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Storm Reid’s Embarrassing Moment Meeting Zendaya Will Make You Die Laughing | Emoji Storytelling

– Miss Oprah was like, “Storm!” And I was like, “Hi!” All of the emojis, like
yes, hi, nice to meet you. You know my name. And I was just devastated. It’s embarrassing, just like,
replaying it in my head. Hey guys, it’s Storm
Reid here at Seventeen and I’m here to tell some
embarrassing stories using emojis. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) I do get embarrassed easily. I’m embarrassed right now and I’m scared. But I’m happy to be here, so I’m excited. (upbeat music) Oh, my most awkward first
kiss was on a movie set, it was my first kiss ever. And then, to like have it
be on a movie was weird. But, I had to kiss
twins, which was awkward. So, I was like, this at first,
and they were younger than me so it was really like, this. And they were like my little
brothers, we had like bonded. And it was like the couple of
last days of filming a film that I did called White Water. So, to have to kiss like
seven-year-old twins, I was like, not feeling it. (upbeat music) I tend to, well I used to
like a person that I like and we would go out with friends. And I wouldn’t eat, I would be
scared to eat in from of him. So I’d be like this, but I would
also be like really hungry. So, I’d kinda get like hangry. So I’d kinda like an attitude. Not with him, but like kinda at myself because I could’ve eaten, but I didn’t ’cause I was embarrassed
to eat in front of him. (upbeat music) Oh my goodness. Okay, can I tell two? Okay, so my first starstruck
moment was at Ben and Jerry’s. It was the first time I met Zendaya. And I had gotten my ice cream, and I was just going about my business, and I turned around at
she was sitting at a table with a friend. So I, like, immediately froze. So I was like this frozen. And my mom was just like, go. Just go say hi. So my mom was like a
little annoyed with me because we were running late for a movie. So she was like, it’s nothing. Go say hi. But I was stuck, like this was my face. And then I finally got
the courage to go say hi. But I was still like really nervous. But she was super sweet
and I got a picture. And then I was just on cloud nine. And I’ve been on cloud
nine ever since that day. And then, my other starstruck moment was when I met Miss Oprah. And I walked into her room. So I walked in the room, and like, of course you introduce yourself
when you walk into a room, but I didn’t have to. And Miss Oprah was like, “Storm!” And I was like, “Hi!” All of the emojis, like- Nice to meet you! You know my name. If I had to pick one for that moment, it’d probably be a crying emoji ’cause she knew my name and
she was so excited to meet me. But I was really excited to meet her. So, it’s a day I’ll never forget. (upbeat music) It’s embarrassing, just like
replaying it in my head. Most embarrassing period
moment was actually in the beginning of 2018. We were doing reshoots
for A Wrinkle In Time before it came out. And I had started my period, but obviously I didn’t
put my pad on correctly. It was just kind of a new thing for me, because I had just started my period. So we were on set and
I was doing this scene, and it was a scene
where I had to walk away and I thought I did fine. It was just like a walking away
scene, not too complicated. And I was standing there
waiting for like another set up or like to go again, or
to see what was happening. And Miss Lori, who was the wardrobe person was like, “we gotta go”. And I’m like, “wha- like, huh?” Like what do you mean, we’ve gotta go? And she was like, “You
have blood on your pants.” So I immediately ran to my
trailer and I started crying and my sister was in there. I just felt so embarrassed
and it was a scene where a lot of extras were
around, so I was like, “Did they see it?” And then I knew the camera saw
it, and I was just devastated but I got through it. (upbeat music) Oh my, there’s a lot that
goes on on the Euphoria set. I don’t want to give too much
away, but I would say like in the first episode, like
the first and second episode, it goes down and it’s
like really emotional. You’re going to be immediately crying, but then you’re also gonna
get like upset at Rue, which is Zendaya. And then you’re gonna
feel really bed for me. So maybe like, another
like, kinda like this emoji and the shocker emoji. (upbeat music) Have I had one? Okay, yes. I’m not gonna lie and
say that I don’t lurk. Like if a friend needs
me to lurk for them, I’m gonna be like, put my detective hat on and I’m gonna lurk for them. I was lurking for my older cousin, because this is what we do. Like if we need to look at
something or find out information people come to me. And I think I had liked the guy’s picture, like they were talking or
like, yeah I guess talking. And I had liked the guy’s picture, and it was like from way, way down. I then unliked the photo,
and turned my phone on airplane mode. I don’t know if the airplane mode worked, but I just felt like if
I turned my phone down, or like shut it down that he
wouldn’t get the notification. Who knows if he ever did? But my cousin was like this,
and then she was like this. But then, I got annoyed with her because I was just trying to help. (upbeat music) Most embarrassing first date? I don’t think I’ve really ever like, been on like a “date”. Like a, like say we’re going on a date. But, I would say- I think the person I have a crush on, or like had a crush on, we would like go out in
like big group dates, if that makes sense. So I would like always
be really excited to go like with my friends
and have my homegirls, and he would have his homeboys. But when I got there, it was like so happy to see him, but I didn’t want to talk to him. ‘Cause I was just nervous. And like, I just talked to my friends, and we would actually
just talk to his friends. And we would talk a little bit, but I think we kinda like got
really nervous and clammy. So every time that happened,
I would feel like this. (upbeat music) I was in the third grade and
we gone on a field trip and I lived in Atlanta at the time ’cause I was born and raised in Atlanta. Woot woot. We had gone on a field trip and we went to this place called Varsity, which is like big, famous
hamburger/hotdog place. And I was chillin’ with my
friends and this and that and there are some girls
in the school that weren’t that nice to me, but I
would just ignore them. But I got up from my chair, and
they started laughing at me. So, I’m not like a person
to just walk away and ask, like not ask why a
person is laughing at me. So I went over and was like
what are you guys laughing at? Can you tell me, like, what’s funny? And they were just
like, go to the bathroom and look at your pants. So of course, I immediately to like panic. And I run to the restroom
and obviously I’d like, sit in in something
brown, like on the chair. And it was just like all over my butt. So, I couldn’t do anything because we were on a field trip. I couldn’t call my parents. So I had to wait until
we got back to school. My dad had to come and pick me up and get me a new pair of pants. But, I felt like this. Surprisingly, I didn’t cry. Which was weird. But, I was just like really annoyed. Like, whatever I sat in. And I was kinda nervous and
like wanted to get home. (upbeat music) It’s funny, ’cause I don’t
think I really think I have an embarrassing moment with my parents. I think my parents are hilarious. And like they’re my best friends. But, I think my mom
tries to make it a point to embarrass me in front of my friends. So like throw me under the bus, or like say some random,
embarrassing moment that happened 10 years ago. And my friends think it’s funny. So, every time that happens,
I’m a little bit like this. A little bit like that. And then, I just kinda brush it off and start laughing with everybody. Okay guys, thanks for watching. I hope you had a good laugh
at my embarrassing stories and make sure you check
out Euphoria on HBO Now. (upbeat music)

