Laughter is the Best Medicine

42 thoughts on “SUPER funny FAILS and FUNNY MOMENTS – Laughing is guaranteed!

  1. I like Tiger Productions, they are trying to help homeless animals so i`m for them, don`t hate them, like them!

  2. just so much of this is horrible and wrong. there are too many clips to go through bit by bit but most of tiger pro videos are animals and children being scared; and for the smaller animals fights for their lives. as much as i enjoyed the twist of the first saw film i abhorred the violence and this channel is just so much more brutal.

  3. 4:28, THAT'S JACKSON FROM GOT7' S LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Sorry, not funny at all. People getting hurt is not amusing. Some of those incidents must have caused broken bones and concussions. Causing children to cry is also not funny.

  5. I think its a lot funnier without the trends and memes, why not stay original rather than doing what everyone else does?

  6. what's with all the hate? Making videos today is hard. Cut TigerProductios some slack they're doing all they can.

  7. has anyone else realized that he always does the 10:00 min thing but on the bright side he isnt milking it like ricegum does sometimes

  8. Not even funny people are getting hurt 🙁 you are dead to me if you find people getting hurt funny 🙁

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