Laughter is the Best Medicine


– “We can get fries.”
(laughs) That’s me.
That is so me. – ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
we will be reading some funny text messages.
– From who? – Ooh, okay.
These should give me a good laugh. – (FBE) This time,
we’ll be having you read through ten funny
friend zone text convos. – Oh no.
It’s gonna be brutal. – I haven’t seen friend zone texts.
It’s gonna be interesting. – Oh, I’ve done that.
Maybe I might see one of mine in here. – Awesome, I’m the queen
of friend zoning. (laughs)
So, I might need to steal a couple of these. – Cole says,
“What are you doing?” Another person says,
“Laying in bed.” – “Just laying in bed?
Nothing else?” Uh, what do you want
me to do, creep. That’s why you’re friend zoned.
“I’m eating cereal.” – “Haha nice.
What would you do if I was in bed next to you?”
I hate when guys go the whole, “But what would you do
If I was there?” I’m not trying to set up some
fantasy thing for you right now. – “Eat my cereal.”
“Lol, I mean if the cereal wasn’t there.”
“Then I would get out of bed and go
get cereal.” (laughs)
They tried so hard. – Can’t mess with a person’s food.
I’m telling you, food comes before anything, so you
kinda just walked into that one. – That’s exactly how you
should respond to those kinds of things,
’cause it’s like, you think I’m gonna change
my mind? I’m already eating cereal.
If you were here, that wouldn’t make any difference. – “So how do I tell this girl
that I love her?” “You just have to suck
it up and do it.” – “Okay, love you.”
“Aww, love you too. Now go tell her.”
(laughs) – “I just did.”
“How did it go? Did she say it back?”
Dang. – That sucks, ’cause he’s like
really, really trying and then the other person’s
just so oblivious to it that it’s not even a possibility
that it’s gonna work. – That kinda sucks
because there’s a lot of guys who are just kinda in love
secretly from the sidelines and then when they do
admit their love, it can go that wrong way. – She’s not getting the hint
that that was his way of getting in there and being
“Hey, love you.” Ugh, I feel like that’s the thing.
I don’t think you say “I love you” until you’ve actually established
some sort of relationship, ’cause if you’re a friend
and you just go out and you want to make it
a relationship, you don’t start it off like that. – “Hey what are you up to?”
“Oh sorry, I just saw this text from February.” – “I’m hanging out with
some friends.” “That was six months ago.”
“Ya, I’ve been busy.” – Wow, six months is
a long time not to respond to a text. – Obviously, if she replied,
you can have a little sliver of a chance, or at least
don’t even comment on how long it was.
Just keep going. – That’s bad.
If you’re gonna friend zone someone, at least do it in a nice way.
Don’t be like that douchebag that does it really bad. – I take a few days
to respond sometimes, just because I will look at it,
but I have my reads off, because I look at it
and then I’m busy, so I’ll be like,
I’ll get back to it later and I never do. – “But how would you
entertain me if we hung out?”
Ew, really? Guys are gross. – “Probably board games
or something.” “Hmm is that all?”
Winky face. “Maybe a card game
like Uno.” – “What about after that?”
“Pizza.” “Then what?”
“Mario Kart.” I like this person, you know?
That’s great. – Person’s got their
priorities straight. That sounds like a solid
hangout slash date, whatever they want it.
Board games, Uno, pizza, Mario Kart.
I wouldn’t even be mad. – That was kind of
a nicer way, because they didn’t directly
ask and you didn’t directly say no.
You were just kinda nudging him in the right
direction of no. – Why are guys like that?
It’s always the “And then what?” What am I supposed to say?
Yeah, I’m gonna jump on you and make out with you.
Guys always want that to be the answer
and it’s like, no! Screw off! – Danny boy.
“I’m so far into the friend zone, her parents
let us have sleepovers.” – “I’m so far in the friend zone,
she takes me swim suit shopping.” I feel like that’s not too bad.
I feel like there are some friends that do that. – “I’m so far in the friend zone,
she walks in, just in her towel to grab her clothes while
I’m sitting right there.” – “So far into the friend zone
that she sends me nudes and asks me if her boyfriend
would like them.” Oh my God.
What is that? That’s some next level stuff. – Ooh, that sucks though.
Honestly, ’cause it’s like she sends the nudes
but it’s like, “Hey, do you think my boyfriend
will like this?” Oh my God, that’s awful. – I like that they’re comparing
how far in the friend zone they are with other girls,
’cause so much things could be happening
beyond that screen. What if they’re both
getting friend zoned by the same girl?
