Laughter is the Best Medicine

Tangled Web – Escape the Night S2 (Ep 3)

– Previously
on “Escape the Night”…
unscripted, unrehearsed,the guests are trapped
by an evil sorceress.
– Where’s the carriage?
– You’re stuck here.– And must recover eight gems
to defeat her.
They kill
the king of vampires
but must exchange a life
for the one they took.
– [screaming] – You did this!
– I didn’t kill her. – [laughing] – Hey, when can I see this gem?[dramatic music]Easy. – We’re just getting warmed up. – We have another friend
joining us.♪ ♪[moaning] – Do you like getting tied up? Do you like getting tied up?♪ ♪[moaning] – Hey. Hello?♪ ♪Come on.♪ ♪Hello? [grunts] Hello? – [hissing]♪ ♪– Please don’t kill me.♪ ♪– [hissing]♪ ♪– [screaming]– Careful, Joey.– Why?
– We don’t know what this does.♪ ♪– Okay.
– Nothing happened. – That’s it?
– Now what? – Now you need– [whooshing] [all exclaiming] [shouting]– The sorceress comes out,and we finally get to meet her
face-to-face. – I instantly recognize her
from the photo. – Did you really think
you could escape my grasp? You’re just the pre-show for tonight’s true extravaganza of blood and suffering. None of you are leaving
this place alive! [shouts] – [hisses] – Oh, my God.
– Oh, okay. – The door to our right
opens up. – This spider thing…
– With, like, a bunch of eyes,scariest monster
we’ve seen yet.
– Oh, my God!
– [hisses] [all screaming] – What the hell was that?Alex is dragged away.I am freaking out. I don’t want to be
dragged away next. I mean, this is probablythe most scared I’ve been
throughout this journey.
– What was that?
– That was definitely a spider woman.
– How are we getting out? – We are trapped.
– What is this box? – Come here.
Look at this. – “Break the seal and pour.” – Break seal and pour what? – Something that fits in here. – It’s probably a wine glass
or some– – Wait, try the corks.
– The corks. – Oh, smart.
– Maybe? – Yeah, let’s try it.
– Take ’em.– Everyone’s looking around.They don’t know where to look.
They’re lost.
They’re always lost without me.I knew that the goblet
had special powers.
Yeah, this is the seal.
– DeStorm had a goblet
in his hand,
and it was the goblet that he received
from the vampire queen. – So I opened up
the bottom of the goblet. What’s in it?
Oh, my God, what’s in it? What’s in it? What’s in it?
– Oh, my God. – Oh, my God.
– It’s a–look like a– And I find a little bottle. We broke the seal.
– Oh, a shot. – What does it say?
– Shot, shot, shot, shot. – It says, “Jorogumo
liked to liquor up her boy toys “with four shots
before taking them to bed for the final time.”
– Sounds like me. – Basically, all we knew
from that clue was, we needed four more shots in order to unlock this box. – I’m thinking,
“Who’s Jorogumo? Is Jorogumo hot?” – Jorogumo is this spider lady that came and just swooped in
out of nowhere.– We’re searching
around the room
for these four tiny bottles,and me being the tiny girl
that I am,I’m searching high and low,and honey,
I found the second bottle. Explorer found the second bottle
already. – Stop finding things!
– I’m an explorer. I can’t help it. Okay, two more. We need two more bottles. – Wait, is that–
ooh, I found it! I found it!
– [gasps] My boy. – We find four
little tiny bottles,and then Joey finds
a tray of liquor.
“Drink up, but choose wisely, or your first one
will be your last.” – One of us is gonna have to
drink four of these shots. – I bet you there might be
a symbol at the bottom of the shot box. Does that make sense?
– Drink up, but choose wisely, or your first one
will be your last. – I’ll do it.
– Oh, okay. – Are you sure
you want to do it? – I’ll do it. And I’m looking, and they’re all different colors, and we realizethat some of these vialsmatch some of the liquidsin these shots.– We match up each one,
and I’m like,
“Okay, Joey, it’s your time.
Have a drink.” – That means she’s gonna
take you away, though, ’cause she likes to liquor up
her boys with four shots. – Go, and I’ll save Alex.
– Wait, but– – No, no, let’s split it.
– It’s fine. – We can all do it.
I’ll go with you. – No, it has to be a boy,
and I volunteer. – It has to be a guy.
Let him drink it. Go on.
