Laughter is the Best Medicine


Who wants to ask? Ah, please, please. Life issues, I will help solve it. Use the microphone. That’s a technology called a microphone. Your voice can become louder. Try it. Ah, right? Haven’t you ever seen it? – I’m Rama. – Don’t hold it like a sissy. Grab it. A man shouldn’t hold the mic like this. Yes. I just watched the video where you sold all your watches. And I’m interested in minimalism. Oh yeah. Why is it really interesting and I started following … Oh, already? What are you doing, selling yourself or? No, I mean I’m interested, I’m… The type of person who likes to buy shoes every few months. Oh, so you’re showing off now? No, no! I mean I’m interested in following a minimalism lifestyle what makes you interested in researching a lifestyle like that? Minimalist because for me people are too much… Already too … Everything is about money now. If you look at Instagram, it’s all people showing off really like … People show off every time. So after a long time I got sick of it. So like I just bought a shirt … … everything is plain. So that’s how I decided to not be extra. Like… Well because most people show off on Instagram, so I’ve had enough. But if you like branded goods, that’s fine. What are you selling? Your shoes? Not yet, just research. What are the steps that I have to follow to live minimal. Yes, the main thing is just buy the items that are needed … Then if you can eat twice a month. Like a snake. Swallow it all. Did you eat? No? – Not yet. – Oh not yet. Any other questions? …Anyone? The matter of life, I can solve your life problems. Really. I’m really good at it. If someone has a problem, just tell me. Yes, whatever the request may be. Up there. Who are you with? Your crush? Huh? Your wife? Check. I’d like to ask, I’m Ibrahim. How do you… …face hate? Because as far as I know… so far all the hate you get become jokes. But don’t you get hurt because of it? Because you see it on Instagram, on Youtube … Hate is everywhere. How do you face that? My accounts? – Yes. – I look really bad in your eyes, huh? My Instagram and Youtube comments are all hate. I don’t know, what do you think, as a hater? – Do you feel… – Oh, I’m just a spectator. Feel comfortable hating on me? I just act normal, I mean… I don’t take it to heart so it’s fine. If someone leaves a bad comment or whatever. It’s just like how I talk about people in my stand up performances. I make fun of Young Lex, but we’re friends. I make fun of Awkarin, but we know each other. So do you make friends with the people who hate you? Do you befriend them? No, because I don’t know them. What kind of question is this? If someone says “Radit you’re short and not funny.” Do I say, “What’s your name? Let’s be friends.” I am Radit. Thanks for hating on me. Can we be good friends? Later I will go to your house. But I have seen that… People today are hating because they just want to be cool, according to me. Because I’ve met people on the street in an event, actually, at that time it was called the vlogger party. I was on my way and there’s this person. Young, looks like a college freshman… Then he saw me. Uh, Radit, he said. Yes. I am your hater, he said. Oh yes yes, I said. Can we take a photo? ****** isn’t it really weird huh? Like what? I mean … Haters like this? So for me, there’s no problem either. Yeah, that’s why, sometimes people… I mean like that, you see … Is Radit fine being hated on? I’m totally fine. People sometimes feel they have to defend the object that’s being made fun of. I know you don’t defend me too but I mean … Sometimes the people we see who have issues actually don’t need to be defended too because it’s not a problem either. That’s the way it is. Just get used to being hated, I would say. – Not a problem. – Okay, thanks. Anything else? Yep over there. Wow, seems like a lecturer. From his face. Let’s choose someone who came so far after this. – Hello, Radit. – Hello. I want to tell you a story. About relationships, I failed to get married twice. – Failed to get married twice? – Yes. So the first one I failed was because my girl was rich and I was a teacher. Oh, I see? So I was intimidated by her parents like, what can you bring to the table? Then her parents were like. What can you bring to the table? Yes. Then I think to myself, what should I do? Then I ran to Jakarta right. – Ran away? Must be tired. – Yeah, I’m from Pekanbaru, because – Then I think about what to do. – Where are you