Laughter is the Best Medicine

Hello~ It’s Movie So, today~ it’s my hair video (Movie Kim’s hair hair)
in a month? Two months? It’s been a little over 4 months since I did this fine perm, but my hair grew out a lot, the curls got washed out, and I was getting tired of this hair, so~ (I’ll tell you what kind of hairstyle it is later haha)
I turned on the camera to show you guys I’m getting a new hairstyle done today. (I finally arrived at my favorite hang-out place, ‘Cox-comb*’)
I’m here~
*A Korean hair shop Hair Designer – This is what you’ve always wanted to try Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. (I’m trying to make Popcorns eagerly wait for me)
I haven’t said anything about it on the camera yet (The main tools for today’s hair) (Pitapat)
Yipe~ So cool! Designer- You look exactly like the Genius Na* meme right now haha
*One of the characters from the story Chongmmyung(YouTuber) created (Yo, I look like Genius Na!)
I bet people will leave comments like that. About Genius Na LOL Ah, right. You know these bangs that look like antennas… I want them shorter than the other parts. Alright. I think the length wouldn’t matter. (Sectioning my hair) (I shouldn’t even think about bleaching my hair.. hahaha)
Ah, I really want to bleach my hair but I think it’s hopeless, Miss hahaha (ROFL) Hair Designer – Do you want your hair to be this length?? Hmm.. maybe here? (It’s hard to find any info about this hairstyle, and it’s rare to see people with this style in Korea..)
There are a few women with this hairstyle in Korea… (I frequently used Papago*)
So I looked it up in English on Instagram and searched for images of people from other countries
*Naver(The biggest Korean search engine) translator ✌️✌️ I’m going to cut off the extra part after making them~ I want it to be at my breasts (I’m about to reveal the hair style I’m going to try today..)
The hair style I’m going to do is dreadlocks! In Korea, it’s quite often called reggae braid That’s what I’m going to do here guys! (Fluttering) I think lots of hip-hop singers have that kind of hair It would be a little bit softer and milder with a longer length rather than the style with very thick strands that look like cordyceps militaris*.
*A species of fungus (She finished only one strand of my hair, but I already like it)
It looks so nice!! I love it hahaha Are you finishing up these ends later… You usually leave it unbraided like that. I knotted up here, so it won’t be untied. -No worries. It won’t.
-(Interesting) Whoa.. (An inevitable smile)
Hahahahaha (Eating porridge after asking her in advance) (Spacing out) (Taking a medicine after eating porridge) Now I took cough medicine, so… I wish I can fall asleep haha I don’t think I can because the hair would hurt… (~30 minutes later~) It’s 2:25 PM right now, (It’s been an hour)
I came here at around 1 PM! And it’s been an hour and half since then. She thinks it would be done by around 7PM. I have four and a half hours left… hahaha Designer – Do you need a pillow or anything? Something you can hug out? (Happiness just from one pillow :)) (I slept like a baby) (5:11PM) I feel a whole lot better (The best cough medicine=Nap zZ)
after taking a nap with the medicine hahaha Did I snore by any chance? No, you didn’t. (Relieved)(What a relief) Guys, it’s…. 6:30PM. It’s been already five hours?! (It seems like I skipped the lunch time)
Six hours..? Four hours…? Five and an half hours..? They’ve done so much so far. Now do we have only the top part left? Yeap, after doing the top and the back, we’re going to see if both sides are symmetrical~ You know you fell asleep earlier? (I obviously slept like a log in almost any place..)
Yeap.. hahahaha So we couldn’t keep the lengths of both sides the same hahaha (Oops :’)) (I can’t stop touching the hair) Guys, I have one strand left, FINALLY. (So excited) Movie – So how many strands have you done?
Designer – 67! 67? You untied this strand earlier… Designer – Right, then it’s totally 66 haha
Movie – 66 strands as a total. (8:05PM)
It’s 8:05PM. I knew it would take long, (Now that I’ve been here for seven hours)
but I’ve never been sitting at a hair shop this long in my life (Summary: I feel freaking tired)
I start doubting if I’m alive? hahaha (Wait a sec!)