Go for it. – I just want to prove
to everyone that I’m actually in this, and I’m here to help and make sure we all
get out of here alive. – Ugh.
– Oh! – I feel okay. – Luckily, thank God,he drinks the right four.And I see the symbols.
I’m like,
I have seen these symbols
before back at the box. These must match. – Boom, boom. – We’re lining up
the shot glasses with the liquids and the vials. – And boom.
All right, so pour each of these into those.– And see if anything happens,
because usually
things happen when we
figure out a riddle. [lock clicks]
– Oh! – And the box, boom,
it popped open. We got some little jewel. – Here, bring it over here.
– Does it open up? – That matches the symbol
that’s on the doorwhere Alex was taken.
– Stuck it on the door. The door popped open. [all scream] – Uh-uh.
There’s a guy on the table! It’s Alex!
– Guys. – Alex?
– Is that Alex? We walk inside the library, and there’s a massive tampon
on the desk. – It’s Alex. Don’t–
– He is in a spider web. – Jorogumo shot web
out of her booty hole onto Alex, wrapped him up,
put him on the desk. She must have realized, like, Lauren died.
Alex is single. Let me just go
shoot some web on him. Ya nasty.
– Alex already got taken. That shit was wild,
but I was over the whole, you know, like, helping people,
’cause this was supposed to be a party,
and I’m sick of this.And so I just was like, DeStorm,maybe we should slide out.– I wasn’t eager to save Alex,’cause we already had
a rivalry going on, so I decided to hang back
with Jesse. [all screaming] – Alex!
– Oh, my God!– Spiders are my ultimate
biggest fear
in the whole world,
but I don’t want to show that, because I don’t want to be
looked at as weak. both: Are you okay? – What’s that?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So then we rip the spider webs
off of him like the hero I am. – He has a key attached to him.
– It says “desk” on it. – Give him room, give him room.
– Are you okay? – What happened?
What happened? – I don’t know what happened.
I just woke up in here. – Oh, this is disgusting.
– And I was in this spider web. – Oh, my God.
– Ugh! – Did she do this to you?
– I don’t know. I blacked out.
I don’t know what happened. – You guys, where’s Jesse
and DeStorm? – Wait.
– [screaming] – Oh, where are they?
– No, no, no, no. – Where’s Jesse?
Where’s DeStorm? – I have a feeling
that they were taken. – I’m indifferent.
DeStorm is going down,and it’s gonna be because of me.– The next thing you know,
we get snatched upby two hot minions.– How’s it going?
– Uh, everything’s good. – Do you want some fun with us?
– You look very nice. – They take us upstairs.
– And they wanted to go
drink a little bit,
so me and DeStorm
went and did that.– Cheers.
– Cheers to you. So what’s your name? – Kira.
– Kira. – What’s yours?
– I’m DeStorm. – You’re not a spider, are you? – What do you think? – I don’t know,
but whatever it is, I like it. – [laughs]
– We get down on our knees. Mm-hmm. – We open up the cabinet,
and there’s a letter. [all exclaim] – Read it. – These spiders
sure like riddles. – “My brotherhood of thieves“have been lured here by maidens
I curse meeting.
“I don’t know the fate
of my men,
“but I hope their deaths
were quick.
“They promised us a gemwhose value defied all others,
but–” What is that word?
– Jorogumo. – “Keeps it at the center
of her precious web. I have hidden our plan
to steal the gem in a red book.” So the gem that we need
is inside of her poisonous web. – Yes.
– But the plan to get it… – Red book, guys.
– Is in a red book, and there’s a lot of books
in here, so everybody just grab
every red book. – I’m, like,
looking around the library. It’s so many red books. This could take us all night. These are all–
– One, two, three, four, five, six, like, there are
so many red books. Where’s Jesse?
Where’s DeStorm? – What’s going on?
We playing poker? What are we doing?
– Yeah, how about five card draw? – Okay.
– Yeah. – And just to make it a little bit more fun…
– Mm-hmm. – Losers lose a piece
of clothing. – That makes everything better. – One winner per round. Everyone else
takes off something. – I agreed.
So did Jesse. – Wait, guys, the symbols
are on this book. – There, there, grab it.
– But it’s not red. – Oh, it’s a box for the book.
– Oh, my– – Oh, it’s in the box.
– It’s a– it’s a book inside a book. – There.
– Oh! – Okay.
– That’s red. Is there a key to open it? – No, it just opens.
– Oh, thank God. – This is the plans. What the heck?