from? – Pekanbaru. Oh Pekanbaru? Riau huh? Then I thought about getting a master’s degree. – Master’s. – Now I’m doing it… And during my study, I failed to get married again. Because the person you want to marry? Because what happened to the person you want to marry? Now I learned from my mistakes right. I’m looking for just ordinary girls. – Okay, so? – Those with an economy status below me. Okay. So he looks for girls like that. Which one is poor? I think you are poor. Do you want to be with me? When he’s already dating, the girl asks, why did you choose me? Because you are poor. You know poor? Poor? Because you use dragon fruit as a lipstick. You are poor. Here is money. You are poor. This is my first time hearing that someone is looking for a girlfriend… who is poor. First time in my life. Wow. Do you often go to the hub, where do you find the girl? You poor, huh? Here come with me. You’re poor, aren’t you? To a social institution … Those of you who are malnourished? Hands up. ****** up, really. Okay, let’s say you’ve found her, have you? – Yes. – So you found a woman whose economic status is below you. – Yeah under me. – Then what happened? Then … I have even booked a venue. I was so confident, I think this was it. – That you’ll get married? – Yeah, because previously… Oh, and I had a decent job back then. And this girl… She listens to her friends more than she listens to me. If there is a problem, she tends to tell other people, not me. – Are her friends guys or girls? – Both. So she has two friends? Sometimes she tells her guy friends, sometimes her girl friends. Well, we both know that if girls … If girls confide in their girlfriends… This seems like it’s a delusion, I’m starting to think… I think you are drunk. I mean, bro. No, what is it … what did her friends talk about that made you fail to get married? They were like influencing the girl, saying stuff… Maybe You and him aren’t a match. He doesn’t love you, like that. But there must be a reason for a woman’s friends to say that it seems like he doesn’t love you, right? What is the cause? There must be something, right? She said… How come you’re nervous about it, don’t tell me …? You have a wife, don’t you? How come you are nervous? What is the reason, there must be a reason, right? Yes, she said… That I am… – How do you say this? – I don’t know. How? She said I wasn’t being honest with her. – Is that true? – It’s not. Why did you gulp earlier? – No. – Alright, so. The question is… This dude is a playboy, I bet. I have feeling. You are, right? This ******. I have a feeling. My feeling. Ok continue. Your question is? Now the status is still dating? – No, she left me. – OK Gosh, poor and arrogant. I’m confused. See, he is a *******. I’m sure. Look at him. Poor and arrogant, that’s ****** up. Wow, you’re awesome. – Continue. – So like. I’m confused, what should I do now? I am … The problem is that I’ve tried to learn from one mistake to another, but still. And yes that’s how I’m confused now what should I do? I’m in a rut, I thought. According to you, bro … What should I do? The first thing you need is drugs now, so it’s like … Don’t do drugs they are bad. Okay, thank you. From the lesson that I got until I got married I used to say that I didn’t want to get married. I mean, I really thought a lot Why do people get married? Even my house was made which is not safe for babies, for children. Because I don’t like children. So for example my friend wants visit my house with a child, I just say that my house is not safe for children. Because there are many holes in my house, and this is for real. My house was first made with no railing for the stairs so if there is a child who slips… Then tough, that’s how I thought. Really, really. In the park there are holes. It’s full of traps for young children. So yesterday it was very difficult, I had to cover all the holes. The lesson I learned was that… Most people make a mistake here which is they get married in order to change a person. So when they are dating it seems like it’s not suitable, then they think, it seems like if they get married, he/she will change. And that is not the case. Because no one can change. So you marry should marry someone you want to marry. Not the person you want to change. That’s the most important thing for me, yes, and that’s what I believe until now. Because it’s really hard to find people who can … who can, you know. Can understand all of my anti-socialness. I really am anti