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Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis | Netflix Standup Comedy Special | Trailer

I am halfway through my 20s, and I am done with this shit. Oh, my God, I’m sick of my 20s. You have no intuition,
no instincts. That’s why you’re thin
in your 20s. You don’t have a gut
to listen to yet. There’s no mystic, bad feeling
under your ribs going, “Hey, maybe don’t date a DJ, again!” So when I was younger,
and I was waiting, I would tell guys, “I’m not ready to have sex yet,
is that okay?” And anytime guys were
really cool about that decision, that just made me want
to have sex with them more. The hottest thing
you can say to a girl is, “Hey, we don’t
have to do anything.” Now we do. So I pretend I’m not ready
to have sex with someone new yet, just to make sure
they’re a good person first. I call it the Gobstopper test. I go, “Oh, I’m not ready,
is that okay?” He’s like, “Totally fine.
No worries at all.” And I’m like, “Charlie! You won!” I knew you could, my boy! Now come inside
my chocolate factory. It’s all for you!

65 thoughts on “Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis | Netflix Standup Comedy Special | Trailer

  1. Wow! These jokes are so original and funny. I've never heard another attractive blond blue eyed female make any of these same exact jokes before. Her delivery is also so original. She does not seem like the kind of woman that would cut a mans penis off at all. I totally don't want to shoot myself in the head right now and can totally sit through her entire show.

  2. Hey Netflix i am just writing this to see if you actually look at the comments from your fans and potential customers.

  3. You will give THIS person a stand-up special but not Samuel J Conroe??!!!! You guys have lost your mind

  4. Lol doesn’t take much scrolling down to find the “why isn’t this funny then” comments. There are always shitlords. Still this looks pretty funny, I’ll add it to my list so I can watch it two years from now

  5. lol. She referred to her butthole as a chocolate factory. lol. This girl is gonna go places with jokes like that! She might be the next Amy Schumer. Females aren't supposed to talk like that! Gosh, she's really pushing the envelope here. lol.

  6. Some super edgy takes down here. "Women can't be funny! You know who I like? This little-known comedian, maybe you've heard of him: Dave Chappelle."

  7. Maybe if John Mulaney transitions then Netflix can finally have a successful female comedy special… 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😂

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