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39 thoughts on “Target is for Champions | Shayne Smith | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. I question his point about tattoos and fear when he has a huge tattoo on his neck, I heard that pain is pretty bad for neck tattoos so I think if you can get such a sizable one you could do anything.

  2. okay but my aunt's fiancé was killed by a vending machine… like actually. he was trying to fix it so he was inside it but someone didn't know and turned the electricity back on

  3. Mmmmmm. Hes trying. I was more focused on the tattoo than what he said. That's probably how his day to day interactions are as well

  4. I’m an EMT, and if I rolled up on a scene of a vending machine crushing like he described, that is 100% how I would deal with that situation.

  5. For those who think this guy is the next George Carlin, exactly what is it that makes him funny to you? I mostly see comments talking about his voice, his tats, and his facial features. Do these tangible factors equate to humor? If this is rib-splitting humor to you, more power to you. While this might be a funny guy with humorous anecdotes in the break room at work, I honestly would not pay money to see his shtick. To me, his timing and delivery are cringe worthy. I have seen many of his clips and I just don't see it. Maybe I should move to Wyoming.
    Feel free to enlighten me. I assume the Shayne Smith fan club is intelligent enough to engage in honest dialogue. If you feel the need to insult me for my post, then you are proving my point as to the mentality it takes to enjoy his stuff. Comments like 'You're stupid' have little to add to this conversation, so you can move along if you please. (Furthermore, a disturbing proportion of comments intending to insult intelligence are sadly misspelled. Having said all that, let's discuss…

  6. There's no such thing as a cat stuck in a tree. There's only a cat that isn't ready to come down yet.

  7. An employee of Target bumped into me on accident and she hugged me while apologizing. I didn't even know her. But I awkwardly hugged back and said "Its ok." Never saw her again.

  8. I’m a social justice warrior and you are exclusionary to people who have die by vending machine hahhaa

  9. Target customers. The walls are red, the carts are red, there are red stripes on the floor, the cashiers you walked by on the way in are wearing red. Guess what color the ALL Target employees will be wearing?

  10. Yeah I'd rather have a vending machine crawl up my shoulder than that fuzzy eight legged spawn of Satan! 😂😱

  11. I love how this guy is effortlessly the most gangster person I've seen and also the biggest nerd that's not about that life simultaneously.

  12. The vending machine / spider bit is perhaps the worst written and delivered joke I've seen outside of an amateur night.

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