It’s just like a– – Oh, goodness.
– A stencil? – Okay, wait, wait, wait.
– Arts and crafts? – It’s like something that you,
like, hold up to something to like–
– Oh, you put it over a book, and it tells you
the certain letters. – Oh, right, like a–
it’ll make a paragraph into a sentence.
– Wait, what about on a page? Yeah.
– Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Put it in the very corner, in the top corner.
Is that it? No. Flip it.
Is it… – I feel like
it’s not this clue. I feel like it would go up
to something else. – My God. – [exclaims]
– Oh, my God. – What the heck is this?
– What–oh, my gosh. – We go outside, and we see
these body-size cocoons, and they’re completely drained
of blood.– Looking at the dead bodies
hanging on the balcony,
I thought, if they took a little
bit longer to get to me, I could have been hanging
from there.Also, Jesse and DeStorm
are missing.
I didn’t even know
if those were them.
– Hey.
– What? – I found a note.
– What does it say? – “These two are drained
of their fluids, “and I am once again hungry. “I always laugh at how brittle
and easily broken a human is
without their blood.” – Are these DeStorm and Jesse? Like, it–honestly,
it could be our friends. We don’t know. – Here, let me deal ’em up. I’m fast.
– Do you got any tricks? – I do. – Anybody need some more
to drink? – She’s trying to get us tipsy. – She’s trying to get us turnt. – Oh, our friends like to, uh… play hard. – So who are your friends? both: Alison. – Where is Alison?
– She used to play with us. All right. Okay, well,
I don’t have anything, so I guess we’re taking off
another piece of clothing. I’ll go with my shoe. – This is what I came for. This is the life. – [giggling] – All right. – [laughs] – I’ve never played
strip poker before. I’m excited. – [laughs] – [laughing]
Shit. – What do you think about that? – I’m thinking everything
about that. [laughter] I’m never going home. – I bet you it’s the same size
as what this is. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Like whatever– so, guys, look for something
this size. And look for something…
– Be careful, though. – That’s not obvious. It might not even be a book. It might be something. – It could be literally
right in front of you. – Let’s break ’em. Let’s do it.
– No, guys, I don’t know. – I’m gonna do it.
I’m ripping it. [all exclaiming] – Oh, here we go.
– Tyler, help me with this one. – [screaming] – There’s something in there.
– There’s an actual dead– – There is something in there. – It has to be deep in here.– There are intestines.There is blood.There’s a weird smell.I’m trying so hard
not to throw up. – Ugh.
– Nothing. – Did you find anything
in yours? – No, we’re still looking.
– We’re ripping it. [both exclaiming] – Don’t tell me this is Lauren. – When we are ripping
the webbing off of the bodies, I’m hoping, okay,
just be, like,right on top of the body,and I soon realizeI’ma have to stick my hand in this gooey gunk
and take something out. – There it is!
– It has to be in that one. – Is it in there?
– Yeah. – You found something?
– Something. – Man, how’d they swallow–
– Just keep pulling. – That’s the same size
as the square. – “The samurai warrior
drove his katana “through the neck of the beast, then made the world sink
underneath it.” – Translate that.
Put the card on top of it. – Yeah, I don’t know
what that means. – So we take the decoder we had, which was the exact same size
as the cipher,placed it on top,
and were able to reveal
the secret hidden message. – What does it say?
– “Set on the sun.” – The sun–there’s a sun
right here, right here. – Oh, guys, the sun!
– Guys, guys, where’s Tyler? Tyler?
– Tyler, damn it! – I’m in here.
I’m just looking. – Okay, go ahead.
– Put it in here. – Set it on the sun. – Oh! There’s a box open! The box is open, go!
– Something opened. Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go. – Oh, my God.
– Oh, my God. We put the cipher on the sun, and a chest opens up
in the library. – Take it out.
Read it. – “This light reveals
invisible things.” all: “Search the walls.” – Hold it up against the wall.
– Oh, my God, oh, my God. – Hold on. Searching. Searching, exploring.
I’m exploring. Those are doors, not walls. – Wait, the chalkboard. – Oh, good idea. [all exclaiming] – “Jorogumo…” all: “Kills all.” – [screams]
– Well, that’s not great. – Wait, there’s symbols.
There’s symbols on the bottom. – What? We have–
– We have to find the symbols. – Okay. [door creaking open] Guys, guys, guys,
guys, guys, guys. Guys, guys.
