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Talakaya kura | My Village Show Comedy | food

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TEAM247 INFORMATICS Hello, brother. Please sit down. Thanks for the courtesy. – When did you borrow the money?
– Five years. – When will you return it?
– After elections. You think I’m mad! Clear it within two days… otherwise, I will screw you
in front of the village council. I will clear it after the elections. Let me be good to you, don’t trigger the evil in me. All you have is “two” days. Be careful. Hey, Anil. What happened, bro? You seem so lifeless. Nothing, bro. I borrowed 2 lakhs from Srikanth. And he’s making a mess at my home. He wants to take this matter
to the village council. I’m bothered about my political career. Don’t repay. Do not repay. Pay only a quarter of your debt
to the village heads, they will solve the issue. That is “politics.” You’ve earned a lot during elections,
where did it all go? I’ve built my home with that. And after marriage,
I thought of entering into politics. I’m scared what Srikanth is up to,
and the elections are nearby. Don’t panic. I have a plan,
will tell you if you want to execute. What is that? “I love you so much” “But you don’t care” “Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell” “Go to hell, go to hell” “I love you so much” “But you don’t care– I don’t need facial now! Run, run. Hey, who’s there? Is somebody there? Leave me! Please leave me.
I should go to a wedding. I should attend Sukumar’s marriage. He offered meat, especially for me! Why did you tie me up? I have to go to his marriage… he will feel bad if I didn’t! Hey, the whole village will be here
if he yells like this. What is this nuisance, man.
Why doesn’t he sleep for some time? He’s waking up
and yelling like anything. Is it necessary for us? Hey there! I’ll break his bones. Let’s feed him some food. He will be quiet if he eats something. Who are you guys? Who tied me up? Kidnappers! -Why are you shouting?
-Why did you kidnap me? Be quiet! Shut up, you– Eat this food. Nope. I don’t want to eat that rotten dal. I don’t want it. You keep! Eat it! I hate it!
There’s no salt or spice in it. I don’t want to eat. You’ll get the real taste
when you starve to death. Let’s go! Now, be silent! If I hear you again… What’s next? Shall we call? Okay. – New SIM card, right?
– Yes, bro. Carry on. [cell phone ringing] Who is calling me now? Hello? Hello. This is kidnapper. You mean kidneys? I don’t have it. Bye. He hanged up, bro. Call him. Ring him again. See now. Killed him, killed him, killed him. [cell phone ringing] Again they’re calling me. – Hello?
– Hello! Tell your elders
that your dad has been kidnapped. And we need 5 lakhs in ransom! I won’t tell them. He forces me to go to school
post holidays. Keep him with you. Bye. What happened, bro? He’s least bothered
about his dad’s kidnap. He’s just like his father. Why did you tie me up again? Hey, be quiet! Eat this! Don’t test our patience. Can’t you eat? Don’t act smart. Guys… you don’t know cooking– You guys aren’t married, right? Yes. Hey, would anyone marry you
if you guys cook this way? First, learn how to cook,
then start kidnapping. This is my curse to you:
You will never get married. Get lost from here. “You will never get married.
Get lost from here.” Bro, why is he behaving this way? He’ll die if he doesn’t eat. Later, we have to face the consequences. We know he’s a hardcore non-vegetarian. He cannot eat a bit without it. Let us get some goat head curry… will feed him
and make him call to his relatives. They are not believing us. I’m really scared, bro,
let’s finish it off tomorrow. -What say?
-I have no idea. Let’s close it by tomorrow. -Did you lock all the doors?
-Yes. Let’s go. Filthy fellows, what did you bring again? I’m starving to death. What did you bring this time? Shut up, you stupid! Why did you kidnap me, guys? I beg you, please leave me. Let me go home. You cook this stuff. No. You do it. He doesn’t eat, if I cook. He didn’t like mine, too. I don’t know how to cook goat head curry! Hey, is it goat head curry? Hey, shut up! The meat will rot, idiot! Leave me, I cannot. Guys, let me cook it,
you will spoil it for sure. I’m really good at cooking it.
We’ll have it together. Please don’t ruin that,
I’m fed up with your cooking. Please listen to me. Bro, let him cook the curry. No, man. -Are you sure?
-Yes. All right, let’s go. Where is the meat? It is in there. I will not leave until I cook this. Hey, kidnappers, get me coriander! Take it. Why can’t you show your faces? Do your work. Are you not done yet? It’s almost done, wait. -How long it will take?
-Almost done. Kidnappers, the curry is ready. Come, let’s eat. Kidnapper, give me a piece. One bone piece, please. Bro, what happened? Did he mix any drug in it? No, man. The curry, it’s just awesome. Have it. Kidnappers, get me a lemon, please.
It’s so spicy. We don’t have lemons, just eat! -What?
-Shut up and eat the food! I cooked this good for you
so, go get a lemon now. We have to keep an end to this, okay? Somehow we should finish it off tonight. Granny, for you. -What is it?
-Goat head curry. Where did you get it from? Why are you bothered about that? Take it. Every dog has its day. Now, it’s my day. Ask me if you need anything from now.
All right? All right. Looks like your time is running good, too. Come, let’s get to our work. Granny’s always skeptical. We’ll finish it off tonight.
What do you say? Daddy, daddy! Yes, Papa. Daddy kidnap? No, Papa. -Granny?
-Yes. I need some curry. Anil brought me some goat head curry. Come, have it here. Wow, goat head curry. Granny, my dad made this curry, right? No, I don’t know about your dad… but Anil gave it to me. You have it, my son. No. I’m sure this is done by my dad. He’s been missing from the past 2-3 days. Why are you in a hurry? Navi, I think someone kidnapped my dad. Really? Yes, and I think that
my dad prepared this curry. Can your dog help me find him? My dog can find wherever he is,
just give it a piece. Why did the dog get us here? I don’t know. Let’s go check inside. This place is so creepy. I have no idea, but let’s check. Where can I find my dad in here? Daddy. Before the villagers
know about this kidnap, let’s finish it off today. -Got it?
-All right. -Who’s been here?
-How would I know? Who untied him? -How would I know?
-Who would do that? Tie him up! Make it fast! Anil. Anil… why did you do this to me? I would have given you the money
if you had asked. Anil… You ruined the elections last time. You took my money and used it, built a home with that money. Did I say anything to you? Now, you’re doing this to me. Why are you cheating me? Forgive me, uncle. It’s not my fault. I should give 2 lakhs to Srikanth. That’s the reason behind all this. I have no other intentions. I swear that’s the truth. Do forgive me. Won’t I give you 2 lakhs
if you had asked? This was not my plan, uncle.
Shiva bro gave me this cunning idea. -Don’t you know me? Thanks for all the “friendship.” -Uncle, please.
-Leave me. Please, uncle! Anil? Uncle! Why did you leave the goat’s brain? You kept it aside. -Anil?
-Yes. Prepare ginger-garlic paste,
I’ll come and cook. Okay, uncle! Make it soon. Chandu, uncle is going to cook brain, let’s go prepare ginger-garlic paste. All our efforts went in vain. We did all this for goat head curry? I’ll beat you black and blue
if you plan any kidnap. You are bullshit. Okay, friends.
Thanks for watching this video. Anil, why did you kidnap Anji uncle? To repay you the money I took. And, Anji uncle, why didn’t you run away
when you had the chance? Guys, you brought goat head meat,
then how could I run away? See how crazy he’s about it. Guys, you should have
kidnapped me instead. Yeah, right. Sounds good.
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