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Temesgen Tewelde - Negan Hiwetun | ነጋን ሂወቱን - New Eritrean Comedy 2019 [Official Trailer]

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43 thoughts on “Temesgen Tewelde – Negan Hiwetun | ነጋን ሂወቱን – New Eritrean Comedy 2019 [Official Trailer]

  1. ኣነ 'ሲ እዚኦም ናይ ካምባልያ ክፈትዎም መዓት ኢየ ኩሉ ነገረም ካፊ ኣሎዎም ኣጆኩም እስከ በርትዑ ንፈዓት ደቅዛ ሓላል መሪት

  2. Nay Temiye sarah kulu gizee::

    Bi Tistaa yisirah!
    Bi wuqub qalaat yishamadah !
    Bi naybaqi simit hizbi yemirah!

    I am sure you Will be the best Horn African actor in the future

  3. እዚ ምትህርራም ዋላ እስከ ካብዚ ፊልም እለይዎ በጃኹም!!!!ብኻልእ መምሃሪ ክኸውን ዝኽእል ሜላ ቀይርዎ?

  4. ብሳብስክራይብ የእዳውና ክሳብ ዝሓብጥ ክንበኩም ኢና ላይክ ሸር

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  6. ተሜ ጅግና ብሉጽ ስራሕ ሙኻኑ ርዱእ ዩ ግን ግዜ ኣይትደንጚ ኢኻ።

  7. Temesgen kem shmka nay eritra snetbebka tmesgen abilkaya qexlo
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