social, even during my movie premiers, I stay in the restrooms to hide from people. Even talking to a lot of people like this… …is kind of uncomfortable, but… Well I found someone who I doesn’t think I should change and accepts me for who I am. The problem is so many people do that. They get married… And think, I can change him/her as long as we get married. And the worst kind? People who get married because it’s time. Like, so you’re getting married? Why? Yes, it seems like it’s time. It’s not because “because I found the one.” Damn I sounded so cool just then, huh? Raditya Teguh. Is there anything else? Someone from far away. Where are you from? From Bogor? Oh, it’s okay from Bogor. I used to have an ex in Bogor. In Kedunghalang. Do you know the area, Kedunghalang? Is the fountain martabak still here? It is? Unyil bread? Is Pak Raden’s bread available? – Probably not. – Yes, what’s your question? I’m Anang, I have a friend… Well, my friend has been single for so long. Well, usually if a guy says he has a friend, it would be himself. – Usually. – No, bro. So listen… He’s quickly changing the topic. So I have a friend, he’s been single for 8 years. And he is actually here. – Oh where is he? – So let’s just let him ask you a question. Here you go. Oh it’s really a friend. Yes. This is really the kind of friend who traps his other friend. He looks unprepared. Looks unprepared. – You’ve been 8 years single. – Yes. When was the last time you dated? High school I think. High school. With a human? – Or with martabak, no? – No. What happened? What was it like the last time you had a crush on a girl? I still like girls up until now. Yes, I mean why doesn’t anyone want to be with you? I don’t know. – Have you ever approached a girl? – I have. Then how did you do it? From behind? – No? – No, bro. The only way… … for a man to stop being single… and meet his soulmate … is to be rich. That’s it. Applause! The girls are applauding! I like rich men! I like rich men who will die soon. And I will possess all his money! Girls applauding, really ****** up people. You’re all crazy. Five more minutes. Any other questions? The ladies? Yes the lady on the left. I’m happy. I rarely do events like this. There at the back. Why are today’s audience all weird? Yes. – Hello, Dika. – Hello. My name is Ati. Dika, you have been married to Anissa, right? I have… – You’ve been married. – I have been married, true. And I still am. Try to change the time frame. Radit, you are still married to Anissa, right? – So listen, hm. – Ahem. So I’m also getting married soon. – Seriously? – Yeah, don’t be like that. The hell? Yes. – Why are you being shy? – Yeah, it’s embarrassing. So, I want tips from you. – Where is the groom to be? – Right here. Oh, no not him. He’s ugly. Don’t. Replace him. Not him. Do not pick that one. You can do better. Why would you choose him? This single-for-8-years guy is like “I’m much better.” Like that. I am better than that person. Okay, Dika, I want to ask. What’s the name of your partner? – Aldi. – Who?
– Aldi. So my question is… Aldi just smiled. Is he alive, or? You’re alive, right? His eyes are empty. What do you want to ask? You want to talk about the person who is right next to you? – Not talking about him. – Should we ask security to toss him out? – What’s your question – Right, so you are… …used to receiving hate. I mean… – You’re immune to it. – Oh dear God. So when you got married to Anissa… – You mentioned how netizens would criticize like the food – Yes, that’s annoying. And about the prewedding photos looking at the clouds. Yes, you did that too, didn’t you? – No, we don’t have one. – You don’t? Aldi, what the heck? What are you doing? Are you getting married or not? Is there no food for the wedding? There is? Aldi would say food is not necessary, it doesn’t need food. Do a prewedding photoshoot, Aldi. How do we face people who give those kind of comments… Like, they should be thankful they are invited. But then they talk bad about the food or the souvenirs. So let’s say we get hate, how do we… How do we shrug it off and not think about how they talked bad about our wedding? How do we be carefree like you? You seem like a carefree person, right? Please give us some tips. It seems to imply that my wedding sucks, right? It sounded like my wedding reception was so lame. How do you be so carefree when your food and souvenirs suck. That felt like it was implied. For me, once again. Because I am minimalist in