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Taeyeon Sunny Super Idol League Funny Moments

are we tangerines or sunflowers? what is it? so the landing spot is.. where are you going? we’ve landed on some odd hill your head is big so it pops out let’s cross the short bridge(same pron with legs) we are grumpy about short legs what do you think about sunny’s play T: why are you shooting at me?
S: is it you? I didn’t know I’ve found a flare gun. I’ll give it to you you said you’d give it to me where is it? is it done? S: ouch, why are you hitting me?
T: you said you’d give it to me I’m having trouble with interior design
and this chair looks.. get it together whats your favorite weapon? fists T: here is an injection(same pron with drinking habits)
S: there? T: yes I don’t have a drinking habit applause to you today as well, head for your destination by yourself I have no room in my heart I’m sorry no room I’m sorry you can’t live here but we can hang out songs do you wanna listen with sone? we have different taste in music
so I don’t wanna listen it together you’re stern(same pron with sweet pumpkin) no, I meant.. I thought you were a sweet pumpkin what is your favorite chinese food? I like guobaorou very much I ate it yesterday what’s your special dish? none when is the last time you used a frying pan? when I stir fry Zero’s meal I’m good at making dog meals is Zero a staff of Sm or an idol? neither a SM’s staff nor an idol what’s up with him? you’re gonna be ugly if you sleep in here why do you like Thompson assault rifles? she doesn’t like assault rifles, she just likes to assault assault! assault! Tiffany Young – Magnetic Moon no he looked at me why did you name your companion animals
as condiment names? I wanted it to be meaningful so I named her Salt after salt and light and Pepper should be a set with Salt don’t break our set whats the topic of your chatting room? we are planning to travel and we ended up only checking our schedules we show off pictures of our dogs and it’s a mess cut a watermelon in half scrape out the flesh of watermelon this much, this much I love you boss, your handmade muffler was pretty.
where did you learn it? I wanna make them too I learned it from my mom boss, give me salary Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain I can’t do it Seohyun has been doing it for 13 years what’s the meaning of fans? they’re universe(wooju) to me I heard rouge they’re rouge listen carefully, I’ll only say this once no, 10 times please 10 times, 10 times nope don’t make me read hard IDs congrats we’ll pick a winner in 2 minutes have you guys eaten? have you eaten? potato pancake you’ve got a message good morning get up, get up, get up S: patty, party, what is patty? hamburger patty?
T: it’s a beef patty I wanna say it. really.. pretty T: go on
S: look at her lips they keep demanding songs to a singer available on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri? it lights up why did you take that off? it’s not yours I wanna have this one to use it where? I want this one who am I? guess me before the end of signing the answer is mickey mouse count up 1 minute don’t be so uptight definitely we chose ice in summer what kind of goods do you want? (I was trying to) glue me to this pouch and send it to them? isn’t that the best decoration? I was gonna go with it 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 dobby, isn’t it? give us HQ S: the person who will receive a pic like this is..
T: 4 dollars(some commercial’s symbol) oh my, its terrible oh, its terrible makeup is makeup? it’s not the sound of frying Girls’ Generation – Talk Talk it’s you, it’s you, it’s you

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