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Stealthy Approach | 1 For All | D&D Comedy Web-Series

The entrance is up those stairs. There’s only one guard. We can take him! If he sees all of us he’ll sound the alarm. We have to do this quietly. So… What do you want to do? We could try and sneak past. Have you seen what my character is wearing? Plate armor. Very loud. I’ll go alone then. Take
them out silently. All right then. Roll a stealth check. ♫ Sneaking, sneaking.
Climbing up the stairs. ♫ ♫ Gonna do a roll now. ♫ ♫ Hope he doesn’t stare. ♫ Halt in the name of the King! What’s his name? Jerald with a J. This is the King’s Royal Garden. Only nobility may enter. The Kings? I though this was the Queen’s
Garden. This is not the Queen’s Garden? Begone ye lowborn knave. Lest ye face the King’s Justice! See? I told you that wouldn’t work. Like you’ve got a better idea? Stand back. I got this. So that’ll be… intimidation? Halt in the name of the King! I need to get myself on the other side of that entrance there. Looks like we’ve got ourselves two options. Option one… You close your eyes and we pretend nothing ever happened. Option two… Sorry about that. I’m just going to pretend that didn’t happen. Now… Begone ye lowborn knave. Lest ye face the King’s Justice! See? I told you. Anyone got a better idea? I walk up to the guy. Are you gonna roll anything or …? Halt in the name of the King! It’s much easier to get past a dead guard… Than one that’s alive. Fireball. No!!! – There was literally a reason I wanted to go in quietly.
– Like seriously. Every time you just go barrelling in. You never speak with the party. – This is exactly what happened last time!
– What do you think “Party” means? – Every time you just run in and do this. Honestly!
– I don’t understand why you think *this* is the only solution. I’m the one that actually did it! I got in there; I destroyed him! – *Arguing continues*
– Guys? Hey guys? You’re going to have to roll perception. *Arguing intensifies* DM: Are you listening? Hey guys? Guys? DM: Anyone at all? Guys?! Roll perception! *Arguing intensifies* *Arguing stops* – Halt in the name of the King!
– Halt in the name of the King! Roll initiative. Stop right there you
flumph-hugging sons of trolls! Only those who are subscribers of Deerstalker may enter the Royal King’s… … ultimate garden of … … videos. Click like and subscribe or taste
the King’s Justice. Which is this spear and definitely not my penis

100 thoughts on “Stealthy Approach | 1 For All | D&D Comedy Web-Series

  1. We've been blown away by the response to the web-series so far! Thanks for your patience while we finished up this episode.
    So we've seen the DM play a tavern owner, a wench, and several guards now. We'd love to put him in the make-up chair and transform him into some crazy D&D critters but we can't do it without your help! Our Patreon milestones have been updated to include different races and monsters. By signing up, not only will you be supporting the show, but you'll also be funding all kinds of elaborate transformations. We're also open to suggestion – what else would you like us to turn the DM into?

  2. People are talking about Nixie of course – the giggle anime-like pyro cutie-girl will obviously appeal to many. I just wanna say that guard was attractive. I wouldn't mind tasting "the king's justice."

  3. Technically initiative should have been rolled before the fireball. The guard might have had the opportunity to go first. He wasn't surprised after all, she just walked up to him.

  4. Damn that reminds me, The Gamers series, and Standard Action on the Rob Hunt channel.
    This one here is great and i see the potential to catch me like the others. It would be great and im looking forward to it.

    If someone doesnt know these yet i can recommend them to kill the time until the next episode here is released.

  5. The music at 3:12 really sold the entrance of the half demoness woman. You just know it is going to be … DIABOLICAL!.

    Edited to add: the sound and visual special effect really sold the fireball.

    This was way more enjoyable than Twilight or the Last Jedi.

  6. Thought the tiefling was going to seduce the guard because of the "bouncing" approach at 3:16 and then roll persuasion NAT 1, the guard is gay he is unaffected

  7. 3:16 – "Halt, In the name of the King!… Ah, actually… could you do the running up the steps thing a few more times, perhaps? Maybe slo-mo?"

  8. My reaction to this depends entirely on if we're using XP or progression based leveling.
    Either way, I'd demand a level after slaughtering my way through the king's army.

  9. What EXACTLY does the red haired horn girl say at the top of the stairs. It is hard for me to make out.

    P.S. I love the red haired horned girl. She is my favorite. She sums up my gameplay back when I played a Kender in the D&D world. I only got banned twice by DM’s, from playing a Kender again. One more time is the charm. Fingers crossed 🤞.

  10. Three grizzled old warriors sitting on a bench outside the garden entrance, smoking pipes.
    "They should asked the guard what is the flight velocity of a sparrow", one says.

  11. GM: Wow, I've never had a student get the answer wrong for every situation
    Nixie: What do you mean? I chose the perfect spell for every situation.
    GM: Well, you answered fireball for every question.
    Nixie: What's your point person within fireball distance.

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