thinking too, so … I think about what I think is important. It seems… It seems like my wedding was fine. I don’t know about the other people out there, but for me. I just felt happy. Probably there was a really long line so people stopped lining up. But that happened because there were so many guests. I was shocked during my wedding reception. Suddenly there was an army of people who came in. I thought that I might haven’t paid for the building yet. Turns out it was Jokowi’s people. So what I’m saying… I was happy during my wedding. The president came, my friends came. People were there. I even invited my exes. I invited them but the wedding reception was at 7… I invited them at 3 o’clock. To make them get tired and just stay there waiting. Then I would walk pass them. Eat that. Are you inviting your ex? – No. – Invite them. – I don’t have exes. – You don’t? Well, then you can go and date first… Then you’ll have one. Last one for today. Who else? Yes, please the one in the front. He’s at the front, meaning he came here early. Is that right? Means you don’t have work. Usually that’s it. Just like that. Doing nothing. – You alone? – There’s four of us. Four? His friends are like “ew, ew.” His friend are not willing, “ew, no who is he, ew.” – I want to ask. – Yes please. I have been single for 7 years. You should just date the other guy! Where is he? Go out and date. Maybe your destiny is to be ***. I don’t know. I don’t even know. One has been single for 8 years, one for 7 years. You should just love each other. I’ll close my eyes, it would be fine. I’ll close my eyes. Let’s just keep quiet. Let them live already. Oh God. Why is this event inviting so many annoying singles? What’s with this event? There’s one who’s been single for 8 years, another for 7. How old are you? 20. That means the last time you dated you were 13? Did you hit puberty early or? Who dates when they’re 13? What did you do dating when you were 13? Weird. Like how, how do you date being 13? What’s the concept of dating for a 13-year-old teenager? What is it like? I love you, please do my homework. Like what? What is the dating concept… Of a 13-year-old? What do you do? What did you do? What was dating like? Well it wasn’t really dating, it’s just… But you just said dating!!! Wow, you crazy, you are crazy. That means you’ve been single all your life? – No. – Don’t try to hide it? Single for 7 years, last time dating was 13 years old. So what was it like? No, it wasn’t dating. What the heck?! No wonder you’re single. Does your friend often do this? Are you friends because you pity him, or…? Explain what happened when you were 13. You went to school right? Junior high school? – Okay, Middle School? – We meet up.
– What? – Meet in class. – In the classroom. Is this your girlfriend or teacher? – Student, right? – Student.
– Oh student. – Girl? – Girl. Where did she sit? I sat at the back, she was up front. You were at the back and she was in front? Holding up the whiteboard? She sat in front? Then why did you define your relationship when you’re 13 as dating? What is the definition? How can you say that it was dating? Because she confessed. Okay so this is a school for fools, then. Then what else? She confessed through text message. Couldn’t it be just an operator? Hi, you are lucky today. I’m lucky? I got a confession! Oh God, wasn’t it a scam? No? – I happened. – Really? – Did she tell you to send money or not? No? – No. Damn, being confessed to when you were 13. What kind of girl. Okay, a confession. What did she say in the message? What was the language like? Like this. Like what? So she said … – El, actually … – El? Your name is El? Your name is El? Yes, yes, yes. El. Yes, yes, yes. You… – Your siblings must be Al, El, Dol. – No. Or Al El Bol? What’s your full name El? – Eldi. – Eldi? What kind of name is Eldi? Is this really your name, Eldi? My name is Eldi, nickname El. Oh, really? Let’s just consider it right. Who names someone else Eldi? Right? Full name Elsidi (LCD), no? You have an HDMI plug in your butt? Suddenly on. El I like watching you, want to be my boyfriend? Okey she texted, what was the text? Text, right. El, actually I like you, just … It’s just that I’m afraid to talk about it so I am She just said it! What the heck! She just confessed through text, right? – She texted … – She meant talking directly. El, I like you, but I’m afraid THAT’S ALREADY TALKING. – Directly. – Speaking directly? – Ok, but text is fine? – Yeah.
