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Supergirl 3×05 crack!!!

Let’s get it started HA You have to say it We can’t be together All by myself – I don’t like you
– I really don’t like you – I really
– Really – Really
– Really want you gone I think you should step down from CatCo No no no no no hell no – Sorry
– YOU’RE SORRY! Why you gotta be so rude? Hungry eyes I’m bullet proof Nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away *Music stops abruptly*
What what what what what did you say? You could have been shot
You shouldn’t be hiding me This is what friends are for All around me are familiar faces Oh I’m a gummy bear
Yes I’m a gummy bear Say whhaaatttt??? Said that we’re not lovers
We’re just strangers With the same damn hunger
To be touched, to be loved To feel anything at all I know you believe that everything is good and kind and that is one of the things I love about you *Gasp* Love about you And I support this
I loved it! You ready to fu*king die? No, I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me Mayday Its Lena I can be your hero baby *Titanic music*
You’re here There’s nothing I fear And I know that my heart will go on That was so great! You know I have a rule, whenever anyone takes a bullet for me they get to call me Lena *Laughs* What what what are you doing?? 1, 2, 3 not only you and me
Got 180 degrees and I’m caught in between I’ve never had anyone like that in my life That’s because you’ve never had a sister I can’t I can’t I cannot I will not I won’t Hey how you doing well I’m doing just fine, I lied I’m dying inside Okay I love you You too, forever (It all fell down it all fell, down) I didn’t know I had it in me to be happy
(It all fell, it all fell down it all fell, down) Or to be accepting of myself I never would have gotten here without you
(It all fell down, it all fell down) I can picture our life together and its full
and rich and amazing But there aren’t kids in that picture I wanna be a mom! (And all I gave you is gone) And we should kiss the girls we wanna kiss
(Tumble like it was stone) I love her so much that it hurts
(Thought we’d build a dynasty that heaven) (couldn’t change)
(Thought we’d build a dynasty like nothing ever made)
See you around Danvers (Thought we’d build a dynasty forever couldn’t break up) Don’t forget me I beg
I remember you said

9 thoughts on “Supergirl 3×05 crack!!!

  1. Outside obligations already split up Sanvers, and Lena has been "sister-zoned" by Kara as of this episode. I'm a little saddened, but I can deal with those losses.

    But the mere HINT of a possibility of James and Lena getting together? No. In fact, HELL no. If the writers are trying that bullshit, they can just throw that pairing in the trash right now.

  2. Three seasons and I still don't understand why you people ship Supercorp, they are JUST FRIENDS
    Kara even say she's not gay in the first episode (funny scene by the way), and she still get in over Mon-El, and Lena is flirting with James (in later episodes)

    P.D: Sorry to all Supercorp shippers, it's not like I don't like this ship, it's only that I don't get it… could someone please explain me why Supercorp became a ship in the first place?

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