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Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

(Sylas narrating) Honor… Justice… Tradition… All shackles for the ignorant. After fifteen years in the dark… I was illuminated. I see a world without lords or peasants where every Demacian is a king. Where those who keep us in chains… have their power ripped from their grasp. Rise up, brothers and sisters! Whatever they bring, we’ll match it! Crush the oppressors! Claim your birthright! And burn their kingdom to the ground! All we need to start the fire… is a single… spark.

100 thoughts on “Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

  1. Even when my team is losing and it's better to steal Braum or Lux's ult, I still steal Teemo's and watch him get destroyed by his own shrooms.

  2. I just watched this again because the trailer of the new hero of mobile legends, Terizla, is almost the same, and there are frames that are the same with the trailer of Sylas. Omegalul

  3. Sylas Trailer just got stolen by a Mobile League Ripoff.. Lmao Even tho Sylas Ultimates Moontoon steals Ideas

  4. Every comment here is about moontoon copying from LoL.
    How sad you guys dont realise that LoL is a copy cat too.

  5. WAIT THIS DOSENT WORK IN the comic it stays he was in prison 11 years this right now says hes in prison 15 years WUT!"?

  6. I'm late to the party but Sylas claims he sees a world without Lords or Peasants – where every Demacian is a king. Instantly contradicted himself.

    Good writing.

  7. New champion idea Q: steals enemy q W: steals enemy w E: steals enemy e Passive:Steals enemy passive R: steals enemy Gf

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