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Stop Adding Jokes and Useless Commentary Into YouTubers’ Captions!

[INTRO] Today, I want to talk about
closed captioning, once again. As you know, I am a big advocate
on YouTube for closed captioning. Maybe to toot my own horn a little, but some of the biggest creators on YouTube
have mentioned me, and have captioned their videos because myself and other people,
we work together, and we were like,
“Hey, please caption your videos.” And they were like, “I’m gonna do that,”
and they’ve done it. And so there have been YouTubers that have captioned,
and they’ve kept up with it, and then there are some people that have started it
and then they’ve quit doing it for some reason, I have no idea.
It’s a little upsetting, but… And there are some people
that still gotta be nudged a little bit, but, you know, that’s a work in progress. The good thing is that with the announcement
of the fan contribution subtitles and captions, more big YouTubers have had their viewers help them
caption their videos, and that’s pretty awesome. Here’s the bad. A lot of these big YouTubers, okay a handful –
so far that I’ve seen – of these big YouTubers, they don’t check over their stuff
and there’s a lot of incorrect captions, not only incorrect,
but there’s a lot of jokes that get put in there, and it basically looks like it’s all for laughs. And here’s the thing : It’s because they don’t really look
over the captions before it gets published. Now some people say that it
all has to do with the audience and that sometimes they get published
without the YouTuber, creator, looking at them, which my response is,
well, it’s still the responsibility of the creator to make sure that everything is okay
with their channel. And if it’s not done, get your… Get somebody to look over it, you know? There are at least three YouTubers
that I’m thinking of right now whose fan contributed captions have lots of jokes,
lots of LOL, lots of emoticons, and irrelevant comments that get added
to their captions, and it’s just like, why? It makes closed captioning look like this big old joke. It makes it look like it’s not necessary * for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, * for people who are learning whatever language it is
that they’re looking at, * for people with auditory processing disorder. It makes it look like one huge joke, and that’s
not what closed captioning is supposed to be. It’s something that is needed. It’s something that the law agrees with, and it’s just upsetting to see
this kind of monstrosity happen on these big channels, these channels that have
hundreds and thousands of subscribers, even millions and millions of subscribers,
all because they don’t look over their own channel. I actually had a talk, I actually had a conversation for a couple
of minutes with one of the YouTubers, and the response was,
“Well, I can’t do anything about it.” And I was trying to be
delicate about the situation. I was just like, “Okay, well that’s a little frustrating, “but hopefully we can work together
“and get something worked on.” But really what I should’ve said
was just, frankly, bull- (bleep) I don’t know. It’s just, when I see these big YouTubers,
and when I have a conversation with them, they’re like, “Oh, wait, wow. This is important.” “I’m gonna do this and look into it.”
“And it’s awesome.” And then it gets ruined by their viewers adding in jokes,
even long sentences that aren’t even said, they get added into the captioning file,
and it’s just like… Why? What are you doing? So to those of you that help out
your favourite YouTubers, put captions on your videos, I want to applaud you for doing that
because I know that it’s a lot of work, and we all thank you very much for taking
your time to add in these captions, especially for free,
because it’s all about fan contribution Nobody is getting paid to do this. But here’s the thing :
Stop adding in jokes, please? Captions are to be taken seriously. They help a bunch of people, and they help your creators,
your favourite creators, to get more people in. So when all you’re doing is adding jokes,
you’re actually pushing all these people away from enjoying the videos that
your favourite person makes. So please, if you watch this video and you’re one of those people
that have occasionally added in a joke here and there, please just… don’t do it.
It’s just not necessary. And to the big YouTube creators
and to anybody, honestly, that are accepting these fan contributions,
please, look over them. Otherwise you may as well just be paying
for professional companies to do it yourself, or you may as well be doing them yourself. But if I’m watching the video from a person,
I wanna know what’s being said. I wanna learn something about this guy. I don’t wanna learn or read
about what his hair looks like or what it looks like his face is making. It’s not important to me,
it’s not necessary, and it has absolutely no relevance
to the video at hand. So, that’s just something to think about. And again, to the creators
that get these things sent in, LOOK OVER THEM! Look over the captions or get somebody else
to look over them for you, if you don’t have the time. It’s important.
It’s important to us, and it’s important to your own channel if you wanna
bring more people from this particular audience in. You don’t wanna push ’em away. You wanna bring them in,
because that’s the good thing. So yeah, if you wanna follow
me on all of my social media, links to that will be down below. If you wanna support me monthly on Patreon and get free, awesome, cool presents and private vlogs and all of that, the link to that will also be down below. I upload videos every Monday and Thursday unless otherwise stated,
and I will see you later. Bye. (cheerful electronic music) (thunder) Subtitles by the community

