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SUPER RELAXING Sinus Release HUGE Neck Crack and Adjustment | Baltimore Chiropractor

it's great you only have total football neck now you ever notice footballers they seem like they're like well you know catch the ball they pay me millions of dollars football back yeah coffee is an important drug have you had it yet copy now no yes okay are you ready hi everybody its Doctor Blake from Kel Stein chiropractor your Baltimore area chiropractor and we've got one of our favorite patients in the office Donna learn in morning it's bright and early here I don't think it's past eight yet is it it's 8:10 8:08 n so it is past eight mm-hmm and Donna you came in last week with a really stiff net right yeah it was a little pinchy like down in the computer hump area yeah and how far could you turn your head to the left I think this was about as far as I could without it starting to hurt and this was so far good during it all yeah and what about to the right to the right was fine no like it hurt here but it would turn so what we do exam and you when you came in we talked yeah perhaps I give you a big high five because when I saw we haven't seen you yeah it's been effective then haven't needed a tune-up and all Nestor's been good yeah we did I stem ultrasound those the first ultrasound I had since my episode like ten years ago where I exploded into bruising you know so epically awesome let's say that and then it all shot him combo right yeah yeah she has really nice gentle knees and deep trigger point therapy feels good oh my gosh like I could feel it releasing from just that already so then I just you on one side just going this way yeah and how much better were you after after that I so I was still feeling really stiff and then I went home and I sit in the next morning woke up and I could turn to here without pain and to like hear and could feel it yes it was still stiff but it wasn't painful then we brought you back in again that week the next morning the next morning and do the same thing again but really just did you even better yeah good and so that was last Wednesday this is Wednesday so one week yesterday was the first day like stiffened up some and when did you go to the gym last night and I could do everything it didn't affect anything good and I've been able to work fine we've been super busy and I do all the things that you're not like lifting with your neck to move that thing that last few inches whose cetera it's really good really good yeah yes your how you're compensating really well yeah you're good so let's go on your back for me okay and so Donna has requested a full tune-up today because she looked one to the gym and everything sore and her sinuses are little stiff so we're gonna do a sinus release as well dr. Warren calls it face shape sometime face shake you time let's take shake tiny shake your time with long as that's the only thing that's shaken lift your head up place and relax so the other thing that I like when we have done is in the offices because we get to talk about Dungeons and Dragons how did you start game with the bunk in the bar Bala didn't go it went really well was a lot of fun in fact it was so much fun and it get close here for me unless let that shoulder drop for me oh good let's come down low and get this one right here good holy guacamole yes ma'am those were the ones like we're like in my skull those were nice ones you know so so much fun that I wanted to play with my wife and so we made two other characters and I was the time the dungeon master and we're now it's like swirls now we have dinner and I'm like with a baby bed and we play together it's like a lot of fun oh that's so much fun my grandparents playing Hold'em every night that's cool so it's I think that's a really good thing to what you have to do is you have to keep track like throughout the baldies here with Dungeons and Dragons no 13 yes but they keep tracking on New Year's Eve they have their final game of the year oh it's romantic trophy yeah I wonder what you guys do with your significant other that's like your tradition or something fun that you do also if your dungeon and Dragons fans you have to class everyone in the office give them a role and a character and I want to see you in the comments below and the best one we'll pick out we'll send you guys an egg cake i ro gift bag yes okay kiddies yes turn your head this way reach this arm around grab my opposite shoulder good that was what I needed I was gonna say I need double hugs today yeah double turn out this way hey we cracked you you didn't notice my elbows thing yes rollin here side fix me this way another sign please well the campaign was some it was just a lot of fun because we're barbarians and then we're like something else and so it's like like strong as barbarians people are do you do whatever you want people are gonna be watching this like such a nerve but it's true I mean I like that stuff you're like doctor personally married like you know when your friends in school I had to study so you don't meet a doctor with a doctor with a football neck all right yeah crappy I had a chiropractor one time when he was talking about like yeah we'll have played all this football but I was like concussions huh yeah I'll wait for my Kyurem time back Thanks so this is the sinus release that we like to do here as dr. Warren says it's face shakin time she used all those little like neck massages on my face and that's awesome yeah it hurt so much but so good yeah it's a little tender in there yeah it's already gladden I think you guys should do music videos music videos do want to direct one for us yeah I'll be back in a few hours for another you can come back whenever you like me lean will be here we'll film part two Donna has just become a regular at the office cuz she likes her face shakin okay let's roll you over and get your head back okay all right I think that your first job should be the same and we'll call it the Cairo dance don't have to change later example I'll take care that you're gonna do that for us okay cool so we've also got in the works can I talk about the episode Liam yeah is it alright yeah yeah so we've got our first pilot episode written out it's kind of in the vein of the office but it's like the chiropractic the chiropractic office instead yeah and Liam's our chief our chief writer so we're gonna have so much fun yeah we did that at the school I taught at and I still watch the videos of died laughing yes yeah I'm sure we was pretty funny so also when hearing the comments below you're excited for the office chiropractic office know who's gonna be jammed Aspray Liam I guess the closest is Warren yeah yeah who's Stanley I don't know I don't know if it translates that far I'm not I'm not a big office person I don't watch office Liam's Oh obviously you need to you can't like do a spin-off without watching it I've seen bits of it wash up to season four that's all you need okay it started having cook stuff in the office it's a mini okay it's so good if you guys have any questions about how we take care of Sciences or treat neck pain or Dungeons & Dragons don't forget my office or the office don't forget competition we just ran best comment on character class anyone in the office gets a free swag bag ship to them thanks for watching

