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Stand-Up Comic Erica Rhodes Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

– I just went through
a breakup, um, which I think is great, because it means it was a real
relationship finally, right? Usually I’m like, “It’s over!”,
and he’s like, “Who is this? I don’t know
this phone number.” [laughs] I miss breakups
before the internet. Do you guys remember
how simple it used to be? We could be like,
“I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Have a nice life. Go away.”
Right? Now it’s like,
“Sorry it didn’t work out. I will see you online forever.” [laughter] Or if it was a messy breakup,
you’d be like, “I’m gonna
block your phone number.” And they’d be gone.
Right? Now it’s like, “I’m gonna block
your phone number, “de-friend you on Facebook, “unfollow you on Twitter,
take you off my Instagram, “do whatever it is
to get rid of Snapchat, and get my mom
to do the same thing.” There were so many clues
he wasn’t the guy for me. I feel like there’s
usually clues we ignore for four to five years. [laughter] One clue is we had
very little in common, except we both
really loved him. Like, I swear he actually
said this to me once. He was like, “I love you
more than you love me because I love myself so much. You need to love yourself more
so that you can love me more.” And I was like, “Actually, I think we both need
to love you less. “Because the more I love you,
the more I hate myself for loving a guy
who loves himself so much.” Another clue was
he was competitive with me, which is a big problem.
We had the dumbest fights. You know, one time,
just out of the blue, he goes, “You know,
you’re not smarter than me.” And I was like, “It’s actually
‘smarter than I am.'” And then he said,
“Well, between you and I, I finished college
and you didn’t,” and I was like, “It’s actually
‘between you and me.'” And then he said,
“You and I are done.” And I was like,
“You got that one right.” – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Thanks so much.
I’m Erica Rhodes.

5 thoughts on “Stand-Up Comic Erica Rhodes Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

  1. I really wish Ismo had more content in this performance; I think he is an overall better comedian than Erica, but I agree with the judges on this one.

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