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Stranger Things It’s Always Sunny Mash-Up (Sunnier Things)

– Is this really gonna work? Holy shit, this is insane. – Max. – Yeah, quiet, I’m sorry. (radio static) (tense bass music) – I found him. – What’s he doing? – I don’t know. (distant footsteps splashing) He’s on the floor. Talking to someone. – [Dee] What the hell
did you do to yourself? – (pants) I just wanna be pure. (Eleven gasps) – What is it? What happened? (Eleven pants) (intense bass music) – What’s going on? – Nothing, nothing. – Just a family discussion. – I found him. – Found who? (intense music) (water splashing) (distorted voices) – El, are you okay? Are you okay? – On a beach. – The last I checked, there
weren’t any beaches in Hawkins. – What else do you see? – There’s a boy. (“Temptation Sensation”
by Heinz Kiessling) – It’s a nice spot. – I think I see it. – This is ham, soaked in
rum, it is loaded with booze. – What if she gets brain
damage or something? – Oh shit, is that like a real thing? – What the hell’s a dog doin’ here? – [Mac] Hey, hey, get out of here! – Get outta here, I’m not
sharing my ham with no dogs. I got a great idea. ♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪ ♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪ – Here we go. – [Max] I dunno, he looks
pretty normal to me. – Normal? How many times have we
seen him with the shirt on? – Who’s goin’ first? – I mean, it’s a little weird. – More than a little. (Frank screams) (water splashing) The Mind Flayer likes it cold. (Frank shouting)
(laughing) – Charlie! – But, he’s lounging at
the pool which is like the least Mind Flayer thing ever. – Not necessarily. – We need to find out if he’s the host. (fast paced drums) (door slams) (chain clanks) (Billy screams) – We’re at 220. – I am gonna roast like a pig. – Holy shit, I’m trapped
like a rat, aren’t I? – Relax, take your clothes off. – It’s gonna be okay. – I’m a rat! I’m trapped like a–
(screams) – I feel him. – I gotta get outta here.
– Calm down. – I’m tired of being
in weird places, Frank, ’cause I’m trapped like a rat. – [Frank] Hey, calm down Charlie. – Max get away from the door. – Now calm down, take it easy. – How do I get this off?
(screams) – Get away from the door! (glass smashes) (screaming) (Charlie screams maniacally) – Charlie, take it easy.
– Just bash me, Frank! Just bash me like a rat. (electronic whirring) (monster roars) – Okay, well–
– Okay. – I’m outta here.
(chuckles) (hinge squeaking)

100 thoughts on “Stranger Things It’s Always Sunny Mash-Up (Sunnier Things)

  1. It almost works but some editing feel so off
    I was hopping for characters to be masked and such to look more legit

  2. PERFECTION! My only 2 must-watch shows…mashed up. Simply delightful. Even the comments here are awesome!! ❤ it!!

  3. Scene :The gang when confronted by an angry El say " some Pub Jabronis ate all the eggos ",They blame each other , then they turn on Dee saying the bird wanted eggs and push her towards El, who then smashes Dee then the gang, Dee gets up and says "Why me?" El responds " friends dont lie" , next scene:
    Dustin says "why are you keeping this curiosity door locked ?" Charlie replies " because it says pirates are in there – the sign on the door says so , pirates are living in there." Denis then proceeds to shoulder it open with Charlie then it gives as they fall into the upside down world.

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