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“Sweet Daddy Dee is a P.I.M.P: Playa in a Management Profession” | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM

– How you doing, Sweet Daddy? – No, no, it’s not Sweet
Daddy, it’s Sweet Daddy Dee. Ha ha! (audience laughing) (smacking lips) (audience laughing) – Well I’m happy to
call you my new manager. – I’m what you call a playa
in a management profession. – Right. – P.I.M.P. (audience laughing) – You’re a pimp? – That makes you the ho. (audience laughing) – I’m not a whore. – What do you do for a living? – Make people laugh. – Make them feel good. – Right.
– You’re the ho. – That’s not right. – Why do you do what you do? – Why? Because I enjoy it. It’s the best way I know to make money. – You’re the ho. (audience laughing) – Wait a minute. What if I said I do it
only because I enjoy it? – You’re the dumb ho. Ha ha! (smacking lips) (audience laughing) – So what ideas do you have for my career? – First thing I got to do
is school you in street. – Street? – Word. – What?
– Word. – What word? – What? (audience laughing) – You said “word”. – Word. – What word? – Oh snap, what the hell? – Dawg, word is like “I heard that”. – Heard what? – Oh (beep). – Dawg, you’re not white,
you are neon white. (audience laughing) – You’re so white you make Barry Manilow
look like a brother. (audience laughing) – Wait, I like Barry Manilow. (gasps) – Are you gay? – I’m not gay. – You’re just white?
– Yeah. – It’s all good.
– Yeah. Look, do you think this
is gonna work between us? – Let’s make an analogy here. – An analogy? – If we were food
– Food? – I would be a fine summer wine that would be divine anytime. – Ah. What about me? – Every good wine needs a cracker. (audience laughing) Oh, that’s funny as (beep) right there. You gotta love the (beep). Ha ha! (smacking lips) (audience laughing) Oh, we got a fine hoochie mama right here. Hello. You looking to go home
with some real wood? You like it. I may be short, but it
ain’t my feet holding me up. (audience laughing) – Sweet Daddy, what are you doing? – Trying to find me some hos, dawg. – Some hos? Oh, you mean women. Oh, I got it. Okay. Word. – Don’t you ever do that again. – I don’t know what the hell that was. He just embarrassed the
hell out of everybody. Even the white folk is sitting there going “What the (beep) was that?” You know what, black folk
gotta say it: stay black. – Right. – I got some advice for you. – What?
– Stay white. (audience laughing) – Alright, look, I know
a lot of white people emulate the African American culture. It makes themselves seem cooler. – Yeah, yeah. Us black folk got a word for that: – What? – irritating. So I’ll say it again, and it goes for most
everybody in this room: I stay black, you stay white. – Right.
– [Audience] Yeah! – As for my Mexican brothers and sisters, you learn English mother(beep). How about that? (audience cheering) (whooshing sound)

100 thoughts on ““Sweet Daddy Dee is a P.I.M.P: Playa in a Management Profession” | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM

  1. While it is sad that we don't see Sweet Daddy Dee on stage anymore, I'm sure he's just backstage with his clears throat "friends" counting up the money Jeff makes.

  2. Hey buddy sweet daddy d asking you questions about this Disney character of race car 🏎 lighting McQueen here a host of Jeremy Stennett those a wonderful day

  3. I have friends and families that are black and they find this puppet funny as hell. I’m black and I find him funny. I know a lot of Muslims are saying, “I’m a Muslim and I find Achmed funny as hell. Its true, we do hate suicide bombers and I find him funny.” And same with the Muslims hating suicide bombers, Us black people hate white people doing our African culture. Jeff Dunham creating and portraying Sweet Daddy D doesn’t really bother me, Cuz I know it’s the truth. And it sucks that my brother got retired over some bullshit accusations of racism. I’m not gonna watch another video of Jeff Dunham not until them motherfuckers shut down the accusations of racisms, how bout that? He’s still my favorite ventriloquist, tho.

  4. I've never seen this puppet before. I love Jeff. He's talking crap about himself being white and other whites .so this isn't racist at all.

  5. I wonder if he just retired him because having to perform a skit as SwEEEET Daddy DEEE was too uncomfortable

  6. I was wondering what happened to Sweet Daddy D. I kind of suspected it might be perceived as racist, although I as a black person, thought he was quite funny. Just seeing this thread August 2019, just confirmed what I had suspected. Oh well!

  7. What people nowadays don’t understand is that if a joke is gonna be any good, it usually is gonna be offensive in the process. Jokes play off of stereotypes. They’re suppose to do that. They teach us to laugh at ourselves and move on. Every race has a stereotype, but that does not mean that every person of that race acts like that. I wish people would learn to laugh at themselves and each other and go on with their lives, instead of trying to get offended by everything.

  8. Lol if its a black puppet we gotta take it out its too stereotypical…🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ lol like isnt all his puppets ate of different races

  9. I LOVED THIS PERFORMANCE, YALL HUMANS TOO DAMN SENSITIVE 🤦🏾‍♂️…I grew up watching “In living color”….in 2019, people need to enjoy comedy! He isn’t racist, from a Black man I loved Jeff Performance!

  10. Jeff didn't completely retire Sweet Daddy Dee, he still appears on occasion in Jeff YouTube videos that he makes himself of Adventures around his house with the characters.

  11. Ok daddy dee says “I stay black you stay white” but my dad was white and my mom was black so what do I stay?

  12. Sweet Daddy Dee, I don't understand the fuzz, being a black person and being a pimp is an honest job,a dirty job but someone has to do it…

  13. I wonder if Oprah had something to do with the disappearence of Sweet Daddy Dee. She needs a lot of wood to keep her shut up.

  14. At 3:22 right after the Mexican joke the camera shows 2 Mexicans behind the white people laughing at the joke that are not laughing at all and look pissed off.

  15. If you don’t think it’s racist to laugh at achmed the terrorist you may need to chancel your logic. As long as you don’t disrespect the culture it’s fine. It was in good taste

  16. The only offence (my view) is the fact that Sweet Daddy said : "learn english" refering to them Mexican, but no racist bias comment shiit. This is comedy!!

  17. And for my Mexican brother and sistee you learn english mother fucker I'm Mexican i speak English and I had to say that was rude and funny at the same damn time ahahaha

  18. I can never picture Jeff Dunham on the Ed Sullivan show with Sweet Daddy Dee. It might end up worse than The Beatles saying they were bigger than Jesus.

  19. For the few people in this country compared to the majority laughter is really something who cares about what they're saying in essence really all these jokes have come from so far back all these people just crying for nothing get a life

  20. Sweet Daddy Dee was a hella funny and satirical character on stereotypes in a time when people weren't so sensitive. Now? Those times have unfortunately left us.

    Shame he had to be put away.

  21. So, 19yrs ago, having my daughter, realized AFTER we signed the birth certificate that my daughter's initials were PYMP😖🤣

    At least she wasn't teased about it lol

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