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  1. Same I’m the lurking queen I know how to deep dive my friends all come to me when they need to me to spy on someone

  2. They couldn't have casted the sisters on Euphoria any better . Storm and Zendaya are sisters in my head Idc Idc Idc 😂 twins almost

  3. Never, she will never be like Zendaya ever, ever ,never because I love zendaya so much I wanna be a actress just like her or maybe more than her

  4. Never, she will never be like Zendaya ever, ever ,never because I love zendaya so much I wanna be a actress just like her or maybe more than her

  5. Never, she will never be like Zendaya ever, ever ,never because I love zendaya so much I wanna be a actress just like her or maybe more than her

  6. If I met Zendaya, I would probably react in the same way that Storm did, and then if my parents were with me they would probably get annoyed and tell me to just go and say hi. So pretty much, the same as Storm

  7. “But then I got annoyed with her because I was just trying to help.”- that’s always how that works with me and my sisters lol girl you asked me to do this and it’s not like you liked it hahaha I mean he knows you asked I’m sure but still… who cares lol

  8. Love her and the show, but why are they asking her questions about her period?? They couldn't have thought of better content or more in depth questions to ask? Weird and too personal to me.

  9. Why do they ask a young girl to publicly talk about her period, idk lol jus weird to me like it’s not really sum people need to know lol

  10. storm is such a cool name! I’ve been seeing her in small roles lately like who’s this little cutie and she does so well in euphoria i can’t wait for season 2 😘❤️

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