– ok. – Then? – So I sent you this text. Oh she said that? I am afraid to speak directly so I sent this text? Then, do you want to date me? What? She asked me if I wanted to date her. Right, then you said? Ask for credit? What? You said yes, so then you dated? But why did you say it wasn’t dating? When you meet like there’s nothing? Because, I feel … Yes yes Because you feel like that. Because you feel? When we dated and when we were just friends, she behaved differently. You should see his face. His face, she’s different. This *******. Which part of hell did you come from, like… What’s the difference? Is she all hard to get or…? She was normal when we were friends. When she went out with me, she was a gold digger. How can a 13-year-old be a gold digger? They’d probably ask you to buy them a book or something. Or some BOXY markers. My 2B pencil is gone. She wouldn’t ask you to pay her rent, right? What kind of 13-year-old child? Suddenly… she’d be living in a Kalibata apartment or something. Gold digger, how?? What, a 13-year-old child asked you for what? What? When we were hanging out… Where do 13 year olds hang out? To the mall. What mall? Pondok Gede. Actually it is more of a shopping center. Rather than a mall. To the Pondok Gede shopping center. This ****** said mall. I still can’t imagine 13-year-olds going to the mall, how? Do you pick her up? – Using a motorbike? You don’t even have license. – When you go home from school. – How? – Use the public transport. Both of you? So just like Dilan? Okay two of you, then? – We used the public transport. – Well, okay I want to know the gold digging part. What did you do at Pondok Gede mall? When we arrived, she said… – I’m thirsty. – Is that so? So you define this behaviour as gold digging because she said… Um, I’m thirsty. Maybe, she is THIRSTY. I’m not finished. Maybe she isn’t a gold digger. But a living being who is dehydrated. Not finished yet. Maybe she is dehydrated. Maybe, like all humans… She needs a drink. – Not finished, bro. – The heck? – Not finished. – I don’t need you to finish. You’re there, being 13 years old. Uhm, I need a drink. Oh she a gold digger. How??? She needs water. She refused mineral water. Oh, she refused? Wait, wait a minute! Wait a minute, please. You go along with this loser, huh. You walk, right. Then she goes, uhm. Uhm, right? I’m thirsty. Then you say here’s some water, or? – I immediately bought water, right. – Oh, you bought water, and gave it to her? Water? I want Chatime. Yes, Yes, Yes. Then 7 years later she met SkinnyFabs? Different people? Seven years later, she chatted me. Oh this still continues? This still continues with this Chatime girl huh? – Oh no? – She’s an ex. Oh, an ex. Okay, you break up because she wants prefers Chatime over mineral water. Really. What do you breathe in in Pondok Gede, like… Do you get high or? Oh God. What’s the question? This is already 7 years ago … You had an ex who was a gold digger because she wants Chatime. Alright now what’s up, what do you want to ask? I was on ML, and then… Wait what? Playing Mobile Legend! Mobile Legend. Tell the sentence in a complete form. – Mobile Legend. – Mobile Legend. Suddenly there’s a notification. – Notification? – Notification. WhatsApp. El … It said that? The notification is that sound huh? El, like that? Then I asked, who is this? Who? Then she said watch the tower, take care of the tower, isn’t that right? What kind of person. Yes, continue. When she said, I was your ex… What is her name? – Latifah. – Latifah? It doesn’t quite match, does it? The wedding of El and Latifah. Go on? Well, I haven’t answered yet because I’m confused about what to answer. Then is she still a gold digger? Asking to buy skin? So the question is … What should you do when you meet your ex girlfriend … …from back when you were 13. Suddenly texted you during ML, right? Playing ML, right? What to do? In my opinion … You should accept her. Lo accept her again with all her shortcomings. Meet up with her and say. I’m sorry that I didn’t buy you Chatime. But now I’m sure you’re the one for me, so then you date her. Why? Because you’ve been single for 7 years. You might die alone later. I think she is the only one who wants to be with you? Yes? Hurry up, before it’s too late. You just need to get her Chatime. Applause for El, please. Eh thank you all, yes, let’s take a picture. Photos, please. Does anyone want to ask? I’ll solve your problem whatever it is. You’ve already paid 150k… Ask me something, and when you leave this place, your problems would be solved. Seriously. It happened at the first show. Some mentioned that they haven’t been dating for a long time, he got married as soon as he left this place, so. Really. I haven’t had any kids for a long time then she literally got pregnant outside. Isn’t that weird? It’s really weird. Suddenly the problem was solved. Questions, please? Anyone? Raise your hands. You get to be featured on my Youtube channel. Not bad. Well, okay