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Talking Tom and Friends – Funny Robot Galileo (Season 1 Episode 44)

Okay, who is ready to
try the greatest sandwich the world has ever known? The Hank’s Special. I am! Me too, I’m starving! I’m starving more! Now for the finishing touch –
my secret ingredient. I don’t want to reveal what it is, so please close your eyes. Has anybody seen the vinegar? Is vinegar your secret ingredient? Nice try, Angela… Ooh. You guys, you guys, the CEO
is having a birthday party! And we’re invited! Wait! How did we get an invite? Well, let’s just say someone hacked
into the guest list and added our names. Uhm… Fine, Ginger hacked the guest list. But I asked him to. It was so easy. Oh, you guys are going
to get into so much trouble. Not when we show up to his party
with our newest invention – the Tompoline! This supercharged trampoline
will revolutionize the world of spring-and-fabric-based propulsion! Guess who has two thumbs and is
performing at the CEO’s birthday party! Is it Angela? Yeah, is it Angela? No, it’s me! They booked me to do stand-up… stand-up comedy!? No, thanks, I’m gonna go lie down. How many astronomers does
it take to screw in a light bulb? None! They prefer to work in the dark. Enough! We have got to stop Ben. If the CEO hears one
of his terrible “jokes,” he’s gonna think we’re the lamest,
most uninspired company ever! Which means there’s no way
we’ll be millionaires by the date I predicted on my calendar. I’m sorry, but your stand-up is just… not as good as it could be. That’s an understatement… I’m all for constructive criticism,
that’s how we artists improve. Well… there’s something… Maybe it’s your delivery, or your jokes, or the fact that you’re not funny. So you’re saying
it’s my delivery then? Or maybe, you know, the
other two things I mentioned. So, all I have to do is find some
way to improve my delivery… Oh, no. Was that his
robot building face? Friends, prepare to witness history! To improve my comedy delivery, I created the world’s first…
fully robotic… fully hilarious… ventriloquist dummy! Rise, Galileo! Rise! Oh, yeah. I named him Galileo. Hello, I am Galileo. Enthusiasm on. Calculating comedy. Loading jokes. It’s alive! Alive! Whoa, this reminds me of
that movie about the mad scientist who created a monster. You mean Frankenstein? No, that’s not it… Hank, you’re
thinking of Frankenstein. No. Hold on, hold on, oh,
it’s on the tip of my tongue. No, that’s vinegar. Whateverstein. Nice to be here! Say, why did the chemist
sit on a whoopee cushion? I don’t know, Galileo. Why did the chemist
sit on a whoopee cushion? Because he was looking
for a big… reaction! Thank you! Is Galileo even less funny than Ben? Oh, I don’t know. I’m
pretending I can’t hear. Oh, no! Did I just make a joke
about chemistry? Yikes, that is lame. Almost as lame as that lab coat. Yeah, huh? The only thing more drab and
boring than that lab coat – is the guy wearing it! Hey-yo! He got you, Ben! Did somebody just say something? Because all I heard was goo-goo ga-ga! Apparently the vinegar from Hank’s
sandwich had the perfect acidity to turn Galileo into
a delightful wisecracker. For the first time ever I’m
actually confident that Ben will get laughs on stage! I’m sure there has been other times – Nope! Oh… A little more vinegar to make sure
his tongue is sharp for tomorrow. A little extra comedy
never hurt anybody. Hello there, Mr. Garden!
You look thirsty. Let me water your flowers! Gayayeo! Come on, McGillicuddy,
back to headquarters. And then he laid in
a tree and ate eucalyptus for twenty whole
minutes. It was awesome! And they actually showed all that? Oh yeah! The Lazy Adventures of Colonel
Koala is all about marsupial – Achoo! Oh, I’m sorry, I just happen
to be allergic to boring stories! Hey-yo, Galileo! Remember to save some
zings for the big show today. Don’t worry. I’ll be ready. Me too! I even wrote a new song! Hey, Mr. CEO / Give us a little dough / Be a pal / Don’t be mean / Please buy a Tompoline! Ow! The last time I heard
a noise that shrill and ear-piercing, my dentist was giving me a root canal! Whoa, hey Galileo, that is a little harsh. Did I strike a nerve?