86 thoughts on “Stop Adding Jokes and Useless Commentary Into YouTubers’ Captions!

  1. hello ricki i watch all of your videos iam 20 years old iam hearing i think your soo awesome and i love your hair in this video its soo awesome i think you are very insipring

  2. This is really interesting and not something I'd considered, thanks for making the video. 🙂 I have seen a few YouTubers captioning their own videos with extra jokes in the subtitles though, do you have any thoughts on that? I'm thinking videos like "Stripper Cop" by Tomska as an example.

  3. I personally love it when there are some extra jokes or faces in the captions because I feel like it's something only a small part of the community get to experience and it makes my captioning experience pretty entertaining.

  4. Have you seen this on webseries like Carmilla and Couple-ish? I think those are added by the creators themselves and before this video I thought they were kinda funny and something I looked forward to but I see your point about it making the captioning look like a joke.

  5. I used to be a lot better at captioning my videos than I am now. I need to just sit down one day and make it my job for the day to caption a load of things because I just got busy and out of the habit, but I do want to be someone that has everything CCed! A lot of my videos are quite long and unstructured which makes captioning them quite a daunting task but every time you pop up in my sub box it's a reminder that it does need doing so thank you for keeping me conscious of the struggles of people that don't have my abilities. x

  6. Last week or so I decided I wanted to start captioning videos here and there, but my captions don't get published. I have been googling why that is, but I can't find anything. How long does it usually take until captions are accepted? Or am I doing something wrong?

  7. I tried contacting Youtuber ( who also have a website that shows their videos too) about this who had no contact info or anything . I tried their website and asked about the captions then they said ," This is for the website issues, we don't deal with the Youtube channel" then I asked then who was running it so I can find the right person , they said to contact the Youtube Channel since they . While I did contact them through Youtube, I have yet to hear a response from them. Tbh, if someone reporting to you about problems with your videos, it is your responsibly to respond to them and give the right contact info for it. This company/Youtuber clearly had no clue who's running the channel and approving the captions.

  8. Will you ever sign in your videos while you talk or no but either is fine idc just wondering? And I total agree with what you said😌👌🏽

  9. Thank you Rikki, you are the best! For some reason or other I find it heard watching videos/films whatever without captions, even if it's in my native language. Especially films, people often whisper and what is that even like I can't hear you guys and I miss out of information. So thank you for spreading awareness and making people caption properly! Just things like punctuation and proper spelling helps a lot. Reading captions is supposed to flow seamlessly, so that you don't really notice them even though you're reading them. Add a "joke English" version of the captions if you really need that version to be put out there…

  10. I've asked my fave youtubers already a few times to add captions but as they are really popular they probably don't see the messages/don't just care? Idk it's just hard to watch their stuff bc they do skits and if there's a few people talking I can't just understand what they say at all…

  11. Great video! I always wondered/feared if people did that. It is such an abuse of the system! I think content creators who allow that should be fined! Or at least not be allowed to be an ICG member, if they are one. They are actively condoning discrimination. Next step: call out the "big youTubers" 😉 thank you for your activism on this Rikki!

  12. I have a mixture of community contributed captions and captions that I've done myself on my videos, and I can say that it's really not that hard to just glance over them before you approve of them to make sure they're legit. The only thing that is hard is when people translate my videos into languages that I don't speak. Then I can only rely on cognates to have any idea of if the captions are accurate, but overall, creators have the ability to make sure no one's shit posting in their captions. Saying otherwise is just BS.

