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Techno Music The Music Of The Gods | Tyler Boeh | Dry Bar Comedy

I learned to love all kinds of different music in that group but I always pay attention of the rhythm that's what I always like sort of keying on first like some people will pay attention to melody or lyrics and for me it's always rhythm first that's why I love that music with like real heavier rhythm like it's just like my James you know it gets me pumped up yeah absolutely I love it there's just so much about that music that I love like people give me a hard time they're like how do you listen to it it's so repetitive every song sounds like every other song oh my gyno that's kind of why I like it I only need one dance move for every song right we're talking on entire genre of music one move you're pretty much set you got to a club or a party just like next song next song next song right you can't do that with every different kind of music like I love rap music and hip-hop but every rap song is trying to have its own dance move to go with like each song it's so hard to keep up they want to teach you how to dougie you got a Superman you got a stanky leg they want you to whip and nae nae and dab and juju on the beat it's like slow down there's yeah there's a learning curve here and you're going way too fast but that means right it's fun right it's inclusive anybody can dance to it anybody right Nana you got one good head still in the game still in the game get out there have fun you got no reason not to dance no excuse I don't have good rhythm really you don't even need good rhythm there's literally so much rhythm in that music it's physically impossible to be offer them right you miss a beat there's another beat right behind that beat just get on the next one it is repetitive there is a formula right here's the formula every song same beaches then they just put a different melody over the top of that beat it doesn't even matter what the melody is honestly the more repetitive the better the most famous like techno club song in the world is three notes three notes the entire song start-to-finish platinum three notes [Laughter] yeah you've heard it I know you have exactly then they do this thing with the vowels if you've never paid attention you can hear all the vowel sounds in the baseline right is it true eat eat eat eat Ivan Ivan Bible dude oh oh and sometimes why [Applause] yeah not always but sometimes why that's not even the best part the best parts to break down like three quarters the way through the song they will drop out the beat they go with just the melody for like a little bit build up some suspense then they bring the beat back real slow sequentially they build it up and then it all comes back together in this moment they call the drop and when that drop hits people lose their minds yeah I love it you love it is I feel like it's the greatest moment in music yeah I think it's the single greatest moment in music I feel like I put a head-to-head with anything like a cymbal crash at the end of a Beethoven symphony it's got drama right and suspense there but they they don't end a lot of songs these days with a cymbal crash you notice that sort of a dying art you don't mean like it's you know you're not on the radio like to a spa seat oh I don't know why it's fun they should anyways yeah but even that moment like that moment that that slow build and then like I feel like right when that drop it's I feel like everything's perfect just for a second right just just for a moment or add like I write that first beat gets everyone's attention it's like I feel like life's about moments and just for like that moment that one moment first second everything's perfect right boom it's just like sunshine and rainbows you let me just right just palm puppies ranches home everyone steps to a back from baggage claim just people get so excited my buddy comes over a couple weeks ago he's like dude you gotta hear the drop on this track he starts this song up right it's like wait for it which yeah they always tell you to wait for he's all excited right this is the same guy by the way who will watch a movie with you but he's already seen the movie and then yeah he's so excited for you to see it through the entire movie he's doing this oh watch this next part yeah nice I was kind of planning on watching all of the parts but just for you on this next section and we watch so hard for you he's he's like wait for it wait wait for it I think I got some stuff to do today man how long do you think this like nine minutes later it's like [Applause] totally worth it I'm so glad I waited subscribe to drive our comedy for even more of the world's largest collection of clean comedy

37 thoughts on “Techno Music The Music Of The Gods | Tyler Boeh | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. He's not quite as funny to me as some of the others on dry bar but I agree he has mad beatz. And he incorporates it so well. From one musician to another mad props. Like I could tell people would stay another hour just to hear him drop some more beatz

  2. Hellll yeah! I love EDM <3
    Especially psytrance, the scene is amazing. You described the drop perfectly, it's the most euphoric incredible feeling ever when that drop happens and everyone goes crazy
    I can't even dance, but i don't care, when the drop happens i can't help but flail about, even if i look ridiculous, it's just such a rush <3

  3. Honestly I can tell by the rhythm of his words that he'd make a great poet, or a rapper. He speaks with a really good cadence.

  4. i am that guy who says "watch this part" because i've seen people look at their phone or something and miss the best part of a movie

  5. Many years ago there would be DJs at nightclubs that played song after song with the same basic beat and even tweak the turntables to ensure that the song being segued into the mix would quietly slip into the rhythm. It proved the DJ had talent. Dancers would simply bounce for hours and not really care about how cookie-cutter the music seemed. Many were too drunk or too high to even care about stuff like that. They just bounced and flounced and laughed for hours and hours.

  6. Tyler Boeh definitely gave me a whole new perspective on techno music! Thanks man, and great beatboxing!!

  7. If he is so excited about Techno, I wonder what would he say about Schranz :] ?
    (For example, FL-X – Disapointment and Hate )

  8. Anyone ever teach fitness classes will
    Totally get the drop of the beat in a great step class or sports conditioning class…

    I love techno music too but it’s not all the same. It is but it isn’t. There’s hard core tech/electronic music that even I can’t grasp..: but that solid nice beat with that bass line coming in.. hot:)

  9. Well it took preacher man( that’s my new name for him) to make me spit food out of my mouth. I have never down that with any comedian. I literally spit my ice cream
    Out my mouth. He’s good.

  10. Oh my god, youth pastor man can dance…/ he is hilarious….when he yelled out”slow down” he sounded like a country singer!

  11. I hate techno and dance club music, give me HEAVY metal everytime, but someone who can do that line this guy is just awesome.

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