Laughter is the Best Medicine

Standup Comedy – Affair (Indian vs American)

Friends! This is Kuldeep. Don’t I look buff? First of all, I’m like, let me tell you, I
am American, because I’m naturalized citizen of United States, but I was born and raised
in India and I love America, I Love America dude but no matter what, I always stay Indian
dude. Indian-ness from me, you cannot take it out,
it’s stitched and ingrained from everywhere, you know, that’s how I am. So, yeah, don’t I look buffed today by any
chance, yeah, I just came out of working out, pretty sure I look pretty buffed. But I’m pretty sure when I’ll look at this
video after the edit, I’m gonna look like some, skinny guy or may be like you know a
big fatty thick arms, no muscle what-so-ever, I don’t know why? News flash, it happens with every body builder,
I’m pretty sure, or even a person who goes to gym they just go out, when they return
, they say, take picture dude, and when they see their picture, I don’t know, it doesn’t
look like as buffed as I imagined myself, I don’t know, happens to every fucking
one. Anyway, today’s topic is Affair, what do you
mean by Affair, oh! here in the United States, people call it an affair when they’re already
in relationship with someone and you’re basically trying to cheat on your relationship partner. That means you’re having an affair, illicit
affair with someone. But, but, but, in India, we call affair as
in general we’ve fallen into a relationship, oh, he’s having an affair. Why dude? Why? Wasn’t he in relationship with someone. Wasn’t he single. Any star having or gets into relationship
with some person, know..even they’re in committed relationship, the media will
in itself start saying like you know, he’s having an affair with this girl, he’s having
an affair with this girl. No dude, they’re having a relationship. Don’t use a term affair, that’s like used
very brutally wrong manner, doesn’t make sense, you know. Well, unless if you see any logic in there,
you know every person even though you’re single, you are in relationship with yourself, you
know, at night you know how to satisfy yourself. That’s a sort of relationship we carry on,
being single, dude, I don’t care, still happy.

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