  13. so I have a question about closed captions accuracy. is it better to have captions match up exactly with the words people speak, or can people make more concise captions with the same meanig?

  14. I got to wonder about creators checked the captions and approved and published, all that's good…. So what about different languages that they can't check out if it is correctly??

  15. What's everyones view on Pewdiepie then? Since a few of his videos have jokes in them but I find it funny since it says whats being said but jokes are added in, I just I'd like to know if anyone has a problem with his captions since I think they are great.

    I don't know of any captions added in by fans? Could I have some examples? 🙂

  16. Couple of questions, if you don't mind. 1) What's the best way to get out the message to a youtuber to caption their videos and how do you best highlight the benefits without giving them a long winded comment/message that they might think is a waste of time or a bother?
    2) This one is unique to me. I have Tourette's and in my videos I make constant unnecessary noises and say random words that interrupt my speech. There's no way I can caption it all, and even if I could, it'd just look like a big mess. What would you advise leaving in the captions and what's not important?

  17. yay! 30k subcribers! congrats!

    also i love your videos, i watch them here at the seaside where there's like barely any signal and barely any internet and i have to wait every 30 seconds for it to load for 5-10 secs lol…

  18. Again, Rikki really brings up good points but it is on all of us viewers to follow up and ensure it happens, not just nod our heads in agreement and hope someone else picks up the ball and runs with it.

  19. I prefer when the youtuber themself adds the captions because then its an added side of their personality, if that includes silly captioning and butterfly emojis, but doesnt interfere with the actual captioning, then its fine. Like for example the difference between saying crash and stupid cat running into door noise is huge, and a lot more colourful description. If you like stark bare bones captioning because youre more interested in the actual person thats talking to you, then that is fine too!! My opinion is that its cute when youtubers add personal descriptors to their captions, as long as it doesnt interfere with the "story" so to speak.

  20. That's a dick move to allow that. I not a big fan of 'Those' youtubers .. It's still a problem to get those guys to do it, I'm sayin the ones who get revenue thru merch sale.. Good god.

  21. I hate when people make unnecessary comments in captions, I just want the captions and only the captions! Happy you addressed this.

  22. Are your views the same when the the captions are filled with jokes because the entire video has no spoken word in it? I remember markaplier made a few videos where he was just eating cereal but when you turn on captions it was a filled with a sort of funny commentary of what he was doing. Like, "now markaplier stares intensely at the cereal box". He didn't say anything in the video and the point was that if you didn't turn on the captions you were just watching him eat cereal. So, do your views change at all for this?

  23. I don't always use captions, but it useful espescially for educational videos. My english is pretty good but it's just easier to concentrate if there is also text to read and I think that's probrably true for a lot of people with english as their second language. It's awesome that you are making people aware of the importance of them. Thank you so much.

  24. Even though I'm not deaf or hard of hearing, I do have A.D.H.D., so I use subtitles and C.C. all the time to help me focus and understand the content better. It's really upsetting that people without disabilities see disabled tools and spaces as jokes. It's like taking a cane from someone that requires a mobility aid and swinging it around like a toy sword: not cool bro.

  25. This video came to mind: . What's your view on the use of captions in this video? It uses several different captions to show how lyrics of different songs all match up and therefore can be sung to each other's tunes. (I think YouTube doesn't allow for arbitrarily named captions anymore, but that's irrelevant to whether this system is good or bad). Admittedly, the text could have been part of the video itself; however, one thing about the captions is that they can be added after the video goes up – in this case, the Vsauce lyrics were added a year later, when Vsauce actually made his video about the same concept (it's at – it's not relevant to this discussion, though interesting in its own right).

