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Stephen Curry Tells His Best Dad Joke to Riley Morrison and Katie Ledecky | 5 Minutes from Home

my sister was actually wondering if you have a good dad Joe a good dad joke what do you call a man with a rubber toe Roberto I think see somebody I know Steph Curry is fixing a problem with his shoe brand pointed out by a nine-year-old girl Riley Morrison wrote him a letter asking why his curry five sneakers were being marketed to boys and were not available in girls sizes in her words girls want to rock the shoes – nice to see you you know my friend Katie are you hungry yeah all right cool let's go do it over talk a little bit let's talk about how we met talk about Katie's career and all the things she's got going on – that's not good right now just back you're honest 11:40 p.m. after a basketball game katie has a 630 training session tomorrow at Stanford so she is like replacing a lot of her sleep right now to be with us I appreciate that but that speaks to your success is no accident okay mr. practice you like to practice alright so that's a good start some people might not answer it that way and that's what separates the Great's from the people you slam by on your way to make practice more than I like racing really I wish I you know your dad's favorite dad Joe how do you about this Paris politician and she said on the count of three all disappear and it's an oral dose and disappear inside a trance I have a huge popcorn addiction I'll call it there are 29 arenas in the NBA so I have a ranking of every arena based on freshness the saltiness the but earnest and the crunch of the 5.0 it's the best best right now is in Brooklyn Brooklyn Miami Dallas then at the very bottom is LA I don't know what happened in LA but they have sorry they have the worst popcorn in the league so we got agree I get better I gotta get better my sister told me a popcorn girl um why don't you hear a lot of popcorn jokes it's like coining Riley do you so middle just for fun but my sister swims and she don't well I brought yes I'm an amateur when I first saw your letter it hit home because what I wanted to inspire kids to do is maybe where's my shoes and where my gear they feel like they can do anything as well and so the fact that you wanted to go on the website look for those shoes and you couldn't find them and you're disappointed in that experience you really inspired a lot of people into whatever situation they're in if they want to see some change actually take some action sounds pretty close I'll appreciate you on that I think I have another one Oh what do you call an alligator with a vest an investigator she's way better tacos Sinaloa Mexican and seafood what's going on I'm going good how you doing pretty good where do you recommend what's the Western go two parts part snake I'm really good our chickens are really top seller and we also have shrimp if you like carne asada okay I don't have the same thing same thing that you want I'll two or something are you saying sharp in Spanish it's like that all right cheers guys they don't know it gotta be cool with it I would love to come watch a training session yeah yeah welcome I would absolutely that I've never seen have been in a pool in that kind of a spare so you have a cap now so you can catch all the new episodes that are dropping every week

39 thoughts on “Stephen Curry Tells His Best Dad Joke to Riley Morrison and Katie Ledecky | 5 Minutes from Home

  1. Steph Curry since you saw the girls card in the mail do you think if I send you something you'll see mine???

  2. I hope Steph Curry takes this new year seriously rather than wasting so much time with golf and his YOUTUBE chann

  3. I love this young man, and the way interacts with people! He is so grounded, and he doesn't act like many of the other hoop stars/ celebrities. He always makes time for regular folk, and he's always giving thanks to God!

  4. 😔 I wanna meet you soooooooo badly ♥️ I’m almost 10 and my wish on my 10th birthday is to meet u

  5. It's a great episode! I wish you can also invite Usain Bolt. That would be a great conversation talking about greatness and on having the heart of a champion.

  6. Stephen,
    We are praying for your team to be protected from all negative energies and entities and to win over the Rockets with our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ ,, and all the blessed Angels , Archangels help, and please continue to give thanks and glory to our God .
    Recommended sample of prayers from YouTube channels are Guardian Angel Connect Channel for Powerful Protection prayer ( Angels prayer ) By Carmen A. Scheid .
    May I suggest to please pray : examples

    Pray to bless the four corners of the Arena like the Oracle Arena (- locations where you gonna play) for protections, etc.
    Peace with living light , with living light, with living light. Cheers 🍻

  7. I didn't know he had a YouTube channel and straight away I subed to him without even watching a video

  8. Ay man I appreciate how real you are and how humble you are man. You keep it 100 and respect everyone. Ps do you go to church regularly or just whenever you cab

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