that lady. Hang on, we have a technology called microphone … If you use it your voice gets louder! I know this is surprising. But it exists. It’s called a microphone. – Microphone. – Sorry, sorry. Oh no, it’s okay. I forgive you. Representing all the people who are working today. I forgive you. We are starting new again. Please. So you are an introvert, right. How do you as an introvert stand in front of people and not be nervous? And did you have any friends when you were in high school? I mean … I mean… This… There is a fundamental difference between introverts and psychopaths, okay. I wasn’t chained. Are you shocked? Wow, I’m shocked. I mean, if you’re an introvert you don’t really get along with people. It’s really hard to… befriend other people. What was it like back in highschool being an introvert? What was it… like. Are you being avoided, socially? No, my friend is an introvert. Oh, friend yeah I believe you. I really believe it’s a friend. My friend, my friend. – Self defense. – yes yes At that time I had friends but just a few. Introverts… usually just feel tired being in the crowd. But they actually have friends too. What’s your friend’s problem? – It really is not me. – Yeah sure not you. Yes, not me, totally not me. You are a good friend. Who came to this event to pay 150k to ask a friend’s problem. It is truly a wonderful friendship. Any other questions? Anyone asking other friends’ questions maybe? The guys on the left? Does anyone want to ask? For me? Yes, the lady. All ladies? During the first shows, the people who asked were all men. Yes, the one over here. Wear a white… shirt. Three years later… It’s a bit annoying, hmm? I want to ask. – Your name? – My name is Desti. Radit, if you update on Instagram… Sorry, please don’t be offended. You upload weird things, right? – yes. – Well that … Usually… If it starts with “don’t be offended”, it usually ends with something annoying. Sorry, don’t be offended, but you smell bad. Right? Usually… Does Anissa ever oppose your content? With your strange behavior … Oh, why don’t we ask the person directly? – That’s all, thanks. – Just ask Anissa. Did you just pick your nose? What a strange habit. Every time she asked she would pick her nose. It’s a strange habit. Try asking Nissa. Go ahead. Please pass the microphone. Said, can you? Oh no worries. Be like Anissa, bringing her own microphone. She’s all ready. She asked a question, what’s her name? What was the question? What was the question? Sorry, she didn’t hear, she was busy being pregnant. Oh, the question was … no, no need to. Are you offended if he posts weird stuff? Why would she be offended? Why would you be offended? Embarrassed, maybe. But offended… Your post is weird, I’m angry. What do you think? Her question. Are you offended? No. – Because … – Okay thanks. That means she is not offended, she is not offended. What a useful question. With a short answer. Anyone else wants to ask? Now the guy here. Lit. Yeah. – Who is this? – Yes, everyone good evening. – Evening. – My name… He sounds like a scammer. Congratulations on getting … Do you often fool people? Sounds rehearsed. My name is Zaki. – Zaki. – I want to ask you. The stand up was about you and all your worries, right? Yes. Now why isn’t the paranomal experience included in this standup? This is Roy Kimochi, I think. Looks like you are. The problem is that I watched YouTube yesterday, until I got to the story about a child three people, small. Then there’s someone in his room. I thought you would tell something funny about it. There’s nothing funny about that. Believe me. Trust me, friend. If it’s funny … I would be happy. But it’s not. Having a ghost in your house … will never be funny. Having a ghost will definitely be scary. It has become its nature. There’s no one who will say, oh look there’s a ghost in my house. Funny. No one! There will never be. No one, no one. Just that … I didn’t tell you about it because it’s not funny. Believe me, every comedian will definitely try to find something comedic in what he experienced. That’s really true, but I don’t find the funny part in this at all. There is also the most … The prayers of netizens. About my child, because someone said this. Radit, Anissa should leave the house. They said that. Afraid it might disturb the baby, so. I’d be happy if she leaves, but… I mean, that’s not the case. The funny thing is people say if Anissa … and the baby doesn’t come out of the house … They are worried… That Radit’s child would be an indigo child. I would actually be delighted? Imagine if my child was an indigo? That’d be so cool? If he or she played with friends, we won’t have to pay for it, right? Gathering there. It would be fun. It would be really exciting. But I don’t find anything funny in that house. Because it’s so scary. Looks like we still have a few stories that we haven’t told you about, yeah. There are some that seems too extreme if I tell it to you because it’s so scary. Now