  26. I'm deaf and it does not really bother me, in some cases I really find it cool or funny such as Pewdiepie or Tomska YouTube videos…. But that is just my opinion

  27. I have Auditory processing Disorder, and if people have these extra jokes, it really messes me up, because then I have to work extra hard to find out whats actually being said, and what isn't. It also has to move very fast to keep up with the audio. It's just really frustrating and I've started to turn the captions off when it confuses me like that

  28. Great video! I really like that your videos always have captions because I have ADD and it's easier for me to concentrate. When I put captions on my videos, I always wonder whether or not I should include little "umms" or "likes" or "ya knows." I sort of just make it up without a real rule. Idk. I'm mostly curious what other people do.

  29. I'd love to support you financially on Patron, just for the sake of you being able to continue your awesome work to raise awareness regarding everything you mention and talk about in your YouTube videos. As of right now, I am a student with a strict budget, so I can't bring up anything out of my pocket per now. What I can do, is to say that you're a true inspiration and a genuinely nice person, and I wish you best of luck further on. Much love

  30. Writing in false captions is equivalent to parking a car in front of a wheelchair ramp. Just completely inconsiderate of disabled folks out here living life and deserving equal access. It's an awful thing to do, people need legitimate captions in order to have access to these videos, false captions are not only inconsiderate but cruel, it mocks the need for access.

  31. I use amara as I work as an educational interpreter and we get sent links by all the teachers tot he video's that are used. I hate seeing bogus captions also . But what is more annoying is people assuming the voice automated captions are right I cant tell you the amount of times we have had to stop showing or been told to leave the room as the captions are not right.

  32. There's one niggle I have with translated captions at the moment that I hope YouTube sort eventually. If somebody submits me captions in another language, when I review them I have the option to see the Google Translation and from there I can roughly figure out if anyone is trying to mess with me. If somebody adds foreign captions and somebody else approves the changes, when I go back in to read the transcript, the option to see the Google Translation (or even the auto-generated one in the original language) is gone.

    I could go to Google Translate and put in every sentence line by line to check, but it's a very long process and especially annoying when they've shown they're capable of providing this option in-house. Ultimately I'm relying on the honesty of the contributors and my audience to tell me if there's something wrong and it's that sort of uncertainty that I've heard multiple creators talk about as their reason for not adding community contributed CC options.

    Sorry for the mini-rant, it's something I thought you might have an opinion on if you haven't noticed it already. Obviously the system is still fairly new so I'm sure given time it will be improved.

  33. I'm so glad this was brought it up. It's so annoying watching a video that is set up like that, I just want to understand what the person is saying. Especially those with British accents, I find way harder to understand so it's frustrating.

  34. I have an issue with CC on television…well, issues!
    "Audience laughter" – I'LL decide for ME what's funny, thankyaverymuch!
    "Explaining" jokes – ugh!! Just don't!
    Captioning things like "shrugs"….anyone ever HEARD a shrug?
    And more….

  35. I absolutely agree with you 100%
    When I started my main youtube experience as a creator (not this account, my main Italian one) I put closed captioning aside, but then soon after (around a couple of months later) another creator in a video told about subtitles, both to allow people to access content in the first place, and (when there are also subtitles in other languages) to help spread a content worldwide.
    I myself participated in a lot of fan-made subtitle translations, both for big and (let say) less big youtubers, and more than this, basically all my videos on my Italian channel have closed captions.
    And I'm not talking about a couple of videos: soon I'm gonna celebrate my 250th subtitled video trying to spread this message to the Italian youtube community, where a lot of big youtubers either seems not interested on this argument, or even are using the automatic captioning made by youtube to create comedic videos.

    Well, I'd like to thank you for spreading this message, because it's important, and under a lot of different point of views. I hope that also my little work, in my little Italian channel, might help spreading this message. So again: thanks 😉

  36. I was about to blog about this a few days ago but didn't get to it as my schedules conflicted so finally that somebody notices this problem with some popular YouTubers who accepts crowdfunding jokes and their own thoughts into the YouTubers videos closed captions. For example "I want to fly (me too!)" like really!

  37. Yes. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Nothing worse than reading captions that don't follow any sort of auditory information spoken or otherwise. Captions are there for access, not for making my access the butt of a joke at my expense.

