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Stepdad Tells Bad Dad Jokes at Venice Beach lol

– Alright, you kids ready
to go to Venice Beach? ‘Cause I sure am. Now, we’re doing this little home video so your mom sees how
good of a stepdad I am. She’s been thinking that you
guys don’t really like me, and I want to show her how
much of a fun stepdad I am. So let’s go, shall we? Let’s do it. I forgot Michael. We forgot Michael at home. You know it’s okay. That’s what you get for being
a middle child, alright. (upbeat music) Did you guys bring cash? Yes, yes, I got it. Yeah, thanks. Are you guys ready to
check out the freak show? – [Debra] I didn’t realize you
were putting on a show today. – I don’t need your remarks, Debra, okay? Got the ticket. Come on, kids, come on. You guys know the way to Venice Beach? Do you know the way to Venice Beach? I don’t know where we’re going. No wonder why they put the
strings on these things, huh? Anybody want a Medcrd? We could probably get a Medcard. Don’t tell your mother. Turn the camera off. What are you doing? Alright, I just have a
work call real quick. Yes, hello, Chip Green. Hey, kids, it’s you. You guys were made in L.A. Just not by me and your
mom, by Steve and your mom. Anyways, let’s not talk about it. Alright, let’s keep going. Don’t tell your mom. Alright, your mom said
we should pick her up some crystals, so let’s go find some. Do you have any stones that
will make my wife love me? – Yeah, rose quartz. – How much for this? – That would be 40. – 40? – Yeah. – Yeah, not enough for my
wife to love me, alright. The stocks are down a little bit? Okay, alright. Well, I can’t do much. I’m on vacation with
my children right now. My stepchildren, yeah. Come on, kids. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s me. I’m a stepdaddy shark. (sings “Baby Shark”) Where are you guys, going? Where you going? I just think the 401K matters the most. You think your mother would like this? Okay. Alright, let’s go to that Titanic. Let’s just hope it doesn’t
sink while we’re inside. Come on, kids. How does this look? This place is called
Getaround, just like my ex. Three for nine, you guys. We’re going to get shirts, okay? Three for nine, we’re going to get shirts. Do you have cash? I don’t have cash? – [Debra] You brought us here. – Oh, yeah, you’re right. I should have been more prepared for this. Shoot. Alright, let me hear what you got. – Where you from? – New Hampshire. – (hip hop music) – (applause) – (singer) That’s how we
do it in Venice Beach guys – Can you hear me now? How about now? Hold on, I’m gonna try
to stand on something. Yes, it’s Chip Green. Chip Green business call. You hear me now? I can’t see but I feel like I look good. Oh, I look horrible. Oh my god. I think I wanna try. Hey, can I borrow a board? This is totally gonna impress your mom. – You good? – Surfboard, surfboard. You guys like Beyonce right? We didn’t have time to
go to the actual beach but we need to get home to make
sure Michael is fed in time. So let’s go. I hope you guys had fun and let’s hope your mom loves this video. I love you honey. (hip hop music) – Alright, anybody remember
where we parked the car?

15 thoughts on “Stepdad Tells Bad Dad Jokes at Venice Beach lol

  1. Yes More of these…skits with you playin different maybe outrageous characters… 🤔
    Makes you more marketable and shows range and acting ability

  2. So i will be emotional bc i love u. I love your new vids and i dont know why u dont have million already. But i still love those animations way more and think they were more popular

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