25 thoughts on “SUPER RELAXING Sinus Release HUGE Neck Crack and Adjustment | Baltimore Chiropractor

  1. That's awesome! I've watched your vids for a while and never knew you were a D&D nerd! Have you been to Gary Con yet?

  2. Gotta love a Chiropractor that discusses DnD with his patients 😂

    Unfortunately I dont know the team enough to class you all but you've definitely earned yourself a new subscriber

  3. Jonathan- When life gives you back pain, just turn into a jellyfish! To this druid, life may reveal any number of difficulties along the way, but thats no reason to let them get you down. Just keep your head up, a smile on your face, and we'll all get through this one together.

    Dr. Warren- Finally settled back in Baltmoria from his adventures abroad, the young rogue boasts an swathe of new and exotic skills. While he may come across as soft spoken, he is of the preference to let his hands do the talking instead.

    Alec- The young paladin has pledged to help all along the path to physical well-being, as well as to lend a much needed hand during instructional demonstrations. Excitable and spirited in the way only a young half-orc could be!

    Dr. Jeff- While not a constant member of the A&K party, the enlightened warlock comes and goes from the mists as he pleases. The rest of the party have learned much from the sage, but from where he gained his knowledge, only a select few know…

    Dr. Blake- For some adventurers, there is no greater pursuit than that of a fitting home. Veteraned from past years on the road, this fighter is more likely to reason through a problem than raise a sword to it… and then probably tell the story to whomever will listen!

    And as always, thanks for watching!

    *while my girlfriend doesn't play, shes the first person to listen to me rant about the characters i wrote for my favorite Baltimore area chiropractors! 😂

    Thanks as always for the videos!

  4. Doctor Blake would be a Bard with all that charisma he has in the office. Would make even more sense if Donna starts directing your music videos!

  5. Excellent video Dr. Blake. I like how you ask patients questions and then adjust them accordingly. And the sinuses was very cool. Thank You.

  6. Alright so Dr. Jeff is definitely a druid, absolutely get a wise druid vibe going there. Dr. Blake I've got pinned as a fighter/rogue multiclass, charging up in there and leading the trio into battle. I think Dr. Warren seems like the sneaky rogue with dual hand crossbows hitting from afar.

  7. Great Adjustments and Excellent Sinus Treatment Dr Blake…..👍 My twin granddaughters are Big Time D&D players, don't know their charter names 🤔

  8. I picture Jonathan as a cleric/barbarian dual class. He seems friendly and helpful, but if you make him mad he'll rage and leave nothing behind.

  9. trips to Gatlinburg and Orlando. Hope to get up to Baltimore, see Lamar Jackson and get an adjustment from the best!

  10. Blake : bard : he can talk his way into anyones heart
    Warren : cleric : the quiet healer that help everyone to the max
    Jeff : paladin : the weather adventurer always wanting to help
    Jonathan : fighter : always seen as the person helping people recover from past traumas

  11. Board games with my wife. The hobby has really grown to be larger than the "kids aisle." My friend wants to get into D&D but doesn't really know where to start (his interest grew from the references found in Stranger Things).

  12. D&D huh? Wouldn't have guessed…but that's even more awesome. I've recently become addicted to Warhammer 40K, so there's time and money well spent.

  13. I just got into D&D. I play as an Aasimar Fighter. I enjoy going on campaigns and being terrified to lose my character lol

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