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Teen Mom 2’s Funniest Moments 🤣 MTV Ranked

– Oh my god. (peaceful music) I can’t, I can’t. Please go, go, go. – You gotta get in. (woman laughing) – We’ve been at my mom’s house a few days and trying to get along
with her is exhausting. And we need to take the edge off. Dude I was so hungry. – You’re smoking weed
in front of my house. Don’t you laugh at me at my
house you Mr. Disrespectful. – I’m not disrespecting you. – You think it’s funny?
– [Man] No. – You think it’s funny? Well I don’t think it’s funny. Weed gets caught in my
house, this baby’s gone. Gone! You won’t take care of your baby. – You wouldn’t let me anyways. – You know what it is, high, high. You’re both high. – My first ultrasound’s today and Cole took the morning off to come, but we have to take Aubrey to school first and it’s a lot of work getting
everyone ready on time. Oh my god it’s the most
stressful morning of my life. Oh my god I said it four times! – [Cole] I know, I know. – Go!
– [Cole] Go grab it? – Yes! Don’t get married because they drive you nuts. Oh my god! – [Aubrey] Mom? – [Mom] What? – [Cole] I had to get my shoes on. – I’m gonna be late. It’s already- – [Mom] Yeah Aubrey, you’re gonna be late. – Watch out everybody. – [Mom] You have a memory (mumbles). – I know. But were you holding the baby? – Cole I do this every morning. – I know you do. – Oh my god you guys
seriously drive me insane. Anyway, we’re gonna have
pictures of the baby when we pick you up from school. – [Cole] Isn’t that exciting? – Yeah. – Look at you, you’re
going to be a big sister to a lot of kids. – [Cole] Yeah. Good thing you’re really good at it. – We’re gonna drop you off at the door, you just run in. Okay girl? – I really don’t wanna say this but where in the hell is your book bag? Oh my god. – Oh my god! I’m done! We’re gonna have to bring that later. Way later. I don’t even know
if we can bring it today because we’re not going home. – You’re just not gonna have your bag. We’re terrible. – I just want to do
this by myself everyday because when you two
are both involved, no. – I got no gas either. Oh guys we’re terrible. – Cole. – For real. – Well we’re going straight
to that appointment. – [Cole] Oh I know. – [Mom] Hey Aubrey,
goodbye, have a great day. I love you. – Just tell your teacher
you forgot your bag. We just don’t have your bag, okay? – We still agree, we don’t want to have Jace see Andrew anyways. – Yeah I mean now that he
didn’t even show up in New York and then he calls you
the last minute saying oh I’m in Florida. Surprise, surprise. So much irresponsibilities
that he has shown. It’s not right for Jace
to meet him right now. – No. You eat this or is it decoration? – You can eat that. It’s arugula. I like it. – I like it, I’m just asking. Sometimes they just put
it on there for a garnish. – They decorate stuff now so weirdly that you don’t know what
you can eat anymore or not. – Last night I went inside Louis’s house while he was at work and I bought over 300 crickets and I threw them in his house. – Savage. – I feel so bad. – Girl he didn’t feel bad when he stuck his penis in somebody’s vagina. What if he went to bring a
girl home last night and- – That’s what I’m saying. What if there was a girl there last night and she was like what the (bleep) is this? – People talk. Let them know like oh my
god his house is dirty. He has crickets in his house. Don’t go home and sleep with him. – But it was so loud, Brittney. You could hear them moving and
they were really really loud. (everyone laughs) – You think he’s stupid, he knows. – He knows it’s me? – He knows. – Nah, he doesn’t know. – 1,000 crickets or
whatever don’t just pop up. You ain’t sneaky, you just really- – He’s not gonna know it’s me. He’s not. There’s no way in hell. – So this is gonna sound totally bad, but I walk into my house and I’m like taking off my clothes or whatever and I see … I have crickets. (Briana laughs) In my room. I’m not even joking with you. You think I’m making this
up and I’m really not. So I went to the office this
