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SUMUKHI SURESH | the maid interview epic comedy | kaneez

hi baby thank you so much for doing the dishes
anything for you baby you know it’s just so hard to find a good maid these days right
also jaanu if you don’t mind please can you wipe the dishes after you’re done i dont want
those watermarks sure baby anything for you oh that must be the next maid namaste didi
namaste! i’m parvati, the girl below sent me. 3 bhk didi? nice nice. baby? you have kids also? lets have a seat? no no on top. betho. wrong hindi. right hindi. are you from foreign country
madam? hahahaha nothing. so parvati basically need someone to do the
normal household chores. normal housework work like sweeping, mopping,
dusting. but didi who is WE? oh uh baby! you have kids again! oh hello
there jijaji. namaste! newly married you two? no no we’re just girlfriend boyfriend living
together. awkward….is that a problem? no no madam,
not at all, i’m just the maid. i’m simply the maid. since you stay together
without marriage you probably eat meat also right? this registration form is for you,
where it says relationship status just write undefined. no no we’re defined. well defined. it’s just that we’re like chandler and monica
in the first part of their relationship. later on we’ll move forward in our relationship. oh are we moving forward? awkward laugh. no no don’t worry about me, you don’t owe
me any explanation. so parvati how much do you charge? i have three different cleaning packages. first is the beginner package for freshers. which is 1000 per month. shallow dusting i’ll do, and the dishes. shallow dusting!?! shallow, shallow dusting. i’ll do it from the top, going under the furniture
i wont do. very good. or second madam, the middle class package. no need for you guys for that right?!? 2000 per month. in that i’ll do deep dusting, dishes i’ll
do, sweeping i’ll do, clothes i’ll also fold, but lingerie i won’t do. no linger. (cranberries). lingerie? no linger. lingery? that I won’t do. third and final, I have the perfect package
for you guys. north Indian diva pack. 5000 rupees per month. same as the middle class pack, but I’l also
speak in English, English,I can talk, and also omelette and tea I can make for myself,
you don’t have to. ok so I think we know what we want. the middle class package. what sir. jijaji thoda, like, go a little bigger bro.
ok no worries no worries good choice. (under breath). you cheapo. huh what? so sir where do you work? umm INFOSYS. the neighbor just joined google (true story
for Sanjay), he’s the CEO there! (Hey SUndar Pichai!) the other guy upstairs,
he’ a partner at Facebook. I’ll let them know…you’re…INFOSYS..LOLLL. it’s good it’s good. ok i think we’ve had enough, thanks for coming
Parvati. i’ll see you tomorrow paravti. well we’ll let you know! thank you! she is
good/terrible! what time in the morning? umm 7am? Zumba I have dude. Zumba!?! you know like dancing? oh Zumba. I have zumba so I’ll come late, how about
10? Umm no we both work so that’ work for us. Infosys? Ok give me the key, thats fine. But then we don’t know you yet. Arrey sir you don’t know this woman, but you
are giving key to her no? What? What?What?

100 thoughts on “SUMUKHI SURESH | the maid interview epic comedy | kaneez

  1. We all love our maids, but it can be a very interesting relationship. Β What stories do you have?Β 

  2. Now a days maids also started judging omg. If u r working in small company then there is no chance to get a maid for your house ?

  3. These people stole Your entire script idea. they made it in telugu, please report.

  4. What's up with infosys and pay package? I seriously didn't like it. Infosys pay according to the experience and they pay quite well… as per indian market standards.

  5. The maid is d best
    .good acting, v natural,
    Good script too. I like d part where she says "u can give the keys to someone u r not married to but not to me"

  6. Hi journo Mona Pereira here

    R u Mumbai based.
    Wld like to keep u in mind for my articles.
    Pl share yr contact no. And maids no. Too

  7. 1000rs mein safai n bartan isn't so good n cheap. Ham to 1500rs pay kare hai shuti nhi shutiya alag se😁😁😁

  8. Once my maids daughter went into labour pain and lots of bleedin happened for which she was operated ….morning i saw my maid touched my mothers feet becoz

    My mom gave her blood and operated her

    Maid is also our family since 20yrs

  9. Infosys .πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„really πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚infosys bill to pay karte naπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  10. Omg what a talent u r sumukhi….i just recently heard your name and since then im binge watching ur shows….too good

  11. sumukhi, a question, were you rejected in infosys interview ? why so much hatred in every video about it ? aaj ke comedian na kuch bhi …

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