that’s the sentence to make you curious. Your faces are like, please tell us. Tell us. Come on, other questions? Anyone else wants to ask? Two more, two more? What time is it now? It’s already ten o’clock. Three stupid people were fooled just now. They looked at their watches. Yes who? My name is Albert. What is your name? – Albert! – What? Albert. Relax. My name is Albert. Yes, relax. I come peacefully. Albert. I want to ask, in my opinion, yeah … Edgar, Anggi, Ingga, and Yudit, all look like your mother. – Maybe it’s because she IS their mother. – No … But how come your face doesn’t look like your mother or father? Because I was born from a stone. To search for the sacred scriptures. Yes, each child can be different. Because I realized that as a big brother … I have give in, like… Let my little sisters and brothers have the beauty and handsomeness. It’s the same as what I told Nissa. Hopefully my child looks like me and she just stood there silently. Anyone else wants to ask? Over there, yes. Wow. Yes good evening. Good evening. My name is Iyus. I want to ask. Iyus? Seriously Iyus? Yes yes This is related … … to Radit’s anxiety about the cost of marriage. How come it’s the same words? This is related to anxiety … Don’t tell me you guys are … Get married, get married. He has long hair. About the cost of marriage? I just want the information, I mean… What percentage of your savings that you used for the wedding to please Aziza? What percentage of savings is taken for marriage? Maybe there is a certain regret, she needs to know too. Oh yeah, yeah. Thank you to the tax officer … for asking. Very sharply. What percentage of my savings did I take for my marriage, I wasn’t counting. Because everything that I did was for the sake of the happiness of my family and my future wife. If they weren’t here, the answer would be different. Anyone else wants to ask? I regret, regret, regret it. No, don’t get married. Anyone else wants to ask? The last one before we wrap up. The one with glasses. Looking like a criminal. You guys twins? Huh? The ones next to each other? Not twins, huh? I asked if their twins and the one next to him was like “ew ew ew.” Just relax. Good evening all. – My name is Martin. – Who? Fatin? – Martin. – Martin. I’m want to ask you a question. Do you think there is a plan for SUCRD to make a world tour like Panji? A man like Raditya Dika … See right there! This ****** I really hate these people. A man like Raditya Dika shouldn’t sleep with his eyes closed. The hell. Do I keep them open then? Start everything with that phrase. No, in fact I talked to Panji. I asked him, why are you doing a world tour? It’s better to stay at home to play games, I said. I am a really lazy person, I didn’t even prepare for this. The previous SAE event I felt that I’m happy because of that so this year, SUCRD, I really just want to tell you what I want to tell you. Previously… I really sorted it out, I wanted to talk about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everything. This time I just went for it, I don’t even use materials. I just come up and speak. The original script was only this long, so… Actually, I was adding stuff here and there. And I’m really happy. I do something because of how I feel about it and I’m happy doing stand up like this. I wouldn’t do tours, I don’t even leave Jakarta. Because I’m just too lazy. I’m like being at home, so… Just thinking about going around Indonesia … then getting up from bed to hotel, boarding a plane, is already tiring. Even I get tired imagining it. So this is how it is. Then if there are more SUCRDs, it would be next year. If I do SUCRD I usually don’t do it again until a year passes by. Then I would do it again. Just according to my mood. More questions? Last one? Last one. Let’s take one more. Anyone? Yes the one in front. Lit. Good evening, everyone, my name is Ahmad Nafi. I want to ask, how do we… you mentioned about thinking minimalist, and you explained about it. What a not-minimalist question. You said to relax, how do we do that… Isn’t it so easy to not think about anything? Shouldn’t it be easy? I’m actually weirded out by how people overthink so much? For me I just don’t think about it. That’s all. For example, let’s say you created a content, and then someone let’s say you made a video on Instagram and someone says You’re not funny. Well then okay. Fine. Okay. We should just think simply, I would say. Because most people… tend to busy themselves, they think that they have to be better than other people, being right. That’s just too much of a hassle. My principle in life is never debate with a stupid person. When someone says, you’re wrong! Well, okay, I probably am? When in fact they are the ones at fault. Leave them be. Just relax living your life. Okay. Why did you ask that? Now I’m worried. You’re not being bullied, are you? Are you okay? No strange thoughts? He looks pressured. Thank you again, let’s give a round of applause for all of you.


