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Sunnyside (NBC) Trailer HD – comedy series

♪♪ -♪ Always had high, high hopes ♪ ♪♪ -There he is.
We need your help. We’re trying to become citizens. -You seem pretty American to me. -I thought I was. Now I got to take, like,
some dumb history test just so I don’t get sent back
to Moldova. -Where is Moldova? -I don’t know, man!
What do I look like, a book? -♪ We got a good thing… ♪ -That’s Griselda.
She’s Dominican. That’s Hakim.
He’s a nerd from Ethiopia. Mei Lin and Jun Ho —
they’re rich as hell, but they won’t actually say
where they’re from. -Our dad lives
in international waters. -Is this the man who will help? What a great idea, brother.
-We’re not brothers. You use the word “disco”
as a verb. -You want to disco?
Let’s go! Disco right now! -We need a teacher. -I’m gonna go ahead and say no. -We were gonna hire you
for the whole week. -That’s, like, 15,000 bucks. -My God. Do you think
that’s a lot of money? -Griselda, you’re up.
-Yep. -I thought you worked
at FedEx. -I do.
At night, I work here. -Oh, two jobs.
-Kind of. In the morning,
I deliver newspapers, then I go over to the Genius Bar
and I fix a couple of iPhones for a few hours, then FedEx. Let me get you a refill. -In school, our dad would have one
conversation with our teacher, and we’d get all A’s. -He bribed them? -I wouldn’t call getting your
family back a bribe, but sure. -It’s clear your dad
is a legit supervillain. -♪ Had to have
high, high hopes ♪ -What are you talking about? -I told you.
I’m more of a science guy. -Be less boring. ♪♪ -Back home, I was
a cardiothoracic surgeon. But I love America.
I want to be a part of. -That’s awesome, man.
Thanks for the ride. -You owe me $27.50.
-Oh! -What does this place
have to do with us? -Look at those guys out there. You got immigrants
from everywhere. -It’s been inspiring
just being here. Well, back to work. Soda!
Soda here! -Can anybody tell me
who Benjamin Franklin was? -He’s the guy on the $100.
Those are my favorites. -Yes, but that’s not exactly
what I’m looking for. -He’s the Hamilton
of “Hamilton.” -That’s Hamilton. -♪ High, high hopes
for a living ♪ -You can’t just let a bunch
of strangers into my house. -It would only be illegal
if we were soldiers, and the government was forcing
you to house us. That’s the Third Amendment.
Boom. -Jun Ho?
You learned something! -I’m amazing!
[ Laughs ] -♪ Always had high, high hopes ♪

100 thoughts on “Sunnyside (NBC) Trailer HD – comedy series

  1. Idiot-created for idiots to watch.
    Sit-coms are not written by inherently funny people.
    They are all formula punchline-drivel.

  2. A refugee who's a Muslim in America, wants to be in America now which is runned by Trump and his criminal sidekick Pompeo. Wow am I dreaming.

  3. I like it, it's a show about immigrants coming here, and wanting to be citizens legally. It's not that hard people.

  4. There's one big problem here.. all these foreigners speak good English and apparently work. And they actually talk to eachother.. NOT REALITY! this is PROPAGANDA TV SHOW!

  5. This looked cute but ever since the commercial for it plays before and after EVERY. SINGLE. F*CKING. video I watch on youtube for the last 3 days I am so annoyed & definitely will not be watching it 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Please stop with the advertising.

  6. Hi I’m Kal Penn, star of hit films such as Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and also former staffer of the Obama White House. Allow me to morally sermonize you on immigration in a sitcom format.

  7. Hi NBC, this is clearly a documentary about immigrants, not a comedy series. Please rebrand. Oh n it looks like a pile of shit. Please start again. Yours England.

  8. this doesnt look like Schur created this, for some reason keep thinkin Meriwether wrote this since I get more New Girl vibes from this show.

  9. As a Dominican young woman with 3-ish jobs i can… confirm with my whole chest lmao! ima love this show

  10. Man didn't we see this before?????? So they plan to run 9 seasons of the kids giving their exams?????????

  11. This trailer wasn’t good but it’s the same writers of my favourite shows. So I’ll give it a chance.

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