– What’s in there? – Oh, the symbols–
one of the symbols! Here, we got a box. – And this box has a lock on it, and it’s not an ordinary lock
with numbers on it, but rather has kanji symbols
on it.Now, we’ve found
these four kanji symbols
on the black canvas
using the light.
– Okay, is there anything else
on the box? – Wait!
Oh, it opened! Oh! – Okay, okay, okay. – [laughs] – Oh.
– Cute. both: Origami.
– Oh, wait. Stones. Fake stones, though.
– Here, unfold it. Okay.
– Yeah, those are fake. – These aren’t real stones.
– Here we go. “They’re almost perfect fakes. “I made two in case
one of my men perished. “Our plan was to swap them out
with Jorogumo was unaware, but we never made it
that far into her web.” – So we need to swap those out
with the real one when we get there.
– Where? – So wait, do we have to
go to her web? – We got to Indiana Jones
this thing. – There’s two fake gems
that we havethat we’re supposed to put
in place of the real gem
so that Jorogumo girl
doesn’t know we took it. – Okay, so we need to go
find the web and get our friends back.
– Yeah, so let’s go. We have to go. – We have a little
reading session. – Aw, come on.
We ain’t come to read. I ain’t going back to school–
hey, okay. – And making things
a little bit more exciting… – What is happening?
– And dirty. – Oh, okay, yeah.
Go on and do that thing, girl. I like the kinky stuff.
My ex-girlfriend, she was just very lazy
when it came to the kinky stuff. – Oh, shit, I can’t see nothing.
– She ain’t want to do nothing. – I’m kind of nervous.
– Oh, yeah, I like this. – I just feel bad about this.[somber music]♪ ♪– The front door is open. [all screaming] – Okay. All right.
– Who goes there? – Don’t cut me.
Don’t cut me. – There’s Jesse! – Help me!
– Get back! [all screaming] – Oh, my God!
– A spider! – Oh, shit!
– No, she did not. It’s a spider. – [hissing] – This spider thing is literally
descending from the sky.♪ ♪– They’re mine now! Men are meals
to be taken at will, and these two will taste nice. However, I like to watch
my prey struggle. I will exchange these two males for one female life. Select two women by vote who will try and escape my web. Go! – Oh, God.
Okay. – What?
– Uh… – We’ll be back.
– We’ll be back. – That seemed about right,
that girls needed to fight to save me.♪ ♪– What are we gonna do? – Well, someone’s dying,
and it’s a girl. – Two girls.
– So one girl goes home… – Listen, I have an idea.
– And the two guys are safe. – What if we put
the weakest girl and the strongest girl in? Immediately, I’m panicking because I’m a girl. I haven’t been voted in at all,so I’m thinking there’s
a big red target on my back.
So I start scheming. So that way we know
we’re just gonna come back with the strongest girl, then we
get rid of the weakest link. – Who are the weakest girls?
– Then we all decide who is. I mean, if you think it’s me,
then put me in, but I think I’m not
the weakest one. – I think the two weakest
should battle it out. I mean, one of them
has to end up winning. – That’s true, that’s true. – And then we get rid
of two weak. – How about you guys plead your cases to us, since the gentlemen are safe? – Um…
– How about– – Guys over here
and girls over here… – Boys.
– So we can see. I want to hear it.
– This is sexism at its finest. – You know what?
Let two of the boys die. We’re going home.We have to get Jesse
and DeStorm back.
We have to trade one girl to get both the guys back,
which I mean, like– I mean, take the both guys.
I don’t care. – I think I’ve been pretty
helpful thus far. – How so?
– I drank blood from the vampire.
both: True. – I went into the ballroom.
both: True. – Solved the riddle.
– Yep. – I dug right into that body.
– Mm-hmm. – I feel like I’m pretty helpful
for the team. – Everything that Andrea said we’ve all done here.
– True. – We all dug in the corpses.
– Uh-huh. – We were all helping
with the codes. I’m the one who found the box and put it on the thing
and read the code. – If you have to make
somebody else sound bad to make yourself sound better,
it’s not worth it. – What did I say
to make you sound bad? – You said, “Andrea,
we’ve all done that.” – Did that make you sound bad?
Or did it say that we were also good?
– You made my case sound not as good.
– I’ve found so much. Joey wouldn’t be sitting here
on this couch if it wasn’t for me.
– That’s true. – Love you, Joey.
– Thank you, Liza. – This is great.
