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Team America: World Police (3/10) Movie CLIP – Derka Derka (2004) HD

Derka allah muhammad jihad.Bakala muhammad jihad!Bakala muhammad jihad!Allah derka derka
muhammad jihad!Muhammad jihad!
Muhammad jihad!Oh, shit. Come on, gary, act.
You have the power. ( guns cocking )Fuck derk derk allah.Derka derka muhammad jihad.Hake sherpa sherpa bakala.Oh…Derka, derka, derka.All right, gary! Told you he was top-gun. I’ve never seen
acting that good. He’s amazing. ( band playing jaunty music ) ( singing
arabic gibberish ) Yeah, no, I know.
It’s terrible, terrible. We are bashir rebels from the
country of somalia. Who are you? My… Name is hakmed.
I’m a terrorist. Anybody know of any terrorist
attacks coming up soon? ( room silences ) (slow, suspenseful theme
playing) I sense that I’m becoming
attracted to gary. My advice is not to get involved
with a team member, sarah. It’s too painful
to see them die. I’m sorry, lisa.
I didn’t mean to bring up– It’s okay, sarah.
I treasure your friendship. I treasure yours,

100 thoughts on “Team America: World Police (3/10) Movie CLIP – Derka Derka (2004) HD

  1. Borob: I DID run over the lady's puppy with my brand new Pajero.
    Dirk: shushes Borob
    Borob: You will never silence me!
    Dirk: quietly Ugh, stop messing everything up!
    Borob: aloud to the judge Dirka-Dirka deserves a fifty dollar fine for censorship Your Honor.
    Dirk: I'm your defense! I must prove your innocence and I'm the one in charge.

  2. Why is this generation get so offended..and it’s the same generation that grew up with this movie lmao

  3. "I'm a terrorist." You know, it's just his everyday job, like being an accountant, or a teacher or something.

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