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Superman and his day job – Stand Up Comedy

My favourite superhero, my favourite superhero is Superman right? And I think a lot of people yeah? Superman fans?
I, ah, that’s very un-Superman doing this. Woo-hoo! Ah, very un-Superman. Um, but ah I reckon a lot of people don’t get, Superman. They
don’t understand it right? Like they read the comic books and they’re like ‘Wow! Isn’t
that amazing! You know, he can fly, he’s super strong,
he’s got laser eyes, he works as a journalist, that’s incredible!’ I’m like
yeah, it’s amazing. Making money in journalism. It’s incredible right? And a lot of people they they they go, oh you know, Superman like he’s so powerful it’s not interesting. But right look we all
know Superman’s weakness right, right? He’s all you know whenever you read the comic
books he’s always got that thing, sucks all his energy, makes him all weak. What do
you call it? … A job. Yes, that’s it. Like people always go, oh you know Superman he’s super strong and he can fly and stuff, the villains wouldn’t stand any chance! How would, he’s so powerful, how would the villains ever commit any crimes? I’m like, der. They do it when
he’s at work! They’ve got an eight-hour window between
9:00 and 5:00 to get like all their crime done. You know like crimes will be happening and people will be like, ‘Help! Superman help! The orphanage is on fire!’ and he’d just be like, ‘Ooo. I’ve used all my leave! I don’t get off till 5!’ And he’s all like ‘Hang in there!’ People are like ‘Ahh I’ve got problems!’ He’s like ‘Daahh I’ve got bills!’ Cause Superman you know, he’s doing it rough. He’s, Superman’s kind of poor, you know? And you can tell this right? Cause he’s not like Batman.
Where does Batman put on his Batman suit? In the Batcave right? In the big
cave under the mansion where he keeps all these planes and cars and stuff. Where does Superman put on the Superman suit? In a phone box! Like a homeless guy. Right? I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen someone getting dressed in a phone box
and going ‘Ooo. He’s doing well financially.’ Right? He’s obviously struggling right? And Superman he’s struggling
because we want Superman, you know he can’t charge any money right? For his services. He can’t be saving people falling off a burning building, they’re like ‘Oh! You saved me!’
He’s like ‘yes I did $5.00 thanks.’ You know. He’s like ‘oh actually it’s after
5:00 on a Friday its surge pricing. So ah gonna charge you more.’ Right? So he doesn’t get paid for being a
superhero right? People are always like he’s the world’s greatest superhero! And I’m like yeah!
On weekends. The rest the time he’s working you know? But he does it every day. He gets
up, fights a good fight, all to defeat his arch enemy who is of course? Gary from
He hates that guy.

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  1. Haha 😆 hilarious! Always a pleasure to see a new video of yours my friend. Keep up the great work! Cheers! 😊

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