Laughter is the Best Medicine

Supergirl – Humor- “What am I doing?”

“Alex…no, that’s me.” “Imra, why’d you go behind my back?” “…what am I doing?” “Hey…hey, you look like my sister.” “What?” “Oh, no, no, no, it’s fine. I flew here. On…on a bus…” “You were flying and you were carrying me.” “I-I was? Like Supergirl? That’s…I wish.” “Kara! You just missed Supergirl.” “Did I? Golly!” “I’m driving you home.” “I’m not flyin’, that’s for sure!” “It’s your first day of work!” (“No!”) “Yes!” “What? I like this shirt.” “It’s crossover season and Melissa fell asleep…” “There’s a time and a place for eating candy!” “If that potsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, I will melt your face.” “Pizza and potstickers is my most favorite meal!” “That’s not club soda.” “Yes! Yes! I looked right into the lens.” “Where’d you go? Oh…hi…” “What is that, a toy?” “I’m not upset.” “You just broke your phone.” “Where’re you headed?” “It’s personal.” “I didn’t know he did anything personal.” “Don’t make me pout.” “She’s really good at it.” “It just seems like…this conversation is over…” “But last night, I embraced who I am, and I don’t wanna stop.” “You’re a lesbian.” “I’m not gay!” “Is this what it’s like when humans exercise?” “This is terrible.” “Why would you ever exercise?” “I’m not flying around saving people in this thing.” “I wouldn’t even wear it to the beach.” “Your cousin smells terrific.” “Enough.” “Cool, it’s like Ghostbusters!” “…sounds like a plan.” “I’m an alien.” “I can keep a secret.” “You guys! I can be sneaky when I want to be!” “I’m her!” “No, you can’t.” “It’s another beautiful day in National City and the Girl of Steel is ready to take on the world!” “The president is not…oh, the president is an alien!” “I could throw her into space. I dream about doing that.” “We don’t even know if anything in her can get injured.” “Ow!” “Yeah, we’re good.” “I have done something amazing.” “Did you find Pestilence?” “I have done something okay.” “Would you mind condensing that a little bit?” “Alex…” “It’s long…” “Sometimes this job is so weird.”

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