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I kicked me see whatever you see what happens here tonight channel that man was not playing when he said look what's gonna happen to you for a night channel my shit is dead this time to revive my channel this is the beginning of my Redemption art by the way is this noob jiggling a lot more than before I want this skin so bad you can't tell me this doesn't look like golden Frieza Oh with this new block please be a real new block is this even new because they keep on repeating blocks I can't tell so that's a good thing by the way this is my actual first game since the update so uh I'm not adjusted yet to hold the new changes why is that still in the game why are you still here there's a whole new shotgun there's a whole new tech and it's still the game I can hear this guy where is he always up here where are we camping it huh so oh it's fucking freezing what why are you running oh we got third party man Frieza come on all the time say come on wait wait that's illegal in the fucking door watch everybody would I need this okay this better work he was yellow I'm yellow oh my god oh no oh no he's behind me oh my god no way no way no way it actually worked where is this guy he's still there hey we got here watch this now he's gonna come in third party no okay this is the slowest player I have ever met what we haven't even met yet but when I meet him when I mean it it's a default oh please come over here you know what we don't even need this you don't need this oh shit oh shit Tommy don't do it don't do it he saw me moving everything enemy no no way defaults like this don't exist nowadays oh no he's gonna die no don't kill him no don't kill him so in his diet please tell me it wasn't him he killed my default know what you think you're so cool out there killing people skins huh ma'am oh shit okay oh my god is Craig stop bitch like a default skin forever shot that your mom's away who actually shot that where is this guy where is he he's in the tree he's in the tree there is it's another default skin oh my I don't know what lobby I got into but these defaults are anybody so where we going watch this guy be a fake default he's actually fucking Franco hey stop it stop yeah get to run bro just leave the game you're not gonna survive this oh you're not gonna do this you're not about to do this alright let's play a game called find the default where are you mother fuck I can hear you where you going in here somewhere got him this man a gold combat default skin stay packing heat don't ask me why it's necessary to hold 30 million it just is wet hurt somebody go again you get a pickaxe by the way put that down Oh combat like I said don't ask me what's necessary to have 6 12 18 20 22 minis it's just an overture what do you think you're going this game oh my god this gamer go now watch this buddy seven come on tell me the jump head come on come get the jump head wait wait a minute so I wanna set my trap he was still in fatal it was a default oh my god he just hit my trap buddy buddy I need to relax buddy relax we both know your one shot here here you go chill out before this guy embarrasses me I'm just gonna kill him you lost one complete the mission to the vault oh he hit me come on slay me again uh-huh game over did he have the new shotgun no pee out of combat does everyone have a combat nowadays oh my god scare the shit out him Oh calm down thank you this last Ally okay this is my best luck at the new gun please don't let me them a proximity oh my default skin did laying here so I might get some content here we go cat him does he now have a gun yet it's still gonna list rely relax man everything's gonna be okay here some shields keep important shit it was at this moment get up open up you fucking clown allow me to reintroduce myself I'll be taking that where is it hey it was a gold one go okay not bad I've got a default skin our proximity and airstrike in the new shotgun in one game if that isn't the formula for ultimate content I don't know what is where do you think you're going teammates okay all right bitch shotgun where you going with my shotgun put that shit down all right now that I see it at last game I feel like I'm I started seeing them often oh damn brah what are you doing all them damn sound effect what are you doing up there alright this guy thinks he's awesome oh what are you doing alright I gotta kill this guy he's getting annoying really really this guy has the situational awareness I don't know what you don't even see the chest what's wrong with you honest with you no no you must die you are the dumbest man on the planet what the actual why Oh yet another one oh thank you really okay are you fucking is this Lemmy in bra oh that's not a real default but his awareness is really making a book does he not know I'm here yes I swear I'm not this big of a pie I don't know why epic has given me these lobbies always cracked holy shit he's French oh my God look at this man look at him go look at him go haha you show me okay oh he's actually good oh we gotta fight here I gotta kill him here and now oh you missed bitch can you please mind your business literally the whole life is here right now and this guy is so prick I don't got mad I'm out of med no I'm done I'm not killing this guy next to me is crack I'm gonna kill you come on buddy next thank you please stop okay the block is definitely gonna have the shotgun we have the super Ches and all those drones super test don't let me down so let down you won't let me down all right really are you fucking kidding me I'm garbage by the way I need the other tank come on big a combat come on hoof it heard me he didn't see me but he heard me lasered me I think I seen one stupid stupid I'm disappointed stupid a last one thank you I can't believe that that was seriously the last one anyway time to continue my tech only okay so um I have no mats and there's 23 people alive in this gigantic circle I don't know about this one to you any second now any second now we're still going strong with the tech only we got two of them now I'm definitely not gonna get five but fuck it whoever made this part of the map give that man a raise right now these pallets are saving my life right now who's here what are you doing I thought the shotgun sucked up first but honestly he's not that bad it's literally the tack on crack he said hey I found another one Wow okay so I somehow managed to get three people get out of it its third party time come one time open up open up don't make me mad open the fucking door shit okay nice why I should've died there please don't build battle me I can't believe bitch busted for nobody what's up come on now rah rah my game cry

47 thoughts on “TAC on CRAC

  1. Your channel has exploded. I remember several years ago when you were doing trials videos on destiny 1 and you only had 10k subscribers. Fortnite has skyrocketed you.

  2. Fortnite: comes out with a chug splash thingy like 6 years after minecraft came up with a splash potion of regeneration, most likely copying minecraft.
    Fortnite gamers: Epic games is a genius.

  3. U changed to build a pro🤘🏻🤘🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. If that isnt the perfect loadout little did he know a video schedule would have been better 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  5. Subscribe to Qais Hussain picture is a red background with a white Q in the middle
    Btw ceeday ur the best

  6. 8:38 has 2 scars and a tac, 6 seconds later he gets rid of all 3 just for the legendary tac like why? What was the problem with the scar?

  7. I hope Ceeday will one day go back to Destiny or play good games, I love the guy but if I want to watch him I have to watch him play quite literally one of the worst games ever.

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