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Tay-K's Career Is Over (He's Guilty) & The XXXTentacion Joke

now ever since the race by take a came out I've been following his case very closely and he might have done the same the song came out over two years ago now and there's been a lot of developments in his case in but very recently actually more like a couple of days ago take a was officially found guilty of murder so let's talk about it by the way as you can see from the title I'll also be talking about a topic related to xxx ten pasión on the second part of this video so make sure you stick around till the end by the way if you guys could do me a favor and just click like on this video because YouTube is obviously gonna be monetize this video since this is somewhat of a sensitive topic being demonetised also means that unfortunately the video won't get recommended to as many people so if you could just do me a favor and drop a like I would really appreciate it but of course let's not waste any time and let's start talking about Tech Hayes entire case so ever since take a got locked up in June 2017 he's been behind bars for a couple of things number one for the murder of 21 year old Ethan Walker this entire situation went down because take a and a couple of his friends planned a home invasion and this robbery went completely south and that led to the unfortunate death of Ethan Walker another reason why take a is behind bars well for the death of another man by the name of Mark so Deva mark was a 23 year old man who got his life taken away outside of a chick-fil-a in San Antonio Texas according to the cops take a is the alleged triggerman for this crime and then last but not least he's accused of robbing and brutally beating a 65 year old men this man is actually soon take hey by the way so yeah that's exactly why he's been locked up for these past two years but going back to the first murder take a was involved in the other day we got the official news that the jury found take a guilty so let's check out the article Tarrant County jury finds rapper take a guilty and murder trial and Tarrant County rapper was found guilty of murder and robbery on Friday but not the more serious charge of capital murder which would have carried a mandatory 40-year sentence so he was found guilty on both murder and robbery if you didn't know by the way a couple days prior to the judge coming to this decision take a actually pleaded guilty to robbery and not murder so leading up to this everyone was asking well since he pleaded guilty to robbery and not murder what exactly is gonna happen clearly it looks like the judge still decided to charge him with you know only murder and not capital murder the difference here is capital murder is one of the most serious crimes that can be committed in Texas so automatically if the judge decided to charge him with this take it would have been locked up at least okay at least 40 years guaranteed since you can't get less than that if you get charged with capital in Texas say more McEntire also known as take a stood and listen to the verdict as it was read McEntire who showed no obvious emotion now faces between five and ninety-nine years in prison the sentencing phase of the trial began immediately following the verdict on Friday so let's let's digest this for a second the court is now trying to figure out how much time exactly they want to give him because as you can see he faces between five and ninety nine years in prison which means he could get seven years in prison or 80 years in prison things get much much much darker because you got to keep in mind thus far he's only been in trial for one murder and there's another one he's facing that he hasn't gone to trial for the worst thing about this for him in this case is he's the person who was being pointed out as the triggerman and you already know what that means they're gonna come very hard for him but what do I personally make up this entire thing well number one take his career is can we just say it it's it's over at this point not even Michael Scofield can save take ages think about what he has in front of him he pleaded guilty to robbery the judge said I'll hit you at robbery and murder and you're now possibly facing between five and ninety nine years behind bars what about the second murder where he's the alleged triggerman how was that gonna go think about the fact that in the first murder trial that he just went through he wasn't even the triggerman but he's now possibly still facing between five and ninety nine years in prison and what about the fact that one of take k's accomplices in the first murder actually got life in prison yes he got life in prison are they then gonna give take a ten years or seventy years I think it's safe to say that it's not looking good for taking at all at this point it's not about him possibly having a career when he does come out whenever that is it's more about will he be able to serve whatever time he gets and stand the test of time you know how take a said school was very hard well prison is very hard hitting something to play with especially if you are a young man like take a facing two murders of course he did this to himself but let's not forget that he has a long and especially uncomfortable experience waiting for him in the future now moving on to the next thing I want to talk about this video which is regarding xxx dentists so if you follow me on either Instagram or Twitter then you already know what's been going on but just in case you don't let me tell you the other day there was a clip of a comedian by the name of Dena Hashim that was quickly getting a lot of attention all over social media now this comedian was performing a stand-up where she was making a joke about xxx ten-thousands death without talking too much let me show you exactly what she said and then we'll talk about it after is anyone still mourning xxx dentists young he was shot he was on his way to buy a car with $50,000 in cash and somebody shot him and took the money which is very tragic I think also it would be a very good venmo commercial so I can't actually show the entire clip because of you know copyright reasons but just in case you want to see the entire clip it's actually on my Instagram I posted the entire clip over there so just in case you want to see the entire clip I'm going to leave my Instagram on the screen right now definitely check it out so you kind of have some context as to what I'm talking about in this video but pretty much as you could hear she made a joke about the Louisville Tom bag that X was carrying the day he died because you might remember this but X was carrying around $50,000 in his bank the day he got shot she referenced the money he had on him to venmo if you're not familiar with that it's pretty much a digital payment service so pretty much X's death could be used as a commercial to use venmo because do now carry $50,000 on you that's the joke and it's kind of lame as you could imagine though this is a pretty sensitive topic not only is X calm but he died a little bit over a year ago so it's still really fresh on a lot of people's minds of course X fans went absolutely crazy on the comedian and got to the point where people were threatening her life if I'm not mistaken she apologized twice made all of her social media accounts private because she couldn't take the hate and backlash anymore a bunch of people spoke out against this including myself but looking at what some people said my boy I'm Dante shad I'm a nigga I've done – I had a couple of things to say about this TV academics chimed in as well down his life had a couple of things to say about it and last but not least the code himself black he speaks obviously that's me I gave my two cents on Twitter and Instagram I wanna approach this entire thing from two different angles because initially when I saw what she said I was like no no no this is not OK this lady is a clown she's cloud chasing and so forth first of all let's make this very clear I would not blink an eye or even find this slightly offensive if we weren't talking about xxx identity on here I'm saying this because obviously I was a fan of exes music one thing I'm starting to realize though is that my whole take on this was hypocritical and I talked about this on Twitter as you can see my tweet pretty much is me announcing that my opinion changed just due to the fact that we're talking about a comedian here and even though in my personal opinion I've never liked the idea of making fun of dead people the truth is I can't monitor or decide what a comedian can or and joke about I want you to think about electus if I get upset at this lady for saying what she said then I might as well go off on every other comedian who jokes about sensitive topics aka every single great comedian out there some of the best ones Dave Chappelle don't hold back at all which brings me to the next point which is if this joke was actually funny okay if it was actually funny trust me when I say this I wouldn't mind if Dave Chappelle made a joke about Hex's death and it sounds crazy but listen up here if he did it and he did it well this wouldn't even be a conversation because most people including ex fans would laugh at it is that you were laughing at X's unfortunate death absolutely not who the hell wanted to see the man lose his life at 20 years old except for I don't know people who don't have a heart maybe the point is comedians crack jokes and if I or should I say we try to monitor what they can or can't joke about it just creates a very problematic cycle of trying to hold comedians accountable for the jokes they tell like I said do I personally like or condone joking about dead people no I don't but at least if you're gonna do it do a good job at it that joke she told was just bad it was lame that's honestly how I feel I mean if I die and a comedian cracks a wack joke over my dead body bitch I'm gonna come out of the motherfucking grave and slap the shit out of you god dammit the least you can do is honor me by telling an actually good joke does anybody feel me here by the way before in this video I just want to give a quick message to all xxx 10,000 fans listen up guys you can't be sending death threats to this woman because she made a bad joke about X I mean I get it it's a very sensitive topic it's very normal to feel this way X is gone he can no longer speak out for himself he can no longer defend himself so when things like this happened you want to be the person who defends him ever since X died we all know that he's been slandered by so many people in the media I've covered all of this on my channel and then you know just food for thought for a second imagine if this comedian made a joke about Nipsey Hussle or Tupac what exactly would the reaction be then would there still be people saying I mean she's just a comedian so you can't be mad about it and just like I said food for thought and that's something to think about but of course I want to wrap it up with this this is bigger than just X himself this whole thing reflects on the whole hip-hop community I feel like we're the last community who should be offended about a comedian making a bad joke me that's of course you know just my opinion that's all I have to say about that now what do you personally think about what I talked about in this video first of all regarding take hey being guilty of murder on his first trial do any strong opinions about this how do you think everything is gonna unfold from here do you think he's gonna get as little as ten years in prison or as much as 60 years in prison and then last but not least the xxx 10,000 joke do you think the comedian went too far with this joke or do you think she didn't definitely let me know in the comment section below and what's our discussion about this

