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15 thoughts on “Tangled the Series – Intro || One-Line Multilanguage (Requested)

  1. Enjoy! This video was requested back in February by Disney Slovakia (oof sorry it took so long >.<). I've been given newer requests last week, and as I'm still producing older ones (most of which have been held back due to either editing issues or copyright strikes taking down versions needed and such), I'll be uploading those next week and beyond then into April and in the future. Be sure to like the video if you enjoyed, request more ideas if you have any (although try to be patient as I've been on an inconsistent upload schedule recently), subscribe to the channel for more multilanguage content, and support! I was thinking of opening a Patreon for this channel, but I'm not a fan of monetisation and I don't like gatekeeping either, so I'll think about that one. I may also update the Peppa Pig multilanguage as a late anniversary this month, but more on that later.

    Thanks for watching, and reading this comment, as it may be subject to more information and updates later on. Peace, and have a good Friday everyone x~

    Also, note the disclaimers in the description and at the start of the video (as well as the singer name disclaimer and accents notice included. That's all.)


  2. It's a bit surprising that this series has been dubbed into Slovak when only the first season of Phineas and Ferb was dubbed. This and Gravity Falls are the only Disney cartoons of the 2010's dubbed into Slovak.

  3. Mandarin: Han Xu (韩旭)
    Also notable was that the theme song was apparently dubbed in China and not Taiwan

  4. In Brazil this show has 2 titles.
    Season 1: Enrolados Outra Vez. (tangled again).
    Sason 2: As Enroladas Aventuras da Rapunzel. (The Tangled Adventures of Rapunzel)

  5. Please download this for me
    it doesnt work when i download it

  6. Wow I love this multi <3 Its wonderful thanks! I really enjoy this show its my fav Disney Channel show!

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