Laughter is the Best Medicine

Stephen Hawking’s Great Sense of Humor

Stephen Hawking will forever be remembered
for his contributions to science… but he’s also known for his sense of humor. Hawking appeared on many
popular TV shows, including: I really want to spend the rest of my
life with Amy. Do I have your blessing? I think you should make her finger like
Saturn and put a ring on it. You’ve stated that you believe there could be
an infinite number of parallel universes. Does that mean that there was a universe
out there where I am smarter than you? Yes. And also a universe where you’re funny. I’m getting an idea what if Fry was
supposed to get frozen? Yes, shove him in the tube.
It was my idea. Hey, there he is again—and he brought nerds! Okay, punk. You are on. I shall crush you like an ant, man. Ah! So you do know who I am! Okay someone kidnapped Simon Pegg’s cat
and I have to solve this riddle to get him back. So you called the most
intelligent person you know. Well, Paul Rudd wasn’t available. Son of a BLEEP “Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny”
-Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

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