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Stupid Game Show Answers – The Joke’s On You!

[SGSA theme music] [Audience finishes applauding] [Host]:
I, Terry Arnell, maintain that meat prices are much too high. Fortunately, I’ve hit on an ingenious, money-saving,
palate-pleasing plan. Take for example my glorious beef stroganoff which the panel is eating now. Not only is the meat in my stroganoff healthy
and delicious but also very reasonable in price. Get out of here! What is it? [Host]:
Why? Because it’s dog food! [Everyone laughs]
[Audience applauds and cheers] [Contestant]:
A vowel. [Carol]:
That is E. [Contestant]:
Another vowel. [Carol]:
A vowel…I. [Contestant]:
Consonant. [Carol]:
[Screams] Oh! God! [Everyone laughs] There’s something…I’m asked from time to time whether I wear a hairpiece, er… …and I always joke and I say if I wore a
hairpiece it would be a better one than this. Uh… But I do. I’ve never told you, I’ve never told… In 25 years? That I’m tired of…living the lie. Are you kidding me? And I’m gonna ask you to unveil…I’m serious.
If you reach and pull, you’ll see… No. [Pat]:
Yes. Really? [Screams repeatedly]
[Audience laughs and applauds] I-I feel so free. I feel now that you and I can relate as… [Mouths] …in-in an honest way. I-I’ve-I’ve never felt…here, but you can keep this
if you want. I don’t have to deal with this any… I feel like…I mean, I could guess host Deal or No Deal now. Goodnight! Happy April 1st, everybody! [Audience laughs] Bye! X gets the square! [Audience applauds] [Female contestant]:
He cheated and looked at your card.
I saw him looking at your card. [Host]:
Oh. He looked back at your card. Uh… Why him look at your card? I didn’t know the answer. Uh… No, wait just a minute. [John]:
Oh… I saw him leaning back like this and looking at… Check, please! Oh…
[They argue] I hate you! [Audience laughs, applauds and cheers] [Audience]:
April Fools, John! [Audience applause drowns out speech] [Ray]:
Our survey said… [Ding]
[Audience applauds and cheers]
[Family Feud theme music plays] Shh, sh…everybody settle down. Just bring her this way. Don’t let her look at the clock. It’s not looking good Glenda. There are a lot of number one answers there. Your partner only came up with eighteen points.
You need 182 points for the $10,000. [Contestant]:
OK. [Ray]:
Twenty seconds on the clock please. [Ding]
Good luck. There were Three Stooges. Name, currently, his wife. [Audience laughs] Quickly! I don’t know. [Ray]:
What was the name of Little Lou Orphan Andy’s dog? [Audience laughs]
I don’t know. [Ray]:
Quickly, give me a number between three and five. Four. [Ray]:
Name something you do when you’re angry. Cry. [Ray]:
Name a handsome game show host. You. [Ray]:
OK, turn around. [Dinging noises]
Look what your partner got! [Contestant screams]
[Audience laughs]
[Family Feud theme music plays] [SGSA theme music] [Audio is muted]

100 thoughts on “Stupid Game Show Answers – The Joke’s On You!

  1. Actually, there were even more later on. But the most famous ones were Moe, Larry, and Curly, and there were usually only 3 at a time.

  2. Steve Harvey would be great at pranking contestants like that. Too bad today it's impossible to get 200 points solo.

  3. The team got 200 points in the first round and they'd already won. The second contestant in the wings doesn't know this so Combs gives her fake questions. Was a great gag.

  4. Her teammate had already scored over 200 points, so the entire team had already won. The host just gave her silly questions she would never be able to answer correctly to stress her out and have a little fun 🙂

  5. Maybe you missed the part where it was a joke they played on the host? As in, the male "contestant" was in on it?

  6. alex is right, and why would the man go to prison for assault if the woman is pushin him and he isn't doing anything?

  7. I just saw that Stroganoff scene last night on Game Shows Gone Bananas.That mess was so hilarious I had to gasp for air.I can't believe they actually thought that was meat in that dish!!!Gene Rayburn and Bill Cullen's expressions were priceless!!!!

  8. I liked the show game shows gone bananas, this site will b a favourite of mine now. p.s this must b an American site, cause it underlined favourite as being spelled wrong, lets try another word that americans spell wrong colour, ya that worked cause the yanks spell it color, funny people the yanks 🙂

  9. I remember seeing that episode of Wheel when it aired back in the spring of 2008. That look on Vanna's face at 1:17 made me feel like I was watching a drama/romance film than a Wheel of Fortune episode. As for that Feud moment, I LOVE these solo wins! I remember it was that clip that answered my question of whether or not it ever took one person to get 200 points.

  10. Anyone notice that Gene Rayburn had actually tasted some of it. You can see the reaction on his face before it's revealed to be dog food.

  11. Never knew there was a door above where the Countdown letter cards are. Was a temporary thing or only used for that moment?

  12. I believe the captions for the Family Feud clip should be "There were Three Stooges. Name Curly's wife", not "There were Three Stooges. Name , currently, his wife

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