Yes you struck a nerve! Wow, wow… What’s with Galileo? These aren’t even jokes,
they’re just straight-up insults. I don’t know, I think
he’s funnier than ever! “I think he’s funnier than ever!” Hey, news flash, tiny. Nobody cares what your dumb face thinks! Hey! Chillax, Brobot. Ginger is just a kid! Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. Too much? Ben, you’ve gotta do something! If he insults the CEO like this,
we’re gonna be in serious trouble! Something’s gone haywire. I’m going to shut Galileo down,
so I can check his circuits. Watch it, pal. No-one is
shutting anyone down. Hate to break it to you, Talking
Tom, or should I say, Never-Stops-Talking Tom,
but I am gonna insult the CEO! And I’m gonna make sure
he knows I was proudly built by Tom and Ben Enterprises! – Stop!
– No! Check, one, two. Okay I see three checks. Just a reminder, charity
donations made in my name do not count as birthday presents – Bow, wow, wow… Hey, looks like it’s
time for the comedian. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was distracted by that filthy, half-dead caterpillar stapled to your lip! Well, I had soup earlier,
and there was no napkin… Everyone here either works
for you or they just want to sell you their lame inventions! Where did you get that outfit
from? Make me look bad dot suit? And the company you founded? Guess what? It’s terrible. The only worse company
is the one run by… Those guys! Don’t listen to him, Mr. CEO! They’re the ones who built me! Hey, get off of me. What’s the big idea? Galileo – losing – power. I had to…. What! Was! That?! Sir, I just created Galileo to help
me with my comedy delivery. I’m very sorry if he offended you — Oh, I’m not offended. What. Really? Do you know what it’s like being
the most powerful CEO in town? Heck, yeah! Of course you don’t. Everyone’s always telling
you what you want to hear. No one ever
gives it to you straight. This robotic dummy was finally
giving me some honest feedback as part of his comedy
act, but you destroyed him! Wow. I don’t know what to say… Well you better think of something
because I paid for a comedy show! So… why did the teacher
send the Periodic Table to the – Boo. No science jokes!!! Come on, be funny. Like your insult comedy dummy. Alright. Does he know it’s my birthday? Hey, CEO! I heard you’re
so mean that your goldfish evolved legs and ran away! Hay-oh! My goldfish… she… she’s… she’s passed away. How could you?! I’m sorry. Oh, I had no idea… And you ruined my birthday! Security! Let’s get out of here! Everybody run! And sing! Galileo, where did you go? Come back here on the double. Tom! That was stupid and dangerous Which means… C’mon, Tom! Say something! Say something! Hi? I am freaking out right now.

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  1. Hank: for the finishing touch! I don't wanna reveal the secret ingredient so please close your eyes…does anyone seen the vinegar?
    Angela: is vinegar is your secret ingredient?
    Hank: Laughs nice one Angela

    Dude hank just said his secret ingredient


    Both closes eyes

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  5. Everytime I look at the comments on this video, it always say how Galileo looks like G. Freddy and they are not lying but not everyone has to say it, so please who is looking at this please no one else say it

  6. Ben: “Guess who has two thumbs and is performing at the CEO’s birthday party!”
    Hank: “Is it Angela?”
    Angela: “Yeah, is it Angela?”
    Ben: “No, it’s me! They booked me to do stand-up…. stand-up comedy!?”
    Hank: “No, thanks, I’m gonna go lie down”

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    Golden ben:im mean im funny
    Golden freddy:am i a joke to you

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  9. Tom as Freddy
    Angela as Chica
    Ben as Bonnie
    Ginger as Goldie
    Hank as Foxy
    And LandLord as mike
    Also Galileo as P Freddy
    Me as Springtrap

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  11. Galileo BenBot goes crazy/berserk when Tom, Ben and Hank pour funny things in the robot’s mouth. [crazily] “HAHAHAHA, Galileo!!”

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