– I shouldn’t go in because I contributed a lot too, and I think that I am a strong addition to this team. – I’ve been trying
to make bold moves that I think other people
might be scared to make, like I veered off
from the group in that room all by myself,
found that door, walked in there,
found that little box. I didn’t want to open that door and be the next person
to be taken away. – Well, if you’re not afraid
to make bold moves to save other people…
– Yeah. – Then why not go out there and save those people?[dramatic music]♪ ♪– I have no idea
what’s gonna happen next.It’s every woman
for themselves.
♪ ♪– Everyone’s cast their vote?♪ ♪– Gabbie.
– [groans] Damn it.♪ ♪– Tana.
– Ooh. – Oh, shit.
– Okay. I’m so relieved that I am a boy right now.– I think everyone votes
for Tana
because when something bad
goes wrong,
she starts to panic
rather than thinking rationally and like, figuring out
what we need to do. She kind of freaks out
a little bit. – Gabbie, Tana,
it’s time to go. – Bring the gem.
– Bring the gems. Each of you.
– Hey, good luck, girls. – Good luck.
– Bye, guys. – I don’t think this is gonna be an easy task
for the girls. – Tell Lauren we say hey.♪ ♪– I feel like I haven’t seen
these girls in action yet, so I don’t know
what’s gonna happen.♪ ♪both: “To escape my web, “you must each overcome
three obstacles. “Charge into the web “until you each
find a golden box. “Inside will be
your next instruction. Do not dally.
I am hungry.”– I hate spiders.They’re my second least favorite thing on the planet. The first one is carbs. – Go!♪ ♪– [exclaiming] – Gabbie and I pretty much get
the note at the same time, so that’s good.
We’re off to an equal start. “I would never kill
another woman.” – “It is one of my men
who is going to die.” – “They were simply bait
to lure you in for my entertainment.” – The clue says she would never kill another woman. Girl power. And that it was one of the men
who was going to die. – “This key opens a chest
with my eggs.” – “Inside is a black pearl.” – “You will need to pass by
my maid…” – “To take the final fly.”♪ ♪I am not in good shape!♪ ♪Oh, my God. [screams]♪ ♪Oh, my God.♪ ♪So I swapped the gem, and then Jorogumo comes out with DeStorm and Jesse,
and she says… – Who will you save?♪ ♪– DeStorm. – [sighs] – Take your toy. Go! – Are you kidding me? What?
– Kneel. – Is this gonna hurt?
Is this gonna hurt? – [hissing] – [screaming] – I start to hear Jesse scream, and I feel terrible. – No.
– Wait, Tana! – Oh-ho-ho!
– No! – No! – What? Wait. What?
– Wait. – Jesse’s gone? – Wait, they’re both back? – What the–
– What happened? – Wait, why are you both back?
– What is going on? – Gabbie and I had to compete
to save one of the guys. And I lost.
– Are you kidding me? – Wait, wait, what? – The spiders didn’t want
us girls. They–they only wanted the guy.
– The wanted one of the guys. – It was a trick.
They were tricking us. – I can’t believe Jorogumo
lied to us. I feel like we’re playing a game
with someone else’s rules that they’re constantly
changing. – You bitches can’t kill me. I’m powerful and invincible because I can cheat death. – Me neither.
– We didn’t even want to kill you.
What are you guys talking about? – What?
– I did.– When Alex saw me,
oh, he goes crazy.
He’s like, “Oh, my God,
he’s still alive. Oh, my God, the big bad wolf
is still alive.” I’m still here, Alex.
I’m still here. – Why does Gabbie look like
DeStorm now? – We came around the corner
as an alliance, as a team. – I think it’s very interesting that Gabbie is pairing up
with someone who’s sketchy.Honestly, I think Gabbie
needs to watch her back.
If she’s gonna die, he would
totally laugh at her death. – I’m not happy that I got sent
to final death. Obviously, I didn’t like
climbing a web in my heels, and obviously, I’m coming back
a little bit tougher, a little bit more cautious, and a little bit warier,
but at the end of the day, we still have to work together
to figure this out. We have a gem.
– One step closer. – We’re one step closer.♪ ♪– Wait, there’s a note.♪ ♪– “Two dead and more to go. “I wonder which horrid face
will be next. “I would start praying. “After midnight, things change. The sorceress.” – After midnight?
– What time is it now? – It’s only four hours
until midnight.[manic laughter][laughter continues]

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