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TB JOSHUA CRACKS JOKES While Ministering Healing! 😁😂🤣

aha problem is working sitting and standing due to spinal stenosis you do something for me I want you to join our choir I can sing sir it’s Pakal son like a cappella and a fellowship are you doing wanted my let my bussing just sing one song thank you let’s hear your voice and see this price you see your to look like a guru oh is that all you see it’s a talent they say a tappa lost iike is the destroyer Taeyang how does young son like I can reach so it’s a gift I don’t want to say i jealous of your husband that he has voice I’m not she can sing too because into hey oz what a wife a lot about on the stage they say you can sink – yeah you want to thank you Jesus thank you Jesus [Music] oh Jesus thank you thank you [Applause] hey listen today with tangos okay I’ve had this accident and I’m in constant pain for the past over two months now and I’m also diabetic I’ve had diabetes for 25 years and I take two sets of insulin injections every day like four injections and my belly is salsa okay it turns out yeah you listen to a message today this is just the a war failure failure that’s not here we can call it a failure haven’t pain haven’t established Shelia if you look at what follow Australia so now you can see if not this failure will you gbto Saturday we have been worship a government we find ourself and which I believe that this failure it’s going to strengthen your desire I had attended for God that is the benefit Seto so for the difficult our shape so we came on the job at the Piven psycho if you could I’ll come in our national prophet that if you should say hombre no problema de cemento idiots son of a whore to pedicure Sarla ministration Mahalo Toledano molesters your Casa Cristo will speak to Santo Brian communists personas can see what is happening consider why shaking all over consider wife being used as a point of contact right now to release the power of healing into the life of the husband was be suffering from difficulty walking due to spinal stenosis use a lumbar cassette or they were from the United States of America okay okay you’re free sir no no he has been declared Jesus declare I leave my ship leaves or some freeze thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus man oh god help me I have cervical spondylosis yeah you took a machine you’re happy now you are happy let’s kiss pass so far I do anybody cool part me now hmm sorry sir Roxy inoculum did you prepare yes the reaction no you’re free in heaven you adorable son and you’re in it forever but you as a girl [Music] your name long free thank you Jesus [Music] I’m your friend I’ll show you where you are beating your mom come on you realize it’s my friend sorry I’m not ask you any question I’m not saying at the question is my friend the spirit of anger cream from you okay the little boy is addicted to eating plastic tiga so you talk too much let me get you give me more give me more but just great the drunk [Music] okay let’s talk let’s talk get the bread mom it’s finished let’s check it money I mean how much is this how much is it 5 4 red oh yes this is one here it’s your so let me see what I can’t wait [Applause] let’s go mm-hmm-hmm mr. mom said good boy I wanted to see him later okay [Music] all I got please help my wife what about me deliver my wife she not their prayer war she wants a present somebody I want to prove it somebody suddenly hits me she says she’s not a prophetess but she was moved to go and pray for somebody I seek if I praying for that person it would speed left a person I entered her instantly yes she cannot walk so what move you to Grand Prix follow you follow your little sick after finish pray I use instantly what the person have put to you down what now move you to pray for passes what move you follow what move you [Music] follow follow follow follow follow follow follow follow follow follow after pray for the person is sickness or the peasant are you and now instantly you start sick you could not walk immediately creepy hello look at look at this is Jesus look at this is this is Jesus is not Apollo [Applause] [Music] you are free okay [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “TB JOSHUA CRACKS JOKES While Ministering Healing! 😁😂🤣

  1. I'm not a member of His Church but I have an utmost respect for him I listen to his messages and philosophies of life. He's the best for me. His critics don't have any tangible evil melancholic tendencies against him. Am pleased to have him in my time.

  2. This is serious ooo… Look the boy been influenced by the spirit of anger from the mother, then the prophet hit the source of the problem. Immediately the boy started laughing with the prophet. Wow…. This is too genuine. Dear Lord Jesus Christ please help me now! Amen.

  3. Sir please prayer for younger brother take drugs ,heroin, and his behavior like satanic. And he also angry with me.please save my life.please please please

  4. Jesus raised lazarus from dead TB Joshua raised man and baby from dead, Jesus heals a man born blind TB Joshua heals various blind deaf cancer, TB Joshua is much powerful than Jesus and he is the second coming of Jesus = Joshua

  5. O Lord God why do I feel there is witchcraft going in the family, Please asking prayer people of God my daughter and her husband they are having difficulty in his family house they seem to get sick a lot when they are at his grandmother's house they also seem to argue a lots over little things plus my daughter gets nightmares and find redness blister spot all over her body.

  6. Man of God you give me joy. I was angry today but when I watched this I became happy with tears. There is power in the name of Jesus. God bless you TB Joshua with many blessings

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    How easy it is for him to laugh and make fun while performing unworldly miracles
    Thank you Jesus

  8. man of God I'm believing God to use me the way he uses you in humility, love and anointing bright mwaba from Zambia.

  9. Prophet TB Joshua, I believe you are willing to heal me and deliver me, love one, family and friends in the name of Saviour Jesus. Amen

  10. Hi…shalom… shalom man of God please pray for us and my baby 2 years old so that she be obedient child and have excellent spirit. God bless you man of God

  11. Thank God for his Healing and l pray God locate my family through this deliverance. Heal my family from sickness and bondage. God deliver my family from failures

  12. Amen ⛪⛪🤲🤲✝️✝️🙏🙏👏👏💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Praise the Lord please pray for me from last 5 year I m sick I have breathing problem I want to heal in jesus name amen

  14. Seigneur jesus libère mon fils de la haine, du non respect 🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Dear brethren and God's children the Bible says in Mark 16 that healing will happen…so to experience this if you are in Congo DRC, please visit Global christian Hope Ministries in Goma…God is at work. Believe and you will be saved with all of yours…I declare a breakthrough and deliverance in your thoughts in Jesus christ name. Amen

  16. Tôi tạ ơn Đức chúa Jesus Christ hôm qua ngày nay cho đến đời đời không hề thay đổi, Haleluva

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