  38. I just want to add that I use CC even tho I can hear pretty damn well. I've always used them. Sometimes people talk too fast or mumble or the volumes are fucked. Or I may have to quiet it bc of someone. So it upsets me for ppl to fuck with them, because it helps everyone for them to be great. Because I know people who cant hear or are HOH rely on them so much. They are not as lucky as I am if the captions are fucked up they can still understand what's happening. It's a mild inconvenience for me but it's hell for those people. Also, I feel bad as I want to do CC on my videos but half the time I can't understand myself or i dont have the time to do it all. But I want to try. Especially with more major videos I make.

  39. How can you add captions to a video? Do you have to contact the owner of the channel or how does it work? I am interested to do this.

  40. I saw this recently on some videos but i'm not sure weather it was the original uploaders doing or fan-submitted stuff… Really made for seneless reading.

  41. I use captions whenever the option is available, I can hear but I have ADHD Inattentive Type and Aspergers Syndrome, so I sometimes don't really process what someone says and the closed captions help me stay focused and understand what is being said.


  43. I know what you mean I have Auditory Processing Disorder and it annoys me so much when the subtitles have unnecessary content. Also I got so happy when mentioned APD, because I don't think a lot of people know about it, and it surprised me.

  44. I bet at least one of those seven people that disliked was someone that added useless jokes and commentary to YouTubers' videos. (-_______-)

  45. Question for everybody who captions out there: Does anybody know how to actually delete those stupid "joke" captions that people put in? I've been trying to fix the captions on a particular video of Markiplier's, and even when I delete something in the transcript file it doesn't carry over to what people see on the actual video. Help?

    Also, any tips to make sure that once you fix captions on a video, they'll stay fixed? My default solution is to mostly caption slightly older/not insanely popular videos, so there will be fewer people who are motivated to mess with them, but I'm sure there are better solutions out there. Ideas?

  46. I watch a South American gamer's channel and have to use English subtitles because I don't know much Spanish, but sometimes I appreciate the little jokes like "(laughs in Spanish)" and as long as they're not intrusive or excessive, I think it's alright.

  47. EXACTLY. Like it annoys me so much! Especially Jacksepticeye's videos have those "caption jokes" and emojis and stupid things like that.

  48. Interesting. I can understand why they do this, they want to get attention from their 'hero' or 'icon' by adding a joke they think is sure to get seen by the creator, youtube has a large audience base, sadly not everyone understands the purpose of subtitles (UK) or the need for them for a certain part of the audience who watches. Some people are either fanatical, despicable, or possibly not as intelligent as is expected automatically. There are lots of disabilities out there, yet I find that lots of people throw out the 'stupid' and 'crazy' slurs more than any other. And don't even consider it. It can hurt.

  49. I sometimes do fansubs with others and, personally, my opinion would be, for captions it's better to just say what it's supposed to say, and for translation, sometimes people put jokes into the translation but for archiving purpose, I'd say that making the translation as accurate as possible would be the best way to go.

    Maybe you can say that I see captions a piece of art that is supposed to express the original meaning as accurate as possible while being easy to read?

  50. captions are hard to read. they are blue, which doesn't work well and the I cover your face. captioning should always be on the bottom of the screen.

  51. Might I just mention, since I'm kind enough to translate the subtitle to Norwegian:
    1. When you say "And I was trying to be delicate about the situation", what exactly do you mean? I chose to interpret this as you trying to be calm about it.
    2. In the cases where you say "and I was like," are you saying it, or thinking it? I'm putting "thinking", because that's more convenient for me.

  52. I didn't know people did that! I done some captioning and tried hard to get it right and in sync.
    Maybe that's the reason you are shown already captioned videos and asked to check if the captioning seems right?

