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Suffragettes Learn to Fight with “Suffrajitsu” (feat. Tatiana Maslany) – Drunk History

I’m Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and today we’ll be discussing
Suffrajitsu. both: Cheers. – This is gonna be
some good shit. Buckle up, baby.So our story starts in England.There is a Suffragette protestlead by Emmeline Pankhurst,and she’s like, oy,
listen, women.
We need the right to vote,
so if these [bleep] men
aren’t gonna give us
the right to vote,
then we’re just gonna
have to take it.
Right?And they’re rowdy
as [bleep], obviously,
because they’re, like,
ready for this.So the Metropolitan Police
are like, listen,
oh, these women
want to step out of line,
but we’re gonna show them
who’s boss.
They start grabbing women,
twisting their arms,
pulling on their breasts.Can you imagine?– Putting on their breasts?– Pulling, not putting.
– Oh, okay. – [laughing]
Putting on their breasts.– Putting on their breasts.
I didn’t know.
– So the fight turns
completely nasty.
Two women got killed.One was Emmeline Pankhurst’s
sister, so she’s like, oh, no.
Like, you killed my sister.I’m [bleep] coming for you.This event was known
as Black Friday.
So this was, like,
in history, a big, big day. – It’s still a big day. – Yeah, for sales.– Mm-hmm.
Great deals.
– Great deals.Anyway, so Emmeline Pankhurstgoes to Edith Garrud,this 4’11” woman
who runs a jiu-jitsu school.
And Emmeline is like, Edith,
I need your help.
These police are acting wild.We need to, like–like, help,
like, train these Suffragettes
so that they can
defend themselves
against the police.So Edith put together
30 Suffragettes.
And she’s like, we’re gonna
call you the Bodyguard.
So Edith Garrud was tea–
Edith Garrud teaches–
so Edith Garrud taught– – [chuckles]– Edith Garrud starts
training these girls,
and she’s like, hi-yah!Block the titties!And they’d all go, hi-yah!
Block the titties!
We! Want!The! Vote!
– [laughs]
– So then the cream rises
to the top,
and one of the people who were
just the cream of the crop
was Gertrude Harding,
ultimate bad bitch.
– Any relation to Tonya? – [laughing] – Can you narrate every story? No one reacts to my jokes
like that. [laughing] – So–
[laughs]In February 1914,Emmaline delivered a speechin Camden Square,and at the end she goes,
okay, you lot.
I’m coming down now,and police, you can try
and grab these titties.
Whatever.She comes downstairs
and then the Commissioner goes,
“Grab her by the titties,
I say!
I say,
grab her by the titties!”
And the other guy goes,
whoa, this is my first day.
I didn’t know we were gonna be
grabbing people by the titties.
And he goes, welcome to
the Metropolitan Police!
[both laughing] Oh, my God. So, um, there’s a big tussle.The police grab her,
they pull off her bonnet,
and they’re like,
you’re not Emmeline Pankhurst!
And she goes, yeah,
no shit, idiot.
I’m her body double.Emmeline goes downstairs
with the rest of the Bodyguard.
They get her out
perfectly safe.
The police are mad as hell.But the whole of England
knows about Emmeline now,
so she’s going out to
Glasgow for this huge talk
at St. Andrew’s Hall,and the Bodyguard
are standing by the stage,
and there’s, like,
beautiful bouquets behind them.
And Emmeline strides over
to the stage, and she’s like,
we need to fight and we need
to do all this stuff.
And then the Scottish police,
they’re like, let’s play that–
that bitch’s tits
like a bagpipe.
And the Bodyguard are like,
oh, hold on a minute.
You’re not playing
anyone’s titties
like a bagpipe.Not today.And they’re flipping them onto
the bouquets of flowers,
and obviously you might think,oh, well, that’s–
what’s that gonna do?
That’s gonna make
them smell nice
and maybe get a tiny bit wet?‘Cause the flowers?And no, there’s barbed wire
concealed in all the flowers.
She’s like, oh,
you like titties?
You know what is also a titty?Barbed wire.And he goes, I don’t get it.And she goes, it doesn’t
make any [bleep] sense!
You just got barbed wired.[laughs][hard rock music playing]And they go buck-wild.They start grabbing
police officers,
just flipping them over,doing all their
[bleep] jiu-jitsu moves,
all the grappling
and flipping, and all this.
And that’s the great thing
about jiu-jitsu,
is that it’s not about
your size.
♪ ♪But there’s a lot more policethan there are
of the Bodyguard,
and they arrest
all the women.
But Emmeline knew
she was gonna be arrested. She even said,
“If I’m not arrested,“if I continue to evade
the police officers,
“I make them look like
a [bleep] joke, right?
“However, if I am arrested,
I will turn sympathy towards
“the Suffragette movement“’cause I’m a martyr
at that point.
Like, I’m [bleep]
Joan of Arc-ing this bitch.”
And that’s exactly
what happened.
There was, like,
a rally in support
for the Suffragette movement.All of a sudden, all these men
were like, oh, yeah, why not?
Let’s give you the right
to vote.
It’s really the least
we can do anyway.
And in 1918, the bills passed.The bills passed!
The bills passed!– Cheers!
– Cheers!
Everyone is happy. Whoo!– Ooh!
– The bills passed.
Women in England and Ireland
now have the right to vote.Emmaline’s like,
oh, these titties?
These titties get to vote now.– Hell yeah.
– Hell yeah.
– That’s two votes. – That’s two votes. Voter fraud. [popping sounds] [laughing]

