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Bed bugs are small enough to hide in
very tiny cracks and crevices throughout your home, so whenever possible we
recommend sealing them up with caulk. For instance this gap between the wall
on the floor could be the perfect place for bed bugs to hide. Keep in mind if you’re in a rental base you may not be able to caulk. Always double check with your
landlord before you do anything that changes the appearance of your home. Caulk can be found at any hardware store or you can purchase it online very easily
as well. The end of the tube will come sealed. You can cut that off with
scissors or a razor blade so it’s easier to spread. Caulking a space is very easy
to do. Think of it like spreading icing on a cake.
To spread the caulk load it in your caulk gun like so. Then put the gun
against the wall seam and push down on the trigger as you move along the crack.
This fills a gap and ensures that no bugs can hide in here. Or if they are
already in your wall voids they are now trapped. To make that is neater you can
use a tool like this to fill in the caulk line or you can use the rag to wipe it
down and fill in the gap.

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