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100 thoughts on “Sylas Special Interactions

  1. Man lol is getting more and more lazy with it's character designs, the only things they can do right anymore is giving characters make overs and coming out with skins.

  2. I wonder if poppy's hammer is like Mjölnir. Except if they wrong person picks it up they end up hurting themselves.

  3. Step by step guide on how to eat rats, like in prison.

    Step 1: Go top.
    Step 2: Use hijack on Cho'gath.
    Step 3: Find Twitch.
    Step 4: Use feast on Twitch.
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: Profit

  4. Not gonna lie, I saw this guy's name for the first time and all that came to mind was No Mercy Percy yelling

  5. "At last I come for you, Jarro Lightfeather."

    Can someone explain this interaction please? I don't understand it.

  6. Sylas: Lets see whats on that scroll.
    Sylas: Theres, theres nothing here. Its nothing!
    Ryze: Dont worry I didnt get it the first time either.

  7. Hate this douchebag, i feel for him and Demacia needs to change. But, this asshat used our best girl Lux, and left Garen in a hosptial, all fucked up. But now, awaiting the final climax hoping to see Lux and Garen double team his ass into submission. For Jarvan the 4th, for DEMACIA!

  8. Sylas is just a dick, he's so annoying the way he talks to literally, and his voice doesn't help either, he's like Thanos, he thinks that he's doing a good thing, but it's the way he does it that makes him the villain

  9. Both in comics and in game Sylas obviously has more feelings for Lux than just “gratefulness”, I don’t ship them, it’s just that we can see that he clearly cares about her.

  10. what if sylas steals mordekaiser's ult, uses it on him and then mordekaiser uses his ult while sylas' stolen ult it active

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