(Movie’s QUESTION TIME) Q. How often should I wash my hair in a week? At first, you should give some time for your original hair and the fake hair to naturally mingle together, A. You can use a shampoo after the first three or four days. Q. I’ve been told that it takes a lot of time to dry this hair.. Yeap, the water will keep dripping So you know a sports towel~ things like that absorb water well. A. Tapping the hair with a towel like that will be helpful to dry your hair. Q. What should I do with some strands accidentally untied? A. You can easily pull it out with tweezers! It’s already pulled out at that point~ You can’t pull out every strand like that For example, you see this front side? If you push your hair at the front, the untied part will pop out Then, try to pull it out with tweezers or something. (She is teaching me how to do a half-up, half-down hairstyle)
When you want a half-up, half-down hair, don’t bring all the hair but just the hair on the side. Movie- Ah~
Designer – Like this~ You can just grab this much~ I didn’t tie the back hair~ I just left them untouched. Wrap a band just once please~ (I have a feeling that I won’t be able to sleep tonight..)
It hurts when I sleep at first, right? Yes.. it does for the first few weeks.. It’s better if you sleep on your side.. (I should sleep on my side for a while)
On my face? Hahaha Awesome XD (It’s finally done!!!)
Thank you for all your effort~ (A round of applause 👏) (Now once I take a selfie for Instagram,) (it’s really done~~!) After getting my hair done~ (@minichichi_Malatang Lover)
I called Mini who I made malatang with last time~ and I am currently heading to her house. The funny thing is, she has no idea what I’ve done to my hair. (I’m getting excited just thinking about it)
Hahahaha I’d like to see her surprised by my hair. I’m almost at her house. WHAT THE HECK??!! WHAT IS THIS??? (Backing off) I’m just shocked. Today*~ aren’t you scared? Who is that person?
*Mini’s cat (I’m not welcomed anywhere..)
Today~ it’s me… it’s your aunt. Today – I’m scared of that person. Get her out of my sight
Mini – Who is that aunt? It’s Movie… I came here right after getting my hair done! (Interested) Whoopee~ Today, what do you think? Today – Get out!!
Young Kam – Did Younghwa come? Yeah, look at her~ You can definitely wake up! (Youngkam is looking for his glasses for a clearer view)
Let me see! (He’s randomly bragging about his glasses)
Hey guys, I got a new pair. – What? You got a new one? Ah~ the circle and square one?
– Yeap hahahaha I’ve seen it before~ (….?….) Hahahahahaha ROFL (Today’s TV) (Today took the camera from me)
Hello, dear Popcorns~ I’m Today, the MinKam* couple’s cat~
*Mini + Youngkam I was neutered a few days ago~ Today- Why are you talking about it???! (I look like I came from 1MILLION* just with my hair)
Younghwa~ you look like a dancer~
*A famous Korean dance studio It looks like a dancer’s hair hahaha How long does this stay? What do you mean? A couple of months? Days? Probably a few months! A few months? It would stay on at least one or one and half months, and it could be three months for some people? Mini – I’m just so shocked…
Movie – I can always go get it fixed anytime~ (Mini keeps touching the hair)
What do you think? (It’s apparently a freaking awesome hair style)
It’s freaking awesome… It definitely made me wide awake… Say again? It’s freaking awesome for sure. It drove sleep out.. I guess I’m not fully awake..*
*His tongue twisted ROFL Your hair definitely wakes me up hahaha Today! What do you think about my hair? (……….) (You usually speak well…)
Today~ answer the question~ you are usually good at talking. Mini – Today!