morning but it was closed. I left them a real rude message. I have crickets in my room so I feel like a neighbor has
either lizards or something and they dropped it or something. I don’t know. (Britany laughs) And then I was going through
the walls looking for crickets and vacuuming them with the hose. So I know my vacuum thing is
full of crickets right now. (Britany laughs) And I woke up today and
I found more crickets. I don’t really wanna sleep in my house. It’s so disgusting. You can hear it. Listen to the phone. – What’s that? – Crickets! They were literally like
cricket, cricket, all night. I was so done. – I have to go to the bathroom. (laughs) – It’s a funny ass story. Definitely did not make that one up. Yeah that was my morning. – I have to use the bathroom. Oh my god that is so funny. – Hey Jenelle. – My lawyer talked to my
probation officer again. It sounds like they might be
able to give me less jail time. I’m thinking about taking it
so I can get off probation. – So have you given some
thought about the options? Definitely wanting to do the jail time? – Yeah I definitely want to do jail. – Okay. What they are asking for is
the 8th through the 23rd. It would be a total of 16 days in jail. – Well see the only thing is on the 9th I got second row
seats to go see a concert. It’s Ke$ha tickets. – I understand. The problem is that that’s not gonna fly with your probation officer. – No, no, you don’t understand. This is my idol. She’s my idol and I’m never
gonna be able to see her. – When is the concert? – August 9th. Can you call her and tell her, isn’t there some way? – I’m not mentioning the concert. – I really can’t miss that concert. I really can’t. That’s why I got all
these feathers in my hair, because of the concert. I bought clothes for the concert. I set up hotel rooms for the concert. – All right. I have to give your probation
officer your final decision. So just think about it
before you tell him. I understand that the
concert’s important to you but you can have all of this behind you in just a couple of weeks and be done with it. – No one understands how
important this concert is to me. It’s not just a concert. It’s Ke$ha. – Just think about it. – It’s a person, it’s not oh I
wanna go to a random concert. It’s Ke$sha. My idol, the girl that I watched videos on YouTube 30 times a day. I mean I’m obsessed with this girl. – Just think about it. – [Mom] Good morning. I gotta curl my hair. (Aubree whines) – She just locked me out. Aubree do not go back to
sleep with that door locked. Open. Aubree I need to get
dressed, open the door. Aubree, hello? (phone dials) – [Brittany] What’s up? – Brittany. – [Brittany] What? – Aubree just went in my
room, locked the door, and went back to sleep. – I swear to god. She will not open the
door and it’s locked. I don’t know what to do. I’m gonna be late, 100%. Okay bye. – [Brittany] Bye. – Okay that’s not going anywhere. (phone dials) – [Randy] Hello? – Dad. – [Randy] What? – Aubree went in my room, locked the door, and went back to sleep. – [Mom] I can’t. I know but I don’t know what. Can you believe she did that? – [Randy] Yes. – Okay I’m gonna be late again. I can’t do anything about this. Okay. I don’t think a bobby pin is gonna work. I did! Aubree wake up! She doesn’t care. I’m not getting this with
a freaking bobby pin. That’s not doing (bleep). Okay. I found a little screwdriver. Oh my god! Get up! I got the door open, k, bye. Get up Aubree! You don’t lock me out of the room! – I think she’s kicking my bladder. Straight up kicking it. – Look at that, (mumbles). (woman laughs) – Oh my god! I just peed my pants. Oh my god. I can’t, I can’t. Please go, go, go. – You gotta get in. (both laughing) – [Cory] She peed herself. (laughs) She peed her pants! All right (mumbles) man. – Not funny, please stop! (both laughing) Please stop laughing. I thought my water broke. – It stinks. – I couldn’t stop it! Seriously, Cory it’s all
the way down to my socks. To my socks! That was like a big old pee. – [Cory] I didn’t mean to laugh at you. – This sucks so bad. – Come here. I was laughing with you, not at you. – No you was laughing at me. You was like you peed your pants.

