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Stewie2K – The Smoke Criminal (CS:GO)

I am a real american Fight for the rights of every man I am a real american Fight for what’s right Fight for your life! TOASTY! FATALITY Stewie2k – “Sup Bitch?” *exhale* Stewie2k – “Bitch!” Steel – “Dead A I’m- ” Stewie2k – “Sup Bitch?” Steel – “Low health- AH!” Autimatic – “I think Stewie is gonna be playing B” Autimatic – “I know exactly how to beat him” WHAT?! STEWIEEEEEEEEEE! Stewie2k – “pz ez!” Stewie2k – “Don’t worry about me dude” BLU – “-wall exposed, so Stewie has gotta go huge here” BLU – “One for him, TWO, THREE AND FOUR! Stewie!” Sandy – “If you’re Patrick, then who’s that?” *Zip* Dan M – “Crisp, Clean Lock Boys” Sandy – “UH!” DDK – “-kills here so far, and, ok, now problems here for FaZe” Black DDK – “Yea that’s really bad, Stewie2k is ruining everyone!” Stewie2k/no_one – “Sup Bitch!” Actual Stewie2k – “Holy Shiitt” Stewie2k/no_one – “Sup Bitch!” Actual Stewie2k – “Holy Shiitt” jdm64 – “Stewie!” s1mple – “Stewie, shut the fak up” Steel – “He’s pushing!” *incomprehensible Steel rage* Steel – “what!?” Tarik – “God I fucking hate Stewie so much dude” Olofmeister – “Fak this” DaZeD – “What the FAK, am I supposed to do?” Tarik – “I hate Stewie” Steel – “How is he in connector? CONNECTOR, CONNECT-” [email protected] – “What a peek by Stew man” Hazed – “Stewie!” mOE – “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” DaZeD – “mOE is a faking moron, dude!” Stewie2k – “Yo, mOE is freaking out!” DaZeD – “FAK!” Shroud – In terms of up and coming, young player, young talent” Shroud – “Stewie2k is literally nuts” Shroud – “Who do you think is better than Stewie?” mOE – “Hahahahaha” Stewie2k – “WHAT!?” And another one Olofmeister – “And another one!” Olofmeister – “Are you mad, cos I’m not!” Stewie2k – “Boost me?” Stewie2k – “oh my god…” DJ Khaled – “Another one” DJ Khaled – “another one”
just9n – “Oh, what?” just9n – “What?! Long, long, long, long, long” fREAKAZOiD – “I love that shit” RUSH – “Stew! Are you bullshitting?” Shroud – “What????” Shroud – “What!?” Stewie2k – Sup, bitc-” Stewie2k – “Sup, bitch?” Stewie2k – “Sup-” Interviewer – “and I’m joined by Stewie2k today, Stewie how are you doing?” Stewie2k – “I’m doing well what about you?” Stewie2k – “Bitch!” Interviewer – “I’m doing great, thank you for asking! That is the first time somebodys asked me that on a interview so thank-” Stewie2k – “Bitch!”

100 thoughts on “Stewie2K – The Smoke Criminal (CS:GO)

  1. Everyone can pull of a Stewie 2k if he knows what corner the enemy team hides beyond smoke…worked for me most of the time…and the other team gone nuts and called me out for walling and started spamming negevs through smokes like they were so scared…that's how annoying it is

  2. Youtube is a platform filled with autistic man-children that continue to Age-Restrict CS videos for the sake of the shittiest game every, Fortnite.

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