Movie – Say something. What do you think of Movie’s hair? We’re finally going out for dinner. When I went to their house earlier, it was really cold So I borrowed a hat and scarf~ Now that I am totally wrapped up, (I’m a confident person talking about the natural stuff)
I don’t feel as cold as earlier. (MINKAM’S Couple’s best recommendation)
We’re currently heading to this restaurant called ‘Mr. Kim’s Night Restaurant.’ I’ve never been to the place, and they told me it’s really great So I’m really pumped up for this~ (There wasn’t a waiting line luckily~) It’s been only a few hours since I got this hair done, so I feel awkward. Then, these parts are not yours, right? Yeap. They are fake. I know a girl and a guy here who did the same thing at the same place as you did. Ah~ really? I guess it’s really famous~ (I should have a sip of the hot soup first)
It looks so delicious. (Abura soba) (Of course, it gotta be flavorful)
This is abura soba. That’s correct~ Doesn’t it look yummy? Hey, their yellow radishes are the best! (It looks too good to mix them all) Do I just mix them altogether? Yup. Do I pop the yolk as well? Of course. (It’s better if you pop the yolk) You will be so surprised, Younghwa~ be prepared~ What about the seaweeds? No seaweed? Wrap the food with seaweed once in a while like this. (I can’t wait!!!!)
Whoa~ (It’s finally my first bite) – Is it good?
– (Freaking delicious) YES!!! 👍 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (:’D) (Mukbang started, holding my antennas) Tada~ Now I have had these spin dreads (I’m recording the ending of this video a week after getting my hair done)
for a week. I couldn’t record a proper ending on the day I did my hair, so I am recording this again for a better ending~ Ugh, first of all, I think there wasn’t enough explanation about the hair style~ That’s why I’ve been trying to record the ending separately! Ugh, first, this hair is called ‘spin dreads.’ It’s a type of dreadlocks, I believe other countries call this wool dreads? I believe that’s what people in other countries call this hair style I couldn’t find lots of information on this distinct hair style in Korea, (I’ve googled a lot to get some information beforehand…)
so I struggled with getting information, I chose spin dreads rather than normal dreadlocks because spin dreads cause less damage on my hair. I was originally going to get my hair braided, but according to my research, it doesn’t stay that long, (Braided hair stays relatively shorter than other hair styles)
and I thought it would be a waste on me, so I decided on dreads! The place I went to is ‘Cox-comb.’ I didn’t get swag or anything, and I legit paid my money I earned for getting my hair done. As I mentioned it before, it’s been more than a week since that day. If I may tell you guys how it is overall, the hair definitely bothered me a lot on the first day. For those who got extensions before… you might be able to get me… You know red beans? You know red beans from potbingsu*!
*Korean red bean sherbet It’s like you lay 100 red beans on the pillow and lay on them? It pushes my face and here, so it hurts so bad. But honestly for me, even when I got extensions for my hair~ it usually didn’t hurt that bad on the second and third day as I got used to the feeling? So it wasn’t much of a problem while sleeping, but it was really bad when it contacts water. (Dreads absorb much more water)
This hair absorbs too much water, so water keeps dripping. So I tried my best not to touch water unless I wash my hair. It was inconvenient when I wash my face or take a shower, and whatever I do, wherever I go, whomever I meet (The hair style catching people’s eyes)
it always drew people’s attention? Well, but I don’t think that’s a con~ People tend to stare at me anyway…. You know hahaha I’m that kind of style of a person It just feels like more than usual hahaha But I love my hair so much~ I’m truly happy with my hairstyle. One thing I miss from this is that when I did my hair, (I got this done when I suffered from a cold)
I was so sick…. I am sad I didn’t get to hang out with people (Not enough bragging about the hair left me with sorrow)
when the hair was neat! I’m just sad… and feel like all of this was a waste :’( But I got better~ Everything is alright except the fact that I pulled my wisdom tooth out~ Now I should go out more often~ and hang out with a lot of people~ (I planned on being out every night) I’m sincerely pleased by my hair! I’m trying to look after my hair in order to keep this hair long. There is not really special thing to do but hahaha I guess I could say I should wash hair less often, right? That’s because I should keep the shape as long as possible! But I honestly do not wash my hair that often… So that’s not gonna be much problem~ hahaha So I’m going to wrap it up here~ 👏👏👏 (Please, guys, I hope you guys get used to this hair ASAP haha)
I’m going to make lots of videos with this hair~ I planned on filming various fashion videos? and some other daily videos~ I hope you guys wish me a luck and look forward to seeing me in the videos! I’ll see you guys in the next video~ Bye bye~ 🙌

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