100 thoughts on “Teen Mom 2’s Funniest Moments 🤣 MTV Ranked

  1. Crickets? For a cheating man who did u wrong and u have access to the house? FAIR. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Jenelle really thinks she looks good. Ol' butter head ass bitch. Her body is cute "butter" head is fugly. 😂😂

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  4. Janelle either was high or she really just don’t understand what should matter, and still doesn’t to this day.

  5. Its a dumb concert like you dud something that ended you in probation so you shouldn't deserve to go to the concert

  6. Janelle is dumb “like it’s Kesha” as if Kesha is that amazing of an artist…she’s willing to go to jail to go to a Kesha concert. Her priorities aren’t right.

  7. Oh my god! I totally feel chealea on the morning where she had an appointment but nothing is going right.

  8. Briana putting crickets in Luis’s apartment is the most underrated scene is Teen Mom history!!! I laugh until i cry EVERY time!!!


  10. Jenelle spoke of jail like it was so natural..” yes I would definitely go to jail” lol then is willing to bypass that by going to a stupid concert. Her lawyer held his laugh in. You can tell he wanted to laugh when she talked about having feathers in her hair and shit lol 😂

  11. is nobody gonna talk about how when Barbra and Jennelle we’re talking about like leaves or whatever about the food. It was really the only nice moment.

  12. Poor Leah lol and I can’t laugh too hard bc it’s happened to me when I was pregnant with my 3rd. When I was pregnant with my first I had terrible morning sickness well it was all day sickness but I went to the grocery store and this old lady walked by me and I caught a whiff of her old lady perfume and moth ball mixture and I literally threw up right there in the isle. It just came up 🙁 I was so embarrassed and she came over to help me and I smelled her again and threw up again. Omg it was awful!! Finally a manager came to help and I told her to plz ask that old lady to go bc that was what was making me sick. I felt so bad bc I didn’t want to be rude to the lady, she was precious but smells really got to me during each of my pregnancies but it was the worst with my 1st.

  13. Your risking less jail time for her? That guy must've been laughing so hard after he left the restaurant.

  14. Your late cause you didnt get up in time for someone who has kids its like an hour earlier then you need to wake up by. lol

  15. The only one I actually cracked up at 3:40 I need to know what happened after.. what happened when he found out it was her? lol

  16. Poor leah I did the same thing. When I was prego . I didn't know it at the time. And could not get my Apartment door open in time😂😭😭🙈

  17. Can't deny that cricket one got me good lol
    "& I see……..I have crickets….in my room?!!" Haha

  18. I like how Barb puts the emphasis on weed when she calls Jenelle out for smoking outside the house. I also love Brianas sister's brutal honesty it kills me

  19. 6:48 I was laughing my ass off when she start telling him she had a concert and she couldn't go to jail😂

  20. Why do people just give in to what these people want, all the time? It's a PLEA DEAL! She is ALREADY, getting a break! This is why these people keep fucking up, and don't take anything seriously! That's why this bitch has a record, longer than my Dollar Tree receipt! They just expect everyone to cater to them, because they are on TV. I mean, your only a, "Teen Mom", for so many years… Then, your paycheck grows up, and starts it's own family. I think its pretty clear that, if Janelle wasn't on this show. She wouldn't have custody of ANY, of her children… she literally found, married, and had, ANOTHER child, with a man who doesn't have custody of his kid either! That's pretty bad! I know everyone has their problems, but it's pretty bad when BOTH parties, have lost custody of their kids, somewhere along the way. BEFORE, they ever even met! I don't even KNOW 2 people, in my life who don't have any custody of their children! That's not a normal thing people! Its ESPECIALLY hard, for a MOTHER, to lose custody! This shit isn't normal! These people are sick! They need to check them into a family counseling, facility. Not the damn Hyatt, for a TV premiere on how to ruin several generations of families, with a lifetime of pain and torture for everyone ivolved! Let's pay these people to make babies at 16, and film the drama for the whole world. THAT'S what I want to teach my kids! How to get rich from having babies as children!
    Sounds legit! 🤔🤷‍♀️
    I mean, you only live once, right!? 👍

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