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  1. i propose a new channel like this one, but with NBA players doing the parts while they play a game of BBall.
    it will of course be called Dunk History.
    i will go ahead and see myself out.

  2. You missed pretty much everything important about the movement, all the bombings, the cat and mouse act, and that they stopped all their protests in ww1 and that's really why they got the vote

  3. American woman have much to learn from the Suffragettes, they showed the elite "who's boss", ya all should be doing the same with trump.💓💓💓💓

  4. Why are they distorting history by adding black women to the suffrage movement? Those racist didnt fight for the rights of black women.

  5. 1º Women could vote, but wasn't universal yet.
    2º Emmeline was a terrible person.
    3º The suffragettes were a terrorist group.
    4º The suffragettes believe that the privilege to vote should be only for white, rich english womens only.
    5º The sufragist were the ones who convinced the parlament to pass the bill.
    6º Men: I want to vote.
    Gov: Then go to THE GREAT WAR.
    Wamen: I want to vote.
    Gov: Sure, here.

  6. In fairness, the right for women to vote wasent given to Ireland by the suffergettes. Ireland was in the process of breaking away & rejecting British rule. The Irish republic conferred the vote upon Irish women automatically as a consequence of it being a republic & one of the first politicians elected was a woman. The suffergettes wrung the vote out of the British establishment for Britain. Ireland just gave it too them by right of citizenship.

  7. "From Kensington to Billingsgate
    One hears the restless cries!
    From ev'ry corner of the land:
    "Womankind, arise!"
    Political equality and equal rights with men!
    Take heart! For Missus Pankhurst has been clapped in irons again!"

    -Sister Suffragette", Mary Poppins (1964)

  8. Congrats to English and Irish women on just over a hundred years of being able to vote! Oh fyi women in the Middle East have been voting for over 1400 years! 😆

  9. I ❤️ this show!! Thank you #DrunkHistory I really mean it. I’ve learned a lot about history because of this show. Plus the best phrase ever. “Let’s play this b*tchs titties like a bag pipe…😂🤣

  10. First of all, first commenter of been heated tho, Second of all, Comedy Central did NOT respect his authority, Third of all, Sooo many giggles…

  11. Heck yeah, Tatiana Maslany! She's the BEST. AND Kirby Howell-Baptiste? Orphan Black and Killing Eve are existing in the same space and it's effing awesome. Drunk History forever!!

  12. You have to be drunk to buy this shit, here's a thought, what was the first amendment after giving women the right to vote?
    18th, prohibition. Yea, great idea ladies.

  13. Pretty sure 1918 rich women had right to vote. 1928 (in UK) was when men and women were allowed to vote as today. Before 1918 only men who owned land could vote, something like that, so most men were excluded from voting too.

  14. You women went about it wrong, not strong. Elizbeth Warren is weak and will be destroyed and expose her true self as a thief. Hillary had nothing but shit stains, passing outs and a legit brain injury yet you voted for her. Her body was telling her to stop, you ill-informed duds vote shit.
    Please come at me = your weaker if you do – check the facts. I love learning correct info as a Masshole taxpayer.

  15. Hillary had nothing but shit stains, passing outs and a legit brain injury yet you voted for her.
    America/ the world knows these Clintons are bad people.
    Bill, a 48yr old world leader, 22yr old Monica = I say if she were my kid, hes dead or me.
    Her body was telling her to stop, you ill-informed duds vote shit.

  16. America/ the world knows these Clintons are bad people.
    Bill, a 48yr old world leader, 22yr old Monica = I say if she were my kid, he's dead or me.
    Think you idiots?
    My 50yr old exwife still loves Bill and Hillary, even after real hard proof = we ALL know Monica and Bill.
    My ex wife loves rapists and very bad people = my reason for the by by retard.

  17. This isn't a new episode, just a new upload. Nonetheless, this is one of my favorite stories on Drunk History!

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