  1. Daftar Pertanyaan
    01:17 Kenapa hidup minimalis?
    02:41 Bagaimana menghadapi Hujatan?
    10:25 Bagaimana menyikapi gagal nikah?
    14:23 Gimana cara terbebas dari kejombloan?
    17:55 Gimana bodo amat dengan komentar pernikahan?
    31:40 Gimana cara nanggepin mantan?
    34:30 Gimana rasanya jadi introvert?
    35:55 Kalau posting aneh-aneh di IG, Anissa gimana?
    38:18 Kenapa enggak bawain materi soal hantu di rumah?
    41:29 Kenapa muka bang Radit gak mirip adik-adiknya?
    42:30 Berapa tabungan yang dikeluarkan untuk pernikahan?
    44:25 Kapan bikin World Tour?
    46:26 Bagaimana cara berpikir simple?

  2. Bang gw dennis, 25 th

    mau nanya kalo aja gw ada disana ya,moga aja dijawab .. bang gw nikah by accident sbnernya, siap ga siap gw kan harus jadi seorang ayah ya, wajar ga sih ada ketakutan soal finansial utk kedepannya ntah itu cukup atau kurang utk istri sama anak gw? Di saat gw mau usaha lebih rasanya ada aja halangannya kaya waktu & keuangan (misal gw mau usaha) ..rasanya kaya stuck ga ada peluang gtu utk hal lebih

    #NB org tua gw single parents bang dan punya adik satu cewe ,jadi gw sebisa mungkin apa2 sndri,minimal gw ga mau minta dari org tua takut ngebebanin cukup nyokap fokus adek gw

  3. Klo gw yg mau nanyain, mikir deh 100X, sebelum dihajar bang Radit habis2an, gila gw ngakak dari awal sampai habis.

  4. Yang nanya kok kocak smua sih… hahaha :v
    tapi keren krn smakin mendukung konsep acara SUCRD 😁👍

    thanks for visit my channel 🙂

  5. 02 September 2019.
    Gw penasaran deh apakah, si cewek yg mau nikah dan si guru ngaji itu skrg udh nikah?, apakah si jomblo 8 thn udh gak jomblo ?. Dan apakah si Eldi udh balikan dengam cewenya ? Wkwk kalau ada yang tau boleh dijawab.

  6. 21:05 padahal bang radit pernah cerita dia pernah nembak cewe waktu sd dan cewe yang di tembak bang radit itu bilang "Najis lo" .. itu waktu abang umur berapa ?

  7. Menit 29 tuh anak bohong atau kaga wkwkwk , Pada tahun 2006, Chatime membuka gerai pertama di luar Taiwan, tepatnya di California, Amerika Serikat. Hingga tahun 2013 Chatime berekspansi lebih dari 25 negara, termasuk Indonesia. Skrng Dia umur 20 tahun mantan dia 7 tahun lalu bearti pada tahun 2012 sedangkan chatime masuk indonesia 2013

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