This seems like a good story, a good movie. – Friendz–
they have the name as Friendzone? Oh my God. – It’s so bad that the name
in the contact is Friendzone. – “Did it hurt when you
fell from heaven?” “No.”
“Why not?” “My boyfriend caught me.”
(claps) – Whoops.
She’s taken. Give up on that one. – That’s not a friend zone.
That’s a curve. That’s a bad curve, too. – That’s pretty good, actually,
’cause that’s such a classic line. Did it hurt when you fell
from heaven? Be creative. – “Wanna hang out tonight?” – “What time?”
“Any time. I’m free whenever.” – “Sure! Stacy and I
were going to the mall if you wanna come along?”
I’ve done that. It’s weird being by yourself
with a guy that you know likes you, but you don’t
like him back. – Even if someone has
a significant other, sometimes you don’t wanna
hang out with the significant other, so regardless if they’re trying
to get at them or not, that kind sucks. – She may have said that
’cause it would have been awkward if it was just
those two. I understand that,
but maybe it’s the first time they hung out,
so it’s an ice breaker. – A lot of times, this
does happen and it’s not intentionally a friend zone,
so even if it was, it doesn’t have that little
punch factor. – I know all of these
are supposed to be like, “Aw, friend zone sucks.”
But you get Uno and pizza. You get to go to the mall
with Stacy. This sounds like a great,
solid time. – Jessie.
“You should totally come pick me up and let’s
go get shakes.” What is this, 1950?
You’re gonna go to the malt shop? – “Haha, if I’m coming
all the way over to pick you up at three a.m., I want
to do more than just get milkshakes.” – “We can get fries.”
(laughs) That’s me.
That is so me. – No one really says that.
“Let’s go get shakes.” at three in the morning.
Come on, what kind of place is open at three in the morning,
anyway? – It’s so annoying.
Guys are like, “Okay, well if I’m gonna
drive you, we’re gonna do this. I want more.”
No, just enjoy my presence. – That’s such a [bleep] boy
thing to say. Be like, “If I’m gonna
do you this favor, we better be doing
more than just getting milkshakes.” That’s so shitty to say
to a person. Just go get your milkshakes! – “Who’s your crush?”
“I’m chatting with her right now.” – “OMG, I like you”
Ooh, it’s a guy friend zoning the girl. – “OMG, I like you, too.”
Heart, heart, heart, heart. “No, I meant I’m chatting
with her on Facebook.” And then he just adds insult
to injury by texting “Awkward.” – I really thought that one
was gonna have a chance there for a second
and then those last two text messages were like,
oh, no. – You can’t really go on
and assume that the person likes you.
You have to get very, very hard hints
that she does or he does, ’cause if you can’t,
then it’s like, chance are the person
doesn’t like you back. – “Awkward.”
(laughs) No.
No, that is awkward. I felt that for a second. – Emily.
“Hahaha that’s funny. Laughing face.
I wasn’t even wearing makeup today.” – “Well hey, they have
good taste at least.” Winky face.
“Haha, I know, right?” – “Yep, so how’s your
day going, beautiful?” “It’s all good.”
Ooh, I know where this is going. “It’s good.” – “Do you need me
to walk you back?” “Walk me back?”
“Back to that friend zone you just tried to escape from.”
(laughs) That’s so mean.
That’s savagery right there. – “Back to the friend zone
you just tried to escape from.” Oh, God.
That’s kinda bad. – Why do you have to be
so rude about it? Just be friendly.
Just be like, “Nah dude. Know your place, bro.
Just chill.” That doesn’t go right
for anyone. Why would you even do that? – They were pretty funny
and now I know what never to text a girl. – I feel so bad for the guy
or girl that gets thrown into the friend zone.
It’s never a good place and then it’s like sometimes
the way that people do it is just way too extreme. – Some of them are
a little mean and they don’t really deserve that,
but some of them are just like, so many guys will always
try to get out of the friend zone, ’cause having a friend
is not the worst thing in the world. Not every girl you talk to
wants to get in your pants. PSA, not everyone wants
to get into your pants. – Thank you for watching this episode
on the React Channel. – What else should we react to?
Let us know in the comments. – Bye everyone. – Hey guys, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for watching
this episode. We have new shows literally
every day now, so Subscribe. Bye guys.


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