff. How do you like snip all those things away so those things go away, And then you go you’re here and you’re going to behave as a group. Unifying them into a laughing force and that’s the job of an opener or emcee most of them aren’t very good at it. And that’s why they have features in classic club. Opener/emcee, feature, headliner. Uh…there are alot of headliners, and not all of them do this, but they’ll be headliners where you also have to book their feature, their middle, together. Because they know this person doesn’t have material conflicts, you know. Doesn’t have a style conflict. And all like that. And this this person knows how to crack a crowd. And unify them into a laughing force. So when the headliner comes up things are as well taken care of as they can to hand it over to the headliner, who then should pick up the show and take it even further

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