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Tabasko Sweet Answers Your Questions | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

How hard do you think you can hit a vape? What’s my favorite food and drink? Are you single? And how old are you? Do you eat ass?>>Cheap thrills.>>[SOUND] Ask me anything. [MUSIC] Sup, family? It’s your boy, Nate AKA TabaskoSweet,
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. [SOUND] You already know what it is. Today I’m gonna hook it up with an AMA for my real ones who slid
into my DMs on Instagram. [SOUND] So let’s see what my
Cheap Thrills fam wants to know. [SOUND] I’ve got nothing to hide,
your boy’s an open book. Ask me anything. [SOUND] @tangryl40 wants to know,
how hard do you think you can hit a vape? Funny you ask, my guy. Cuz your boy just upgraded his mod
with a double chamber cartomizer. So let’s see how this baby rips, shall we? [SOUND] Whoo, doomsdays for days, my guy. [SOUND] I’m talking some heavy fog. @hashtagjuan wants to know,
will I ever be as cool as you are? Well I don’t know my guy,
your account’s private. It’s a little sus, but
it says your chilling. So I’ll remain optimistic. @evann,peterson wants to know,
dabs or bud? Ooh, that’s a tough one my guy. While I appreciate the potency of a fully
slimmed rig [SOUND] your boy’s all about that flower power. Don’t forget about the CBD. @blomster.fyr wants to know,
how do you deal with the haters? Well [SOUND] don’t you see
your boy shining on them? Don’t be afraid to flex, my guy. [SOUND] And remember family,
like I always say, haters are just indicators that
you’re on some next level [BLEEP]. @jair818 wants to know,
how do I keep it cool around the ladies? First of all, you gotta make
sure your fit is always on ten. That will increase your
probability with the shorties. Then when you find one,
it’s time to secure the bag. I’m talking about a delicate balance
between blowing them up and ghosting. Stay in that neutral zone. Kind of like Switzerland,
and play for the long game. @sean_marb wants to know,
what is your favorite vape juice? Well, that’s easy, my guy. My boy Walter at Bird E Juice always
keeps your boy laced up with new flavors. So I can blow as mad doomsdays. [SOUND] Bird gang! Cacaw! [SOUND] @slaayangel asks, are you single? And how old are you? Well, yeah, the rumors are true. Your boy, somehow, is still single. But actually, it’s by choice. Still looking for
that sensitive shorty [SOUND] my queen. How old am I? Let’s just say, your boy is 22SAVAGE. And by that,
I mean your boy is 22 years old. [SOUND] @holylacifer wants to know,
do you eat ass? Is it 2017? [SOUND] Speaking of eating, @nazeekinsta wants to know what’s
my favorite food and drink. Well, my favorite drink, that’s easy. Definitely Baja Blast. I live and die by the drive-thru. [SOUND] And for my favorite food, my mom’s
arros con pollo [SOUND] Shout out mom. [SOUND] @tommy_cruise_ship wants to know,
do you love me? I love all my Cheap Thrills fam equally. Except you little [BLEEP] in the comments
section that keeps saying the n word and stupid [BLEEP] that. [SOUND] Stay woke, family. @jacksonfozz wants to know when I’m gonna
take a trip down under to Australia. Boy’s trying to go south
of the equator ASAP. But til then,
throw a couple shrimps on the barbie for your boy one time, and
tell Kangaroo Jack I said, what’s up. Gang! @tonydiamonds wants to know, are you
really the real, real tabasko sweet? If you are, prove it. Well, how do I know you’re
real Tony Diamonds? If that is your real name? @snazzymemes wants to know, what’s
your favorite meme page on Instagram? Well I got mad respect for
my boy @savagerealm. He’s on the come up right now. And you’re in a close second. All right,
now I’m gonna do one more question. Cuz we gotta keep this exclusive
limited release, very rare. @cyberghettoboys wants to know,
can you hook me up with some clout tokens? My dude, first of all,
that username is unhinged, very clean. Second of all, let’s see what we can do. [SOUND] Put some clout on your boy. [SOUND] Well, thanks for
all the insightful questions, family. Until next time, stay boosted. And ladies, you already know what it is. [MUSIC] Like, comment, and subscribe. Don’t be a z. Tune in every Tuesday for
some new fuego videos. [MUSIC] Gang, gang!

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  1. Hey really love your vids my guy, but would you see into making a "how to make a Gucci sweatshirt" because I'm focused on saving the pesos family and I would Def get all the ladies


  3. I would love to be able to taste your moms cooking, the el roscomp pollo I left Europe at the age of 10 and I'm tired of American foods, I love Mexican food and all Latin food. My X wife was half Spanish so her nana made the best food, she passed in 2007 so I no longer have a way to get some home made Latin food.

  4. I think I finally know wassup family keep doin you thing and keep it positive vibes only I’ve watched every one and I love it 😂😂 keep it real and keep it cheap family keep flexing!!!!!

  5. Every one needs haters family. Otherwise there would be no need to boost your clout level my guy. Haters are needed so they can be steady Shined on and be jealous of my slammed out off the chain rigs. We got to stay on straight up freak mode family and go full dummy with it.

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