  53. The jokes are added because the person feels like it makes the video or captioning more fun or funny. They're not trying to make it seem like cc is a joke or not to be taken seriously. I hope this doesn't come across as disrespectful, I'm just trying to help you see their side too! 🙂

  54. I would LOVE to help out some YouTubers by captioning their videos for them because it really is super important and it's something I wish everyone did, but like, I have no idea how I'm supposed to get in contact with these people. Many times have I contacted a YouTuber offering suggestions for content, or asking questions, etc. but I've never even received an opening of my message. I mean, I totally get why they might not put in the effort since most of the time it's just fans messaging them just to say they've talked to them or haters just being disrespectful and those YouTubers don't want to deal with that. I totally get that. I just really wish though that there was some way I could get in contact with them to offer my help with captioning. What am I gonna do though, right?

  55. I wish there was an option to actually add two captions at the same time. Watching your videos I realised I have to decide whether I caption the voiceovers or the song. I mean I only make fan videos but still I'd like them to be as accessible as possible because no one should be excluded from a fandom just because of a disability. So far I went with the voiceovers only. But I will try to figure out a way to maybe also add in the songs lyrics because they are mostly a big part of the whole video.
    I noticed myself how much it can suck if you don't understand what people are saying a video because they did not capture it. Well for me it was only a problem of language since I do not speak Turkish but I loved the first season of Magnificent Century which I watched on Netflix with German & English subtitles. Then I looked up some fan videos and some people translate what is said in the video or the captions but most don't. It gave me at least a basic understanding of how much it must suck for people with hearing disabilities to have no captioning available. And thanks to that I also figured out how much of a joke the automatic captions are 🙁

  56. I create a webseries online, and while the videos on my current channel are not currently captioned (I'm in the process of it right now), there was one exception when I thought that the joke in the captions was appropriate. In Jacksepticeye's playthrough of Undertale, he forgot to edit out a break where he went to the restroom for two minutes. Whoever did the captions left a joke in parenthesis that was like, "Yeah, he's not back yet. Um… wanna hear a joke?" But other than that the subtitles were completely normal. In some places I have seen, the subtitles were almost unreadable because of how many jokes there were. Markiplier's for example. While I am not deaf, I knew that no one that was deaf could tell what the heck was going on. In the webseries Couple-ish, while they do have some inclusion when it comes to race and gender (a non-binary lead, which is pretty cool), the captions are littered with jokes that speed by too fast and make everything harder to read. And that was done by the series itself, not fan contribution.

    Though I do know that sometimes people don't put the jokes in for making fun of the captions. I, myself, considered putting it into our webseries just so that anyone that used/needed the captions could have an extra laugh, but decided against it for professionalism. Thanks for letting me know to not do that! I love your videos!

  57. I have seen a several YouTubers that add interesting and relevant information but that wasn’t added into the video.
    1) As a caption user, it is entirely distracting.
    2) That interesting and relevant information is not accessible to the blind.

  58. I think it's terrible. I don't understand why you would caption words that aren't being said. It's not your material to ad lib. I don't want your personal thoughts or jokes. I am there for the youtubers content, no one else's. I am hearing but am trying to learn to read subtitles especially with speed. My reading comprehension is slow, so this takes practice. When things are thrown in the presenter didn't say, it completely throws me off because I try to match what I'm reading to what i hear being said. If there are extras thrown in, I think I've missed something and spend unnecessary time back up, replaying, etc. So frustrating.

  59. I have seen this before, I use captions and I am not disabled. It just helps me understand the words they are saying. But in a video a while back, Logan Paul's captions were just Logang fifty times, it actually honestly made me mad and it’s really one of the reasons I don’t watch people like that who don’t care about disabled people…

  60. Looking at Markiplier’s caption contributors 👀 they are the most guilty of this when they include “DADDY MARK SENPAI LOL XDDD RAWRZ uwu”. It is TRULY annoying.

  61. Even if you totally disregard how ignorant to the main purpose of subtitles it is (which is the biggest issue dont get me wrong), a lot of it feels like an uncomfortable, bordering on creepy attempt from a fan to elbow their way into the content they enjoy. they're that one guy at the party who has to have a one liner joke for EVERYTHING

  62. youtube is glitchy af and won't let me do captions on my videos anymore, so I have to put the captions in my actual videos or have a transcript in the description. YouTube needs to get their shit together UGH

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