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Svart Humor: Television Colombia i Spania

mucho la la la la [Music] are you driving a car my wife is kind of car it’s minister a spoon a mini soap smoogle and Oh to do la coka and Picasa Blondo dos tres kilos what is this you’re talking about cocaine yeah London is nothing for us yeah you know what I mean my friend Kostya Scotland the wet in the world we’re still you don’t need to Segundo just west tell Scotland the best in the world is done because we hate England okay yeah we hate England fucking is ask me the next question are you here on vacation yeah yeah with my girlfriend my neighbours esta amigo soon Swiss yeah no it’s not Sweden’s Esther my quest in the vega e spoon narcotraffic and my grandpa no no but cocaine is very good I know you guys I know you know you know I know because I am you know we do we accompany rose but we work together okay do you eat much here food eat much yeah lunch dinner I eat African food Kimagure Newseum a Japanese Nigeria esta amigo toda la cocaina in aleppo cement a swell Gondo con African food Amenti El Torito maintain L Boddicker Oh tapas para esta chica un poquito de sablé Gondo I put on dos mug londo la cocaina enlargement in the and oh wait I can totally understand what he said and that’s not okay this is a serious issue no it’s not yes you guys who know narco traffic antivirus cosas [Laughter] [Music] you

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