Laughter is the Best Medicine

~such laughter, much fun ~ it's the SEVEN SECOND CHALLENGE!

welcome to my channel Jeff and it's Kelly and I have fewer guests Jayla yes Kelly you said your name hey today we're gonna be doing the seven second challenge I thought it was gonna be something like 7 to 7 7 up heads up [Laughter] we come down cuz then evaluating this okay everyone heads up who you think touch your thumb that guy right there suspicious it's an app that I am found through a YouTube video I think I think it was like one of doing it feels to be honest I mean British it fabulous you have seven seconds seven seconds to do something it's my turn apparently and I'm supposed to combine two animals and to make a new animal and name it a butterfly and a fairy it's a butter fairy but fairy so I think I nailed it [Laughter] it's Sheila's turned me down do impressions of three superheroes in name them you thinking – I still think you'd really good news for starting out okay what do you want that was a really hard and actually like and you know that I haven't seen like that adventures like don't forget them I tell it touch your nose with your tongue I can't do that do it for the body so no funny snapchat oh my god I want to do a caption but I think about to cover those son the theory you know it was like I must I'm so proud of you thank you oh my gosh what if the wind is not my audio file my turn oh wait I'm gonna say nailed it cuz that was amazing Jayla okay balance a book on your head Oh there you got it though sure yeah I thought it was a few like seven seconds okay I need like an impartial judge what do you guys don't comment down below doing all my kid shows they're like what is this yeah that's a stool Oh have you ever seen those videos where they um they take out the laugh track and there's just a really like Joey says something funny maybe you said something that's like anyway red leather five times red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather I have no idea right did he start talking I think I put up three so I'm sorry I was not hoping I'm gonna say no because that's something please put it back right now kiss something that is green these are sticky oh wait what it would have been a lightning with yellow it's green why should I kiss my plan nature oh my god Irish dance I did a really good job I think yes um I have to go into my kitchen without my hands [Laughter] Chris we are crisps chips right not french fries we got a chips french fries chips or french fries it's crisp or chips I'm pretty sure hi welcome to my channel seven second I'm not getting my feet it's gonna be home a little bit but no I need some salsa fresh salsa this is a fail can I take you know you gotta do it okay so the side is okay ready go see [Laughter] okay oh it's over Kelly one I guess that's for proof man we should have tried I like the game I like the game but like I'm not gonna play again dirt for you so there's a 7 seconds challenge I recommend dad like app it's free it's really fun you get to create your own username next time I'll make like a more creative on it'll be like Kelly uses and then JLo be like I'll give you time did you have fun dealer it did seconds and happen wait I wonder the audio is working I love a good audio check

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