40 thoughts on “Tay-K's Career Is Over (He's Guilty) & The XXXTentacion Joke

  1. Honestly Tay k deserves what's coming to him. Obviously, I don't know if he was the trigger man, all I know is if you put yourself around horrible people you're going to end up where horrible people go.

    The x joke was trash and Comedy Central is trash for promoting the joke. Marketing and capitalism in the US is so trash that people will go out their way to parade someone's death jus for some clicks and cash. Tbh I don't think that x would of found that funny. #RIPX #LLJ

  2. Disrespectful… I was hoping I could have made it so x could have got on this

  3. There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason for ANY comedian to make jokes about someone who has passed!! That’s utter crap!!

  4. I usually like dark humour but that joke about x's death was just not funny, and that makes it just plain rude. You used it as shit joke material like bruh, you could most likely make it actually good but for real, that was just fucking cringe and if you make good material look cringe it is just extra rude.
    Joking about tragic things is to make the tragic things less tragic because people laugh about it and laughing is positive am I right.

  5. Its a joke. No one can make a joke anymore bcuz a few years ago you could make fun of dead people but now everyone goes ape shit

  6. Who cares if it was funny or not its still a joke and she should have all right to make it. Butthurt sensitive people make the world a drag. Not every one was sucking on X's balls some of us really dont give a shit and hey everybody dies stop acting as if you want to force people to care about your loved ones

  7. I actually cant listen to Tay K anymore without thinking is he actually still gonna be considered a musical artist because he cant make music anymore.

  8. Omfg bro can you put sum feeling into what your saying if fallin asleep over this and Its about something I want to know lol that's probably why you ain't that big

  9. In my opinion, I rather choose to think about how X would have responded to her? Like in a diss song or something like that, I can imagine what a goofy ass title he woulda came up with lol. Do not hate, people, it is just a (bad ass taste) joke and I think the last thing that X taught me was hatred.